Roman Blinds Model IV


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Roman Blinds Model IV

Model 4 - roller blind with frills fixed on the base fabric. A minimum package of 30cm.
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Roman Blinds Model IV

The model of a Roman blind with frills fixed on the base fabric stands out with a very distinctive look. After completely leaving the blind's material, it is still visible that this type of cover is characteristic - in the case of other models, the material folds into folds only after coiling. The length of the façade designed here is at least 30 cm. This model will undoubtedly emphasize the interior and influence its extraordinary appearance.

All our tailors are produced to size, so they are always perfectly matched.

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They are perfect both in rooms with classic decor, in Provencal or English style, where in combination with traditional curtains they look elegant and modern, minimalist arrangements, as independent decorations. Roman crowns present ... they are interesting both in the folded and folded position ...

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To clean it, just remove the Velcro on which it is suspended, clean the fabric and hang again. The composition of the Roman blind comes with a tasteful front profile provided with Velcro and a carrying profile. The folding and folding of roller shutters takes place thanks to the mechanism equipped with a chain and the proper transmission mechanism makes the blinds float effortlessly.

  • differences in the shades of the fabric and its structure are allowed
  • possible joining (stitching) of the material, it can run vertically or horizontally, depending on the fabric pattern at the height of the blind from 260 cm
  • it is necessary to mark the blinds hanging side by side (in contact) to match the fabric pattern
    model 4

    The characteristics of the blind

    • roller blind with frills fixed to the base fabric. A minimum package of 30cm.
    • after rolling, the blind reaches a height of 15 to 25 cm depending on the length of the blind
    • when using the bottom trim, the blind is approx. 10-14 cm
    • A perfect alternative to traditional curtains or curtains
    • small and aesthetic self-locking mechanism of chains allowing to stop the blind in any position
    • Possibility of assembly on each window: assembly: on the wall, in the window shed, or on the window frame
    • available in the system: Velcro profile
    • roller blinds service: chain
    • maximum width: up to 3 m
    • good price
    • 2 years warranty
    • Maximum width: 2700 mm (270 cm) Maximum height: 3000 mm (300 cm)

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    The Silver series is dominated by subdued colors: gray, black, navy blue, eggplant, brown and burgundy, but there are also light shades of pink. The materials are matte or glossy (mainly those on which decorations appear), they come in various thicknesses and patterns - smooth or with a visible material structure, giving the visual effect of a marbled texture.

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