Unique photo material collars

We are accustomed to the fact that when choosing a blind, we are guided by their appearance - choosing the ones that best suit our taste and match the interior design and functionality, ie how the rooms are Protected from the sun.

However, there is a type of blinds that are so unique that it is difficult to find a clear category for them. Thismaterial photo albums. They have all the advantages of fabric blinds, but their uniqueness lies in the fact that the material adorns the photo; selected from the gallery available on Knall's website or any, sent to us when placing the order. We support jpg, png and gif files, and the file size is a minimum of 2500x2500 pixels. The customer must confirm that he is the owner of the file, and the final acceptance of the photo is made by our graphic designer.

It is a kind of roller blinds, whose task is not so much to complement the interior design or protection from the sun, but above all to show the character of the inhabitants. Their passions, experiences or memories. The Fotoroleta is also a great idea for the windows of rooms used for work; thanks to it, you can emphasize the profile of the services or products offered. The photo has the unique ability to "catch" moments and stop memories.Fotoroletaallows you to show them in a unique way.

Practical issues

Of course, a photolight, like any other window cover, is designed to effectively protect the interior from the sun. Its features in this respect are identical tofabric blinds, about which we wrote in the previous blog. The material is embedded in tasteful and made of high quality materials. Depending on the option which we choose when placing the order, it may be exposed (blind without a cassette), remain partially exposed (roller-blind in a shelf) or remain • completely hidden (blind in a cassette or microcassette).

Mounting methods do not cause major problems due to the fact that these types of shields are not heavy. The hardware itself is relatively small because the material is light, which is why the whole thing is not much. The blind fabric is of very good quality and therefore you can place pictures on it without worrying about the quality of the picture. In addition, it is anti-static, which in practice means minimizing the dust settling effect. To maintain the aesthetics of the cover, once in a while, rub the fabric with a dry cloth; we can also do it with a slightly damp cloth, but then you have to remember to keep the material for a moment. The whole is assembled in the light of the glass, on the window sash, on the wall or on the ceiling - all these options are clearly divided into categories on the Knall store's website.

To co czasami może stanowić minus fotorolet, podobnie jak fabric blinds, to to, że nie ma tu możliwości regulowania kąta padania światła. Materiał zatrzymujemy w dowolnym miejscu szyby, lecz po jego opuszczeniu okno pozostaje całkowicie osłonięte. Nie jest to żaden problem w przypadku fabric blinds bo rozświetlamy pomieszczenia przy pomocy jasnej barwy materiału, która chroni wnętrza, ale ich całkowicie nie zaciemnia. W przypadku fotorolet sprawa jest jeszcze prostsza. Nie po to umieszczamy na nich piękne zdjęcia żeby je później chować lub „dzielić" przekręcając listwę lameli. Prawda?