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Screen Roller Blinds STANDARD

Perfect view to the outside with total protection of the intimacy inside
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idealne dopasowanie

Perfect match

The roller blind with a screen type fabric is ideal for a private home or business, it provides excellent thermal insulation, protects privacy and peace and, unlike a classic roller blind, it offers a great view to the outside.

All our screens are made to measure, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

Wysoka jakość

High quality materials

The roller shutters we offer are made of selected materials that guarantee their highest quality. The roller shutter profiles are made of high-quality aluminum sheet. The screen roller blind is an innovative system installed in front of the window. Depending on the type of material, it is possible to provide light-transmitting or non-translucent solar protection that reduces up to 75% of the sun's rays without losing too much light 'A daytime. Thanks to its high wind resistance, the system guarantees a long service life and, due to the wide range of colors, it offers maximum flexibility when used on a building.


Improving ergonomics

With the screen blind pulled down, the distribution of light intensity in the room is perfectly even and much more friendly to human eyes. There are no harmful reflections while working at the computer or watching TV, therefore the screens are very useful in the rooms where we work.

Widok na zewnątrz

Great view outside

The screens effectively shade the interior while ensuring visibility to the outside. The room is bright enough. There is no need to turn on the lighting as it can be when internal or external blinds are pulled. What is more, the screen roller blind has a daylight that does not obstruct the view outside, and on the other hand it provides us with privacy, protecting from the eyes of our neighbors.



The blinds are controlled automatically - we can choose from Selve motors and renowned Somfy drives. It is also possible to use automatic dusk sensors, time controls or systems integrated with the automation of the whole house. Screen blinds can be operated with both the remote control and the switch. It is also possible to combine roller shutters into groups and to mount the drive with an obstacle detection sensor.



    • thanks to a wide range of colors, they perfectly match the building
    • perfect thermal and sound insulation
    • significant improvement of the building's energy balance
    • in summer, they provide a pleasant coolness and twilight, giving rest to tired eyes
    • they protect privacy and provide peace of mind
    • made of selected materials, guaranteeing their highest quality
    • applicable to objects that are under construction as well as existing ones
    • are made of high quality aluminum sheet
    • fabrics with warm pastel colors available
    • control by an electric drive with a control system, allows for their comfortable operation
    • Perfect view to the outside with total protection of the intimacy inside

    Screen KNALL Heroal System blinds

    Presentation of the screen KNALL roller blind Heroal system, screens in a cassette with ZIP composite guides protect the room from excessive sunlight and act as a mosquito net. Driven by the SOMFY IO automation and connected to the TAHOMA controller, they can be operated using a smartphone from anywhere in the world. An alternative to external roller shutters.

    serge.png (1.45 MB)

    Serge fabrics

    Screen roller blinds belong to the group of external roller blinds and are one of the most modern premium class external covers. The Serge group is made of a special material which is a combination of glass fibers and PVC plastic. The color palette is dominated by grays and browns, there are also red, green and yellow accents. The material of the blinds partially lets the sun's rays through.

    soltis.png (1.77 MB)

    Soltis fabrics

    The materials making up the Soltis group of screen roller blinds are characterized by a smooth surface with small holes at irregular intervals. The material of the blinds streaked with openings has an influence on the fact that after leaving its surface completely, the interior is not fully darkened - scattering sunlight. The roller shutters are made of a resistant material which is a combination of glass fibers and PVC plastic. The color palette includes grays, from light shades to anthracite, white, ecru and beige.

    ultra.png (1.89 MB)

    Ultra fabrics

    Screen type roller shutters are one of the most modern systems of this type of covers available on the market. In the Ultra series there are materials in light colors. The material of the blinds is made of a grid in which the lighter and slightly darker colors combine to create an aesthetic pattern. At the same time, this mesh means that after the blind is lowered, the room is not completely dark (the sun's rays are diffused) - it is a characteristic feature of this type of blinds. The material from which they are made is resistant to the effects of, among others, such weather phenomena as strong wind or rain.

    nova.png (1.48 MB)

    Nova fabrics

    The Nova series is a group of screen exterior blinds materials, in which light (white, ecru), gray (light and darker) and black are available. Roller shutters placed in front of the pane stop up to 75% of the heat from the sun's rays and thus significantly reduce the temperature inside. At the same time, due to the specialized materials used in their production, they are resistant to the effects of atmospheric factors such as strong wind or rain.

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