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Internal fabric roller blinds made to measure with traditional permeable fabric and 100% blackout available in the version without a cassette and in a cassette:

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Roller blinds

Characteristics of fabric blinds

Fabric roller blinds are one of the most popular types of internal window covers. They are characterized by a very good quality of materials and accessories - these features make them tastefully blend in with interiors of various decor. In addition, we have a very extensive color offer here; one of the widest, compared to other types of internal covers. Thanks to this, fabric roller blinds go well not only with various styles of interior design, but also with the colors in which they are designed. Thus, they are a very universal solution when it comes to choosing the type of window cover.custom-made-fabric-blinds

High aesthetics and quality of fabric roller blinds go hand in hand with their functionality. The offer is built in such a way that it can be adapted not only to the appearance, but also to the functions of the rooms. Functionality is primarily related to the effectiveness of protecting rooms against excessive sunlight. 80% of windows are responsible for the temperature in the rooms, if they are unprotected, it will be unbearably hot inside. The lowered roller blind will allow you to shade the interior, which in turn will reduce the temperature in the house when it is hot outside. A cover against intense sunlight also protects walls, furniture and other finishing elements against unsightly fading.

The functionality also concerns the protection of the interior of the house against the view from the outside, which ensures freedom and intimacy for the residents. One cannot forget about the role of covers in the aforementioned interior design. Different styles in which they can be designed require different color combinations - an extensive color palette of fabric roller blinds will allow them to be used in all rooms, thanks to which there will be harmony in the window decoration in the interior. The window space cannot dominate, it should be a tasteful complement and not overwhelm the whole. Especially if the windows are large.

Features of fabric blinds

In fabric roller blinds, the degree of light inflow is regulated by raising and lowering the material; it is not possible to adjust the angle of incidence of light here. The shutter material can be stopped anywhere on the glass thanks to the self-locking mechanism. A chain mechanism is used to lower / raise the roller shutter. The whole fits perfectly into the window space; the hardware is light and tasteful, and the materials are of high quality. The quality is influenced by their antistatic properties and impregnation, which prevents excessive dust deposition and, consequently, guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the roller shutter for a long time.

Fabric roller blinds, thanks to their extensive offer, can be easily adapted not only to the style of the interior, but also to its functions. This is ensured by the types of roller shutter materials - the offer includes transparent materials with the ability to partially transmit light and obscuring, not transmitting sunlight. Materials that shade but do not obscure the interior will be perfect for offices, kitchens, living rooms or a combination of the last two, i.e. for rooms where you spend the most time during the day. It then becomes important that these rooms are sheltered from the sun during hot weather, but at the same time that you can enjoy natural light in them. You can also choose lighter colors to enhance this effect. The same principle applies to smaller interiors with a small space. Bright colors and transparent fabrics will work better here - light and bright colors will make the roller blind optically smaller in the rooms.

In turn, fabric blackout blinds will work in the interiors where you relax, e.g. bedrooms, children's rooms. Total blackout is provided by rubberized material of blackout blinds. However, if this effect is not necessary or if we simply do not want to get it, a good solution will be to choose a darker color; the room will be deeper dark, but not completely dark. This solution can work in children's rooms, who may, firstly, be afraid of complete darkness, and secondly, for example, during their nap, parents / guardians want to check if everything is okay without having to turn on the light. By choosing the type and color of the roller shutter material, you can easily adjust it to the function of any interior. blinds on windows


  • CAMILA – plain and transparent fabrics, partially transmitting light. 45 colors to choose from
  • LUMINIS – high-quality fabrics, covered with a pearl coating on both sides. The coating reflects light, which creates interesting visual effects in the form of light reflections.
  • PARADISE – darkening and gummed fabrics (100% blackout). A group of fabrics inspired by nature; with regularly interwoven threads of bamboo, straw and jute grasses.
  • CHARLOTTE – gummed and completely blackout fabrics; monochrome.
  • JULIA – gummed and completely blackout fabrics; monochrome.

Custom-made fabric roller blinds are manufactured according to individually indicated parameters. The dimension is given when placing an order in the Knall store. In order to facilitate the correct measurement, there is a special tab "Measurement" on the Knall website; select the category and read the instructions. Installation is simple and you can do it yourself. in a cassette, semi-cassette or free-hanging.


The product groups of fabric roller blinds in the Knall online store refer to their type and method of installation.

MGS free-hanging, in a semi-cassette.
Installation with universal brackets for: wall, ceiling or in a window recess. For covering large windows; the possibility of using a mounting rail connector, which allows you to connect several roller shutters while maintaining the minimum distances between them.

Additional information

How to measure
Fabric roller blinds are manufactured to an individually specified size. The dimensions are given when placing the order. To properly measure the window, go to the Measurement tab. There you will find the instructions needed to perform the measurements.

How to choose a color

The choice of color depends on the interior design and size. Fabric roller blinds have an extensive color palette and can be easily adapted to the style of individual rooms. When it comes to the size of the rooms, light-colored blinds made of smooth material will be better for smaller interiors. We will avoid the effect of their optical reduction.

How to assemble

You can install fabric blinds yourself. A guide on how to do this can be found here Assembly instructions.

How to clean
Fabric roller blinds are made of an antistatic fabric, which prevents dust from settling. Rub them with a dust brush. From time to time, you can clean the material with a slightly damp cloth and leave it apart to dry.

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