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The collection of fabrics we are presenting undoubtedly has seductive power. It is not only beautiful but also useful. According to the world icon of design Verner Pantone the choice of colour cannot be accidental. It should be a conscious decision as colours have meanings and functions. The choice of our fabrics is not accidental either. While launching new collections onto the market we take into account the current trends in designing and interior arrangement. Our clients have certainty that choosing our fabrics they receive not only quality and attractive prices but also the most trendy patterns and colours. We hope that our collection will provoke your emotions and move imagination as well. Below we present our fabrics available with our roller blinds:


Group STANDARD  are fabrics that let the sunlight go through partially (slightly shadowing)

Fabrics "Kamila" is collection of one-colour transparent fabrics. Kamila is one of the most popular and timeless fabrics for roller blinds. Impresses with its almost austere, a well as a classical structure, and a wide color palette consists of 45 colors. This is one of the collections of transparent tissue, which guarantees high degree of darkening.


Group PREMIUM are fabrics that let the sunlight go through partially (slightly shadowing)

Fabrics "Luminis" is collection of one-colour transparent fabrics, luminous sheen of metallically shimmering colours.High-quality fabrics of refined appearance. The individual character and style was achieved due to lamination of both sides with pearl coating. The colour palette of the collection ranges from tones of copper and bronze, through iridescent pearls, till steel grey tones of aluminium and silver.The pearl coating and densely woven fabric structure make reflexions of light to interpenetrate and complement each other, while providing the excellent barrier to solar radiation. Fabrics are used in roller-blind systems and modern window panels.


Group EXCLUSIVE are fabrics that let the sunlight go through partially (slightly shadowing) and 100% blackout fabrics (they do not let the sunlight through)

Fabrics "Charlotte" and "Julia" are 100% blackout fabrics. Relaxation time in the middle of sunny day. Fabrics of that collection attract not only by refined beauty but also high-grade quality. They combine unprecedented funcionality with tasteful beauty. The rich colour palette, simple, minimal even form and excellent shadowing abilities make these fabrics matching to every interior. The small thickness of the material allows to use it in cassette systems. Function of 100% blackout /BLACKOUT/ performs perfectly also in roof windows. These fabrics are used in roller-blind systems.

Fabrics "Olivia" is collection of fabrics inspired by nature. These fabrics are their exotic appearance create an atmosphere full of uniqueness, harmony and naturalness.This effect is achieved through regular niciom grass interwoven bamboo, straw and jute, which in turn allows for fine dispersion of light in the room.