The knall online store offers two Curtain systems: for tubular curtain rods and microflex curtains.

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Curtain on rings

Tubular curtain rods are the most classic way to hang decorative curtains. They are placed above the window. They are characterized by high quality and minimalist design. They support the fabric of the curtains, and at the same time blend in with it thanks to the classic colors. It is natural that, on a daily basis, curtains can often be sliding and sliding; therefore, you should measure the length when buying them. Optimally they should end about 1.5 cm above the floor.

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Resistance and stop detection function,

From ultra-quiet operation, soft start and stop, to memory, stop on resistance and start by pulling the curtain.
KNALL provides an extraordinary experience with each use.

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Microflex curtain

Microflex is an innovative way of arranging curtains, they have permanently sewn in small plastic hooks, which ensure that the material is always pleated at equal intervals. Because in everyday use it is natural that curtains can often be moved and moved, when buying them you should measure the length accordingly. Optimally they should end about 1.5 cm above the floor.

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