Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds Day & Night - those fabrics consist of transparent and darkening strips. Overlapping two layers of fabric and moving them in relation to each other gives a wide range of possibilities to regulate the degree of insolation or darkening a room. Chose your Zebra roller blinds system:

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Zebra blinds

Customized day and night blinds

Customized day and night window blinds are one of the most modern types of internal window covers. They are both effective in protecting the interior from excessive sunlight and have high aesthetics, which makes them a unique decoration for windows and rooms. The unique appearance of the day and night roller blinds is the most eye-catching feature. They consist of two layers of material: one transparent and the other covering. The fabric arranged in this way creates alternating stripes. Therefore, day and night window blinds are also called zebra or duo.

The alternate arrangement of the materials also translates into functionality. In practice, the position of the fabric can be freely adjusted; it means setting it only in a transparent position, only obscuring it or in any degree of overlapping. In this way, we regulate the degree of shading inside. On cloudy days or in the evening, the interiors are covered with a more delicate layer and all the time protected from outside views. On the other hand, during hot weather (e.g. when we leave the house), the house/flat is completely darkened by setting the stripes only in the opaque position. This way, when we come home, we find a nice cool. This feature also works very well at night, especially if the apartment is located in the city center and is exposed to the intense artificial light of city installations. In turn, the possibility of alternating the strips of the material translates into the regulation of the degree and angle of incidence of sunlight, without the need to raise the blind and expose the glass. The more transparent part is exposed, the more natural light flows into the interior. This is a very useful feature considering variables such as the side of the world that the window of your room overlooks and the time of day that affects the intensity of the sun.

Application of day and night blinds indoors

Day and night window blinds will prove themselves in any room, they will be functional in the kitchen and in the living room or in a larger space when the kitchen and living room are combined, they are also suitable for large windows. You can also use them in the bedroom, in the children's room or in the bathroom. The versatility of day and night roller blinds is so important that one type of blinds can be used in the whole house. The design of the interior is therefore coherent and harmonious.

The offer of the Knall online store is so extensive that the day and night blinds can be adapted to the interior design, to the interior functions and to the interior dimensions, and thus the size of the windows that are in them they find.

Interior decor

  • The design of this type of curtains, which allows you to adjust the arrangement of the fabric strips with varying degrees of overlap, makes them successfully replacing traditional curtains and curtains. The transparent fabric acts as a delicate curtain, and the fabric that covers the curtains. At the same time, the advantage of the roller shutters in the form of a perfect fit into the window frame means that even smaller rooms will not be overwhelmed with heavy materials and curtain rails. Day and night blinds are available in an extensive color palette, so there is no problem with what color to choose to match the cover to the color design of the interior. The colors start with light colors: white, beige or light gray, and extend to dark ones: gray, navy blue, brown, black. It also includes intense colors such as graphite, violet, turquoise, blue, green. The Knall online store offers several types of fabrics here, differing in weight and number of colors available. The color offer is also important, due to the different colors of the window frames - it will be easy to match them with light and dark frames, eg wooden ones, with various shades of brown.

Rolety dzień nocFabric groups:
STANDARD. Fabric "Secret" Weight 131g/m2, 2 colors. (white, beige)
PREMIUM. Fabric "Secret" weight 131g/m2, 11 colors. Fabric "Impress" Weight 110g/m2, 16 colors. Fabric "Magic" Weight 80g-115g/m2, 9 colors. (white, beige, brown, black, red, blue, purple, pink, gray, green, yellow)
EXCLUSIVE. Fabric "Magic" weight 167g/m2, 11 colors. Fabric "Imagine" weight 115g/m2, 7 colors. Fabric "Elegance" weight 113g/m2, 11 colors. (white, beige, brown, black, red, gray)
BLACK-OUT. Fabric "Energy" weight 205g/m2, 6 colors. (beige, brown, black, gray)
SALE. Periodically appearing sale, you can find the ends of the collection or selected fabrics at a special price.

Interior features

  • The offer for day and night window blinds is designed in such a way that they can also be adapted to the functions of the rooms, there are also issues related to the color of the blinds to choose. And so, in the kitchen or in the living room, you can use lighter colors (white, light gray, beige), so even if the blind material is set in a non-transparent position, the rooms will be used during the day they are not completely shaded and you can use them comfortably. The same goes for the bathroom. On the other hand, in the bedroom we can use darker colors that will darken the room at night, when rest may be disturbed by intense and artificial city lights. The online store also offers a group of BLACK OUT fabrics, which are gummed and thus have the ability to darken 99%. In this way, also in the bedroom, light covers can be used. In children's rooms, which are often more colorful, you can use more intense and darker colors. Here, one should also pay attention to the functionality resulting from darker colors, for example shading during a nap during the day, especially important for younger children. If, on the other hand, the color of the roller shutters throughout the house is to be identical and kept in a light shade, fabrics from the BLACK OUT group will help to darken the interiors of selected rooms.

Window sizes

  • Day and night blinds are produced in three types: in a cassette, without a cassette and in a semi-cassette - free-hanging. Semi-cassette roller shutters are recommended especially for large windows. Roller shutters in a cassette and without a cassette, on the other hand, are used in various sizes of windows: standard, smaller, eg in the bathroom and for balcony doors. In our online store, the roller shutters are prepared individually, so there is no problem with adjusting them to windows of various and non-standard sizes.

Installation of day and night blinds

The method of assembly depends on the type of roller shutter:

In the cassette

- glued directly to the window frame. The side rails hold the fabric and keep the fabric from sticking out of the window.


(semi-cassette) - mounted on a wall or ceiling, and in special cases, with the use of durable handles, they can be mounted to the window frames.

No cassette

(mini-roller) - mounted directly on the window frame, with the use of a strong tape or non-invasive hooks; Equipped with a cord to keep the material close to the glass.

The price of day and night window blinds depends on their type, type of fabric and size. Due to the fact that the roller shutters are made to order, the size is given individually with each order, eg 130x140, 90x150, 150x150. The type and fabric are also marked individually.