Awnings - the easy way to shade

A patio awning and a balcony awning is a simple way to provide yourself with a comfortable shade during the hot days that have finally arrived. The sun and beautiful weather give us a boost of energy. However, it is worth making sure that you can hide in a pleasant shade at any time. Additionally, the extended awning covers the interior of the house, so it is also much cooler inside.

For years, awnings have become more and more popular. The offer includes new solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. In this product group we have: window awnings, terrace awnings, Veranda awnings, balcony awnings and side awnings.

When pulled apart, the shield material creates a shaded space. Depending on the time of day, the material can be pulled apart/pinched and it is possible to decide on the area of the terrace or balcony which it covers.

Types of products
As the range of awnings is extensive, you can easily select the one that suits your needs.

Balcony awningit is characterized by a shorter projection (adapted to the size of balconies) and a greater inclination angle. Thanks to this, it provides a deep shade on a small balcony area. It can be mounted alone to a wall/ceiling or balcony railing.Awning to the terraceIt is characterized by a larger area adapted to the size of the terrace. The dimension can be adjusted when placing an order (eg 4x3 awning), however, please pay attention to the maximum dimensions available. A terrace awning in a cassette maintains the aesthetics of the material for a long time. Due to the type of the product, it is not disassembled after the summer season; the cassette provides adequate protection of the fabric in the autumn and winter period.

New areside awnings. They are mounted horizontally, and the stretched material not only blocks the sun rays falling from the side, but also creates something in the shape of an aesthetic screen. This solution is especially suitable for terraced houses or apartments.

New areteż Veranda awningsused for sun protection glazed winter gardens. This space heats up considerably in the summer, despite the fact that air conditioners are often installed there. The Veranda awning blind installed on the external or internal side of the glazing in the roof section effectively reduces the degree of heating, and thus reduces the costs of possible air conditioning.

The vertical awning protects against the sun of the vertical windows. It is placed on the outer side of the glass, so it very well protects the interior against heating. It prevents the sun's rays from coming into direct contact with the glass and that is why it is so effective in maintaining a pleasant temperature inside the house. In addition, it does not completely restrict the inflow of light, unlike, for example, classic external roller shutters. There is a pleasant shade in the rooms.

Aesthetics of awnings
The awning material is covered with a special impregnation that prevents impurities from accumulating quickly on it. In this way, the cover retains its aesthetics for a long time. Garden awnings set up on a terrace may be particularly exposed to the effects of weather conditions, so it is worth buying a high-quality product. This applies to all types of this type of shields, because they are affected by strong sun rays (color fading). It also happens that they get wet by rain. The quality of both the material and the entire hardware contribute to a long-lasting, beautiful appearance of the awning.

The colors of the awnings should be matched to the style of the building's facade. The material can be single-color or decorated with colorful stripes that are very characteristic of awnings. The choice of color may also depend on the style of the building - in modern buildings, single-color and subdued materials are used more often. All the more so as it may be required by the building administrator.