Blackout blinds FAKRO

FAKRO Blackout blinds

* All of FAKRO products are 100% genuine

If you open your roof window you will find a type sign on the top of the window on the right or left hand side.

* To properly select the size of accessories, it is necessary to know the size of the window, which is given on the rating plate on the window sash

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Night by day...
ARF Sunset- provides perfect protection from the sunlight ensuring complete room interior black out .

ARF blackout blinds are made of an elegant, decorative material. They have side runners enabling room interior black out. ARF blackout blind can be stopped at any point up the window.


  • gradual reduction of the incoming sunlight up to black out,
  • partial protection against heat from the sun*
  • possibility to lock the blind in any position
  • reduction of heat loss in the room in winter,
  • protection against UV radiation,
  • provides complete privacy by covering the window,
  • suitable for cleaning.


  • ARF manually controlled. ZST rod enables operation of ARF installed high up in the roof,
  • ARF-E controlled by switch or remote control, powered by 24V DC.

Operating ARF-E in standard version is possible only with the window closed.