Wooden blinds invariably in fashion

Wood has something unique, literally and figuratively. We will not find two of the same drawings of the trunks, two identical pieces. As a natural material it has the ability to create a unique atmosphere in the interior and to adapt to different architectural styles.

Maybe this is the secret of his eternal youth, that he invariably remains in fashion when it comes to interior design projects. Wood has always appeared in projects, but its great return is undoubtedly the fashion for the Scandinavian style, in which natural materials, of course wood, play a key role. Wood has one more important feature - it can emphasize the character of interiors in which styles blend. And 2019 belongs to fashion for mixing styles; in scandi boho or new nordic.

Timeless fashion for wood also affects the fashion on wooden blinds. What is covered with windows is one of the key elements of creating the character of a home. It must harmonize with style and color. Do not overwhelm, but harmoniously complement it.

Features of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are a unique window cover. Manufactured from natural materials belong to the group of covers that work well in interiors with different styles.

The Knall online store offers wooden blinds in three product groups: wooden: Siberian linden or bamboo and laminated (external coverage with decor). You can also choose the width of blind slats (slats), also in three groups - 25mm, 50mm and 65mm. In product groups, you can choose different colors of blinds. The important thing is that in addition to the natural shades of wood we offer white and black.

When it comes to choosing a color scheme, you can take two keys: the colors of the windows or the style of the house. Certainly the safest way is to compose the color of a wooden shutter with the color of the window frame. An extensive palette of colors will allow you to choose their most similar shade. White shutters are very well composed with white window joinery, whereas black with blind graphite. The second option is a composition with an element of decor eg with the color of walls or furniture. Then the natural color of wood can be combined with a carpentry, eg in white.

When choosing the color of wooden blinds, the size of the rooms is also important. Light colors such as shades of white or light gray give a sense of spaciousness, the sunlight from them reflects in the room optically enlarging them. Darker shades are considered to be more cozy but retain a part of the light. Therefore, it is better to use them in rooms more spacious or located in more lighted parts of the house.

In the next part of the blog, we will tell you about the relationship between the width of the lamella with the size of the room and the ways of assembly of wood blinds. There will also be talks about how to keep wooden blinds clean and about which rooms work best.