Patio awnings

Our patio awnings provide an excellent protection from the sun on large horizontal surfaces such as terraces, patios, balconies or outdoor restaurants. Chose your Awning blinds system:

Garden awnings

Garden awnings are an exquisite blend of form and function, serving as both an aesthetic addition and a utilitarian enhancement to your outdoor space. Crafted with precision engineering, they employ high-quality, UV-resistant fabrics paired with robust frames made of rust-proof aluminum. Garden awnings are an eloquent testament to the sophistication that modern textile science and structural design have to offer. Innovative technologies, such as Teflon coatings, are employed to ensure water repellency and anti-microbial properties, making garden awnings not just visually appealing but also exceedingly durable and easy to maintain. In the realm of window coverings, garden awnings epitomize the quintessence of outdoor living, elevating the garden experience by providing optimal shade, thermal comfort, and an added layer of architectural finesse.

Garden awnings

Patio awnings

Patio awnings

Terrace awnings are a group of external window covers, mounted over windows, balcony windows or terraces. Their main task is to provide shade to the outdoor space, rooms and the space on the balcony/terrace; thus protecting them from heating by a promise of shaded area and a living space. You will discover how easy it is to transform your garden for better, suit yourself in our in stock, easy to extend and operate the style match patio awning canopies in half cassette with wide colour range!

If you're looking for a perfect awning for your terrace, look no further. Our quality internet awnings, or patio shades are easy to install and will create a perfect shadow over the window to your garden, on balcony or terrace and are ideal for a sunny day. If you're looking for a advice, you can seek advice in our customer reviews or by a direct contact with us. Patio awnings we are supplied with are a easy to install product, they are perfect for a domestic use or for a business. Their fabrics are resistant to sunlight. Also, they are a bit water resistant to a gentle rain, so that they can retain and maintain their brands aesthetics as long as possible. Brands manufacturers of patio awnings use waterproof acrylic and PVC-coated polyester fabrics for this purpose. The structure of waterproof awnings must be resistant to gusts of wind, therefore the profiles used here are thicker; our awning's steel blend frame are powder painted so that our patio covers are resistant to rust.

made to measure Terrace awnings

Features of 2.5 m retractable awning

The benefits of using patio awnings uk with a half cassette: Protection against overheating - interior, garden, balcony and terrace. The unfolded awning fabric creates a shaded area. Thus, the interior of the house also remains shaded on site; thanks to our patio canopies it is cool and pleasant in it. Our garden canopy is easy to operate even from inside of the home thanks to the electric drive. The assembly of the outsunny sun canopy awning allows you to comfortably enjoy the beautiful summer weather. As all weather patio awnings for sale in the Knall online store are made to measure, eg choosing a width of 3m, 4m, 5m or 6m, they can be installed above windows, over balconies in a flat or over terraces. Made to measure garden awnings are also often used in restaurants or cafes, or as a garden canopy.

Sunlight - creating a shadow outside does not mean dark inside. The house/apartment is pleasantly dim and cool, but without the need to turn on the artificial light, and if you're having a cloudy day, our retractable patio awnings willmake it brighter. Natural light makes us function better and does not have a negative effect on eyesight. The awning with steel blend frame allows you to enjoy it during sunny days without feeling unpleasant heat.

Relaxation - rest in the afternoon and at the weekend. The awning material is great at creating shade anywhere. An afternoon spent with a book or with friends is the most pleasant if we ensure a pleasant temperature on a hot day. Spring and summer is a time when you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The prevailing heat can very effectively and quickly weather you. Thanks to the cheap awnings for patio canopy, you can relax in a pleasant shadow without any obstacles. And thanks to the high-quality construction of our patio canopies uk and wind out awning for house, the material is taut and is not disturbed by gusts of wind.

When it comes to awning accessories, it's very common for our customers to buy electric awnings with emergency retraction. Such awning has an ability to be retracted manually when there's a power loss. To do so, we need an accessory called emergency retraction crank. Thanks to it, we don't need to worry for our awning getting wet when there's no power, and we still can roll out patio.

