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Wooden blinds 65mm, rope ladder

Wooden blinds fitted with 65mm slats with rope ladder
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Wooden blinds 65mm to size

The wooden blinds we offer are manufactured with the individual needs of customers in mind. They specify the dimensions of the covers, and we guarantee the production of products of highest quality that fit perfectly to the windows. This approach means that you can count on blinds that protect the room not only from heating, but also against harmful UV radiation, contributing to the fact that the colors of the furniture may fade. Wooden blinds with 65mm wide slats are the best for large interiors. They look great, although you should bear in mind that they can be quite heavy when dealing with large windows.

The perfect fit of our window covers is guaranteed by the production to the size specified by the buyer.

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Guarantee of the highest quality

The solutions we offer are made with the use of bamboo wood and solid wood from Siberian linden. In both cases we are dealing with natural materials. Bamboo blinds are lighter, but in both cases the slats are thicker than in the case of models made of aluminum. This is an additional advantage of the discussed solutions. They not only protect against the sun, but also keep the room cooler when lowered. They fit into any room, but because natural wood is exposed to moisture, it is worth considering whether placing them in the bathroom and kitchen is the best option available.

Grupy płatków lameli

The specificity of lamella petals

  • The slats from the Wooden 65mm series attract attention primarily because they are elegant and exclusive. They can be placed in any interior, although they are particularly well suited to modern design reigns. The wide range of colors is rightly considered their additional advantage. It is thanks to it that wooden blinds can be matched to the color of the furniture and the floor - in accordance with the individual expectations of a customer.

What are the characteristics of wooden blinds?

  • Wooden blinds are made with the use of 65mm wooden lamellas and a rope ladder, and the support for them is a steel gutter.
  • The buyer can also count on twists price included - used for fixing the upper gutter.
  • The minimum width of the blinds is 50cm, their weight is estimated at about 2.9kg per square meter.
  • As is the case with other models of wooden blinds, it is recommended that their maximum area does not exceed 5 square meters.
  • When choosing blinds up to 70cm wide, you can count on controls and a string on its opposite sides. When this width exceeds 70cm, it is necessary to place both elements on one side.
  • In both cases, the hardware of the blinds is similar to the color of the slats, so there is no risk of unnecessary eye-catching.
  • When reaching for wooden blinds, it is also worth remembering that the slats may contain grains and knots. There's nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, they are natural wood ornaments.
  • The Coulisse motor is mounted in Knall wooden blinds. Its presence allows not only to raise and lower the blinds, but also to open and close the slats to regulate the access of light to the room.
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Wooden blinds - remarks

    • Knall reserves the possibility of differences relating not only to shades, but also to the structure of the wood. A slight deformation of the wooden lamellas is also something natural.
When buying a blind, you should also remember that:
    • Its price, in the case of electric control, includes not only the price of the blind, but also the remote control (switch), additional elements and the motor itself.
    • The maximum area of the blinds should not exceed 5 square meters.
    • If the rope ladder is to be replaced with a tape ladder (38mm), the cost is an additional 5% of the blind price.
    • It is possible to make mixed blinds consisting of two colors (additional 30% to the price of the blinds).
Maximum dimensions:
  • maximum width - 270cm
  • maximum height - 460cm
Grupa płatków lameli

Why is it worth choosing Knall wooden blinds?

By creating custom-made wooden blinds, the Knall company strives to ensure that all their components are of the highest quality. This is the case, for example, in the case of lamellas made of the highest quality solid wood of Siberian linden, bamboo fibers and exotic Abachi wood. Many components are also purchased from reputable Polish suppliers. There is no question of cooperation with companies whose offer has not been carefully analyzed, so all blinds impress with their high quality.

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Basswood - a collection of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds from the Basswood collection are made of Siberian linden wood. The lamellas are characterized by a smooth surface, and the delicate pattern of the wood texture is also noteworthy. When looking for the perfect color for yourself, you can use the natural shades of wood. However, there is nothing to prevent ordering white or black wooden blinds to size.

How to order?

It is incredibly easy to buy in the knall shop. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.

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