The knall online store offers two Curtain systems: for tubular curtain rods and microflex curtains.

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Curtain on rings

Tubular curtain rods are the most classic way to hang decorative curtains. They are placed above the window. They are characterized by high quality and minimalist design. They support the fabric of the curtains, and at the same time blend in with it thanks to the classic colors. It is natural that, on a daily basis, curtains can often be sliding and sliding; therefore, you should measure the length when buying them. Optimally they should end about 1.5 cm above the floor.

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Microflex curtain

Microflex is an innovative way of arranging curtains, they have permanently sewn in small plastic hooks, which ensure that the material is always pleated at equal intervals. Because in everyday use it is natural that curtains can often be moved and moved, when buying them you should measure the length accordingly. Optimally they should end about 1.5 cm above the floor.

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Decorative curtains are the most traditional way of covering window spaces. Modern curtains combine the functions of curtains - light and transparent materials with the function of curtains - blackout curtains made of thicker and heavier material. The fabrics used for sewing are natural. In interior decoration projects, curtains appear more and more often. They work very well in a large space with windows occupying the entire surface of the wall. If, however, the curtain is to appear in a smaller room, it is worth choosing a lighter and bright material so that the whole thing does not visually reduce the interior. This product, unlike roller blinds or blinds, does not fit into the window frame. While surrounding the window, it also takes up space around it, so in smaller rooms it is worth focusing on a light color and smooth, light fabric. Made-to-measure curtains will allow you to adjust to any size of the window, moreover, when ordering, you also choose the color and type of material. In this way, the whole is matched not only to the size of the room and the window (even with non-standard dimensions), but also to the entire interior styling. The amount of the order, depending on its parameters, appears in the left corner, at the bottom of the page. Cheap ready-made curtains, on the other hand, are an ideal product for people whose windows have a standard size at home and do not require separate measurements. Modern curtains very well complement the styling of interiors designed in minimalist styles, in which designers are eager to use natural fabrics. Currently, the systems can be equipped with electric control, and ready-made methods of fastening the material are the standard solution.

The division includes two product groups:

  • Curtains for tubular curtain rods on grommets (rings)
  • Mikroflex curtains on rails

The division concerns the method of fastening the fabric.

Curtains for tubular curtain rods on grommets

is a classic way of hanging decorative curtains. Special rings (grommets) are sewn into the fabric, their color can be selected when ordering. The curtains on the grommets are arranged in decorative folds because the rings are arranged at regular intervals. This method of fastening the fabric will work with different sizes of curtains and with different types of fabric (even the more delicate ones). The rings slide slightly on the curtain rod, you don't have to put your strength into it and pull the material. After spreading or sliding, it is enough to gently move your hand over the material to arrange the folds nicely.

Zasłony Mikroflex na szynach

(or hook curtains) have small hooks permanently sewn in to keep the fabric evenly pinned; here you can choose different ways of pinning. This solution allows you to keep the material evenly arranged, no matter how many times the curtains will be opened and closed. Flex curtains on hooks are therefore an ideal product, e.g. at terrace doors, which are often used in the summer. The fabric moved by the wind (if we do not want to completely reveal the door and heat the interior) or it is often moved away - the curtains on hooks will remain perfectly arranged all the time. An innovative solution are curtains with an electric drive. Electric curtains are primarily a great facilitation in closing and moving, which is especially important with large sizes of decorative curtains. It is also worth noting here that the electric curtain rod can run in an arc. In this solution, the fabric of the curtain on the ceiling rail is pinned at equal intervals, and the entire system is equipped with the so-called soft start and stop, which prevents unsightly swaying of the fabric when the drive is stopped. Curtains on rails are also very aesthetic and elegant - the curtain rod is hidden and the motor is small. Decorative curtains are perfect for all rooms, matching their function and style in which they are decorated. Curtains pinned up will decorate the interior both pushed together and apart. The color of the fabric is matched to the whole decor, but its color may also depend on the function of the room and its size. Curtains for the living room usually have a light and lighter fabric, so that by shielding the room from the sun, they do not completely cut off the influx of natural light, and at the same time give the room space. A similar rule applies to smaller interiors - it is better to use light and smooth fabrics that will not make them optically smaller. In turn, for example, in the bedroom, it is better to use blackout curtains, i.e. with thicker (often also darker) fabric that will darken the interior during the night rest or nap.