Interiors in the style of scandi boho

In the last part of the blog we wrote about trends in interior design styles, which will be in force in 2019. Today it is time for the approximation of one of them - scandi boho.

The scandi boho is a combination of Scandinavian style with elements of boho. Is combining styles in the world of interior design a good idea? Yes, if it is done sensitively, and the styles have some common denominators, which make the whole effect harmonious, without giving the impression of accidentally juxtaposed elements in a reason that is not really known.

Interiors in the style of scandi boho

Scandi boho is for those who consider the Scandinavian style to be too monochromatic and a bit too chilly. The boho style perfectly breaks the gray, beige and whites dominating in the Scandinavian style. It gives it a unique taste without the effect of randomness and overloading. Traditional Scandinavian on a neutral base builds the whole with wooden furniture and few additions of natural materials. Additives introduce uniform colors, for example in shades of red or blue. We value him for simplicity and light, the space he gives us in the interiors. Whereas boho is above all a multitude of designs and colors; reflection of some crazy artistic soul. So where is the common denominator here?

Fire and ice - a selected couple
Scandinavian chill and fire of artistic bohemia are seemingly separated from each other by the light years of the planet. In practice, though different, it is a very well-chosen pair.

When decorating interiors in the style of scandi boho, it is best to build decor with boho style accessories on the neutral basis of the Scandinavian style. Then the whole takes on a unique expression. In addition, building decorations with additions has the plus that we can always change something returning to, as in this case, pure and more subdued scandi.

Let's start with a very important common feature of this pair, it is natural materials used in both styles. Raw wood, wicker, linen and cotton are the common reference point around which the whole is made. Let's start with the basics, which in this case is the Scandinavian style - its coolness is the background. The gray, white and beige that dominate in it are a unique setting for vivid colors that boho. It is thanks to the minimalism of the Scandinavian style that additions in a bohemian atmosphere will not be a disorderly collection of colors, and a unique way of warming the interior. Patterned blankets and rugs, colorful poufs, wicker baskets, fur bedspreads and wooden furniture or accessories. In addition, old pictures or posters and souvenirs from the past. Decorating blankets, rugs and poufs or cushions are ethnic patterns, perhaps the most characteristic for boho. Furniture, the same as in Scandinavian, should be made of natural wood; best if they are stylized as old. If you like wicker or rattan, a pouf, a small table or a single armchair will also fit in here.

Boho on the background of the Scandinavian style is in a sense the art of combining: patterned fabrics, retro-style wood, colored knickerbocks, ceramics, glass, braids, original images. These elements "turn up" Scandinavian calmness and harmonize with it harmoniously.