Fakro - quality combined with innovation

Fakro has been operating on the Polish market since 1991; at the beginning it was a small family business, today it is an international corporation occupying the position of a runner-up in the market of roof window manufacturers.

Over the years of operating on the market, it has built a position based on high quality products and their innovation. The Fakro offer includes above all roof windows and related accessories, as well as attic stairs. The company also owns the INNOVIEW brand, which deals with the production of vertical joinery: windows, garage doors and entrance doors of the PREMIUM class. Fakro's development is based on innovation, the company has its own research and development center. In turn, quality is monitored at all stages of production: applies to materials, sub-assemblies and finished products.

Due to the high quality and modernity of the products offered, the Fakro brand is a very valuable partner. Knall online store has been cooperating with Fakro for many yearsroof window covers, and recently also in the range of sectional garage doors.

Roof window covers
The roof is the surface that heats up the fastest. That is why it is always the warmest in the attic rooms, and the hottest during the spring and summer. Outside, it doesn't have to be so hot that the attic temperature rises to a low level. Therefore, roof windows should be protected from the sun in the most effective way possible.

Roof windows can be darkened by means of external and/or internal covers. Rooms in the attic most effectively protect against the sun and the same heatingexternal blinds. After closing, they form a blocking device against the glass windows. In this way, they do not touch the glass, which heats up the fastest and thus quickly increases the temperature in the rooms. In addition, we have a wide range of interior covers to choose from, including blackout blinds, rubberized, i.e. blocking 99% of the sun's light. Interior covers protect the attic against elevated temperatures, but also are a decorative element of the interior. The attic space is often an intimate part of the home, intended only for family use. Often these are bedrooms and wardrobes, children's rooms or bathrooms. Therefore, the decorative qualities of roof window covers are of great importance here.

Garage doors
Knall online store has introduced to its offersectional garage doorsFakro company (INNOVIEW brand). A garage door is an important element in the appearance of the entire building's facade. It should combine aesthetics and high quality, and will also be associated with safety in use. Sectional doors are installed from the inside of the garage, so the shape and dimensions of the lintel are not important. Their airtight construction (finishing, joining segments) protects the garage interior and, as a result, the entire building against temperature loss. That is why this type of gate is very often used in modern construction smart homes. In addition, the high-quality design reduces the risk of break-in.

Sectional gates whose sash rises/falls vertically are not only an aesthetic element of the facade, but also do not unnecessarily block the space in the driveway, where there is no need to leave space for the gate to open. At the same time, e.g. when there is snow, you do not have to remove it first to open the garage and enter it. Electric control means comfort of use; In the event of a power failure, the gate can of course be opened and closed manually.