Day & Night blinds - secrets revealed

How does a Day & Night blind work?

The most important advantage of Day & Night blinds is that they allow to shadow the room - cover the sunlight slightly or shadow the room almost completely. You can disperse the light if you want to read a book, work on a computer or watch TV, and you don't have to sit in a dark room. It's a convenient solution, especially when you consider changing sunlight intensity in different rooms in apartments or houses - you are free to adjust the lighting level during sunny and hot days.
Day & Night blinds are made from special stripes covered with fabric of various transparency levels, arranged interchangeably. A simple mechanism (beaded chain) lets you move the blinds up and down and thus change light intensity.

When we speak about Night & Day blinds we can't forget about their unique appearance, a blend of elegant form and functionality. Wide colour pallet allows to match the blinds to interior design, at the same time make them suit your taste.


Why are Day & Night blinds more expensive?

There are two reasons for that - Day & Night blinds require a highly precise development process and a double amount of fabric what is the strongest factor that influences their price. But they let you control the sunlight intensity in your room, and moreover, you don't need to sit in a room that is too dark or too bright. Horizontal stripes that allow to adjust the sunlight in the room freely must be precisely measured and carefully joined, and what is more, they are sewn from a double amount of fabric what requires much more work.