Retractable awnings

Aesthetics - canopies for patios fabrics are resistant to fading, so they will not lose their patio canopy aesthetics under the influence of sunlight. The colors of the materials are very diverse; always in stripes. The designs of lashing straps are very different - from softer joints, such as cream and beige, to more expressive ones, like red. Combinations of modern black, gray or white fabrics are also available. The fabrics are also rainproof to some extent, especially when it comes to rain awnings with waterproof material. It should not be left unfolded in heavy rainfall, but a gentle, short-term rain will not harm it. The material must be dry before being rolled up.

cassette awning

Terrace awnings - cleaning and maintenance

Keeping patio canopy clean is not complicated. We remove contamination in the form of leaves or twigs on a regular basis with an ordinary brush. At the end of the season, it is worth removing larger dirt from the material with warm water with the addition of a gentle cleaning agent, which then needs to be rinsed thoroughly. We use a sponge or cloth for cleaning. During cleaning, disassemble the fabric and then let it dry completely.

The technical condition of the structure should be checked once in a while and its movable elements, eg side guides, should be lubricated regularly.


Palladio - the awning can be equipped with manual or electric control. These one can trully be called electric garden awnings. Construction colors in the earth color palette (beige, gray and brown). Awning equipped with a cassette that protects the material after it is rolled up. The structure is made of extruded aluminum, additionally with the possibility of using cross arms and telescopic supports. Assembly facilitated by the use of a support beam. Dimensions: width 7m, projection 3.6m (maximum).

Jamaica (Premium) - the awning can be equipped with manual or electric control. Construction colors in the earth color palette (beige, gray and brown). In the Jamaica awning, we also have the option of installing a roof that will protect the fabric after being rolled up. The structure is made of extruded aluminum, additionally with the possibility of using cross arms and telescopic supports. Assembly facilitated by the use of a support beam. For large widths, a winding tube support.

Silver PLUS (CLASSIC without cassette) - the awning can be equipped with manual or electric control. Easy assembly: universal wall and ceiling brackets. The structure is made of extruded aluminum, it is also possible to use telescopic supports. Dimensions: width 5.3 m, projection 3.5 m (maximum). Awnings can be mounted to the external wall, the bottom of the balcony or the roof rafters. Mounting to an external wall can be considered the most difficult, as it depends on the type of wall material, the method of thermal insulation, etc. There are dedicated handles for each type of mounting.

Quality Knall services - buy awnings online

Many people ask where to buy awning for house? The answer is simple - Knall online shop! Terrace awnings purchased through the Knall online store are manufactured to the individual dimensions specified by the customer, the cost of the order depends on the indicated size and type of the awning model. The price list will appear on the left side of the page when ordering - the price of a patio awning will depend on the size and model ordered. For decided customers, we encourage them to contact us to our email address found in the "contact" tab that's always on the top of our website. You also can find our patio awning prices in the product tab.

wide patio awning

Additional information

How to measure
The instruction that facilitates the measurement of the terrace awnings to be prepared is available here measuring. Performing such a measurement on your own should not cause any difficulties, and the advantage it gives is an awning ideally suited to the terrace and therefore it covers it very well.

How to choose a color
The terrace awnings form a kind of canopy over the terrace. Their material can be smooth or decorated with characteristic decorative stripes. The choice depends on the color of the facade. Sometimes it also depends on the style of the house. In more modern designs, awnings have a uniform color, harmonizing with the façade. On the other hand, for example, in houses located on plots near the city, more colorful awnings, decorated with stripes, are used.

How to assemble
The assembly instructions for the products can be found here Assembly instructions. Assembly is facilitated by the use of a support beam. For larger awnings, however, it is better to entrust the assembly of the awning to a professional company due to their weight.

How to clean
Cleaning the awnings is easy. During the season, you can periodically remove dirt such as leaves or small twigs and deposited dust with a brush on a long stick. For more thorough cleaning, you can disassemble the fabric and clean it wet - unfold and clean with a soft sponge dipped in lukewarm water with the addition of a small amount of delicate detergent. Allow to dry completely.