Protective caps against heat, part 1 1

This spring does not spoil us, we think more about how to protect ourselves from the rain than from the sun. But there is nothing to complain about, summer is already on the horizon. It is worth considering whether our houses and gardens or plots are prepared for the arrival of the long-awaited heat. In the spring we practiced protection against the cold, it's time to practice protection against the heat, because they can be not only troublesome but also dangerous. Properly selected covers are a combination of aesthetics and comfort of staying at home and outside on summer days. Resting in the shade and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Our June blogs will be devoted to topics related to effective protection against the sun - today those that are outside, and the next part those who are inside the house.

In summer we want to spend as much time as possible outside. The beautiful weather makes us want to enjoy the backyard gardens or plots of land outside the city. We enjoy taking care of flowers and plants, we like to relax in the air and meet friends on warm summer evenings. However, sometimes heat can make us flammable as well as rain.

How to make yourself comfortable in the garden during hot weather
The range of covers that will help us cope with the hot summer is very extensive. Let's start with awnings and pergolas.awnings they are mounted to the external wall of the building, the bottom of the balcony or the roof rafter. The developed material creates a shady space above the terrace or balcony. We can safely stay outside when it is hot outside.

In turn, the pergola is the so-called small garden architecture. The construction (usually wooden) consisting of two sides and a roof can be placed anywhere in the garden - by the terrace, thus increasing the shaded area or in the place, where we want to create an intimate corner. The biggest advantage of the pergola is its openwork structure, which can be used for climbing plants. The pergola with such plants will be a unique decoration of gardens or plots, and at the same time a place full of natural shade.

The house is full of cold weather
The shade in the garden is one thing, and the comfortable temperature at home during summer days is important. Here, special attention deserves external blinds- classic or screen type (screen is a special type of blinds, the cover is a mesh made of special materials; the rooms are not completely darkened after lowering the blinds). The biggest advantage of external blinds is that they create a barrier to the sun's rays in front of the glass. In this way, after leaving, they very effectively reduce the temperature in the house - around 80% of the heat gets into the interior through the glass. If there is a usable attic in the house, it is also worth thinking about external covers for roof windows. The attic is the space that heats up the fastest and it is worth protecting it well. The more that in the attic there are often children's rooms and bedrooms, and therefore rooms where it should be at a pleasant temperature.

When it comes to covers that help us enjoy the summer without suffering from the heat, it is also worth thinking about mosquito. The mosquito net protects against malicious insects throughout the day, and especially effectively in the evening, when the light is on inside and we want to enjoy the cool night air. In addition to classic mosquito nets, screen blinds can also perform this function due to the grid they are made of.