Day/night blinds in stylish interiors

The window decor is most often chosen according to the style in which the interiors are to be arranged and their colors. When making a choice, we think not only about the aesthetics of the whole appearance, but also about the functionality of the covers. They should not only look beautiful, but also effectively protect the interior from the sun, and thus heating and ensure the intimacy of residents.

Currently, the range of covers is so diverse that you can easily find the one that best suits your taste, and at the same time effectively limits the supply of sunlight. One of the most modern types of covers, which stand out with their original appearance, are day/night protection. They have gained the recognition of those who value stylish interiors; people who are looking for practical and functional solutions, but also value the attractive appearance of home space.

Pros of day/night blinds
What primarily draws attention in the day/night blinds is their original appearance. They are designed in alternating stripes. The belts form two layers of material; one layer is made of transparent/transparent material, the other one is made of covering material. The whole looks extremely original, both inside and seen from the outside. The mechanism of the blind allows us to move the layers of material in relation to each other and set them in any way, depending on the time of day, the direction of the windows, the intensity of the sun, etc.

This way, when the sun shines intensely during the day, we set the material completely opaque. In this way, there is shade in the house and we have a pleasant temperature. As time goes by, when the sun stops shining strongly or when it changes its position, we can gradually reveal a layer of transparent stripes, brightening the interior. On cloudy days or evenings, the blind can be positioned so that only transparent material is visible. It will be bright inside, but it will remain invisible from outside.

The advantage of day/night blinds is also easy assembly. In the Knall online store we offer three options: mounting on the window frame (roller blind without cassette), mounting in the light of the windshield (roller blind in the cassette) and wall/ceiling mounting (roller blind in the half-frame). All covers are made to order and can be made fit the window size. Thanks to this, we are sure that they will fit nicely into the window and can be easily installed in the whole house, even in windows of non-standard dimensions. The whole will look consistent and stylish.

Aesthetics of day/night blinds
Day/night blinds will work in any room; stylish living room, elegant kitchen, cozy bedroom or colorful child's room. Their appearance will successfully complement the interiors decorated in different styles, and the color offer will allow you to match them to room arrangement. In addition, different types of fabrics are available in the day/night blinds group, including black out, which works great in the bedroom, for example.

In order for the day/night blinds to retain their aesthetics, they can be regularly cleaned of dust using a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner using a soft brush, which is included in each set (the power of the vacuum cleaner is set to a minimum ). From time to time, we can clean the material by wiping it with a damp sponge or soft cloth.