Roller blinds VELUX

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Roller blinds VELUX

Roller Blinds VELUX

The VELUX roller blinds provide basic privacy whilst still allowing natural light in. The roller blind runs in aluminium side channels and can be positioned anywhere in the window. A roller blind is an effective and practical solution that offers protection and good looks. Roller blinds are therefore well suited for living rooms, home offices, playrooms, and rooms where you want basic privacy and the ability to diffuse the light.


  • Basic privacy offers both protection and good looks.
  • diffuses the light softens the incoming light.
  • Easy installation install in minutes with Pick&Click!™ system.
  • Rooms well suited for living rooms.
  • Many colours choose between 37 colours and patterns.
  • Combine with..VELUX awning blinds for additional heat protection.

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Information about the type and size of the window is provided on the rating plate, which is located in the upper right or left corner of the sash. This plate enables easy identification of the product - not only the type and size of the window, but also the production code, which allows to determine, for example, the date of production of the window.