Thermal blackout blinds - what are they and why are they becoming more and more popular?

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Although we all enjoy nice, sunny weather, our enthusiasm disappears at the same time when we discover that this weather prevents us from functioning normally. When talking about the harmful effects of the sun on our lives, we emphasize the importance of UV radiation protection. However, not only this can be a serious challenge. People with windows located on the south side know perfectly well how big a problem the excessive sunlight is, in a living room or office. Fortunately, although this is not a challenge that can be underestimated, it is also not one that we are unable to overcome. Thermal blackout roller blinds come with help, and they also have several other advantages.

Thermal blackout blinds - what are they?

When we look at them with less attention, we may have a problem with distinguishing blackout thermal blinds from classic material models. This is hardly surprising, because at first glance they look the same. They are made of classic material fabrics and although the blackout function results from their name, they can come in various, often quite bright shades.

So what is the difference that makes these models the most popular among buyers? Looking closely at thermal blackout roller blinds, you can quickly see that they do not consist of one, but two layers of material. It is the second of them that seems to be particularly interesting, because on the other side of the window cover there is a thin, silver layer made of aluminum. It is its presence that contributes to the fact that the properties of thermal roller blinds are not the same as the properties of classic material models.

Less sun in the room - the most important advantage of the thermal roller blind

Household members usually do not like a situation in which there is semi-darkness in the rooms they occupy. The same people, however, also point out that you do not work and rest in comfortable conditions, when the sun is blinding, reflecting off the monitor or TV screen. Thanks to the presence of thermal roller blinds, however, this problem can be easily dealt with.

Thermal blackout blinds also have the advantage that they reduce the risk of overheating of apartments. Both people with south-facing windows and those who have adapted the attic are able to confirm that the thermal conditions in such rooms can be horrible. Already in late spring, unbearable heat begins to reign there, which lasts until early autumn. Unfortunately, well-lit rooms not only heat up quickly, but also lose heat quite slowly. It is difficult to sit in them during the day, but sleeping in them at night can also be a problem. Estimates of thermal shutters as a means of solving this problem vary. However, we can meet information that these are window covers that reduce the risk of heating rooms from sunlight by up to 90 percent.

Thermal blackout blinds and heating costs

By investing in modern window covers, we strive not only to make them visually attractive. It is of increasing importance to us how they can reduce the cost of heat energy during the heating season. We are already accustomed to the fact that we can expect significant benefits in this respect. We can also talk about them in the context of using thermal blackout blinds.

Thermal roller blinds, according to their name, contribute to the fact that the thermal insulation of the windows on which they are placed is increased. As a result, we can count on reducing the amount of heat that escapes from the room to the outside. As if that was not enough, the specific design of the roller shutters contributes to the fact that the penetration of cold air into the interior is limited. This allows it to be effectively heated and, if necessary, to maintain a constant temperature. The latter is of great importance for the operation of modern heating devices. They are focused on providing warmth at the right level. Not only low-quality windows, but also unreliable roller shutters contribute to the fact that these devices work more intensively, generating higher costs than before. By focusing on high-quality thermal roller blinds, you can, at least indirectly, not only reduce your heating bills, but also contribute to the fact that heating devices will work efficiently for longer.

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What other advantages of thermal roller blinds are worth paying attention to?

Thermal blackout roller blinds are mentioned primarily when you want to emphasize their role in reducing the costs associated with heating the room in winter and cooling it down in summer. However, people who believe that this is their only advantage are wrong. The list of those worth looking into is much longer and also includes significant improvements in both privacy and security. Although the roller blinds, if we do not want it, do not bring a complete blackout to the room, they effectively limit the possibility of checking what is going on inside. Investing in them is often described as an effective way to deal with overly curious neighbors. However, it is worth bearing in mind that it allows you to satisfy the curiosity of people with more dishonest intentions. House and apartment break-ins are rarely accidental. They are usually preceded by a careful observation of the building itself and what may be inside it. Therefore, the person planning a break-in tries to determine where something really valuable is located. He also does everything to know the schedule of the household's day. By investing in thermal blackout blinds, you can make this task significantly more difficult.

Thermal roller blinds protect the household members, but it is worth remembering that they can also protect the windows themselves. If they are lowered, they make it also difficult to damage them accidentally. The risk of scratching them is reduced, and you don't have to worry about dust and dirt on the windows. The roller shutters themselves are also highly valued as easy-to-clean solutions. Therefore, they are recommended even in the homes of allergy sufferers, where a lot of attention is paid to the issues related to the cleaning of window coverings.

Many people decide to buy thermal roller blinds when buying a house or apartment. However, this does not mean that they are not intended for older buildings. Any time is good if we are planning a small renovation. The installation of thermal blackout roller blinds is so simple that we should be able to handle it without the need to use the services of a construction and renovation team. It is also easy to dismantle them, so if the windows have standard dimensions, blackout thermal blinds can accompany us in subsequent removals.

How to choose thermal blackout blinds?

If we care about the quality of thermal blackout blinds, we must take into account that not every solution available for sale will turn out to be an equally attractive option. First of all, we should pay attention to the quality of the materials they are made of. Not everyone is able to evaluate it on their own, so a safe solution is to look for roller blinds primarily in those stores that are known to have extensive market experience and enjoy the opinion of entities that professionally approach customer expectations.

Of course, the level of satisfaction with the purchase does not depend only on the quality of the material. If roller blinds are to be functional solutions that satisfy buyers at the same time, it is good to pay attention to:

1. Control system

Blinds can be controlled not only manually, but also automatically. The latter option is often described as more expensive. However, it is much more convenient and at the same time minimizes the risk of damaging the blinds.

2. Shade level

Thermal blackout blinds are not always able to guarantee the same end result. All of them will contribute to the fact that after covering them, you will be able to take a nap even despite the sun outside the window. However, if we are looking for blinds that will change day into night, which will help a person working on a night shift, we must remember that the degree of darkness should be much higher.

3. Moisture resistance

An increasing number of living rooms are connected to an open kitchen. When looking for the perfect thermal blackout blinds, it is worth making sure that they will not only be visually attractive and carefully made, but also resistant to moisture. Its quite high level is impossible to avoid if the annex is used regularly, and yet a roller blind made of a fabric that cannot cope with moisture will quickly become an optically unattractive solution.

Thermal blackout blinds - these mistakes are worth avoiding

Thermal blackout blinds are not solutions that pose a great challenge to their users. However, it is worth knowing a few mistakes that people who use them in practice sometimes make. These are pitfalls that can easily be avoided. So it's good to get to know them to extend the life of the blind.

Many errors related to its use have their source in their incorrect installation. It is often noted that the installation of window covers is not complicated. It is worth remembering, however, that even it can reduce the functionality of roller blinds if it is not correct. Sometimes it is worth thinking about using the support of professionals, even if it will increase the price of the roller blind.

It should also not be forgotten that thermal blinds, like all others, should be cleaned regularly. Only then will we be sure that both parts will fulfill their intended functions. It is also worth remembering that blinds must be used in a strictly defined way. If we try to leave them without paying attention to the fact that some object on the windowsill prevents it, we will quickly damage them permanently.


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