Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains on rings are the most classic way to hang decorative curtains. Ring diameter 4cm, stiffening belt width 10cm. They are placed above the window.

Grommet drapes

Elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any interior space with grommet drapes, a luxurious window covering solution that merges innovation with time-honored design principles. Comprising high-quality fabric threaded through sleek, metal eyelets, grommet drapes offer a flawless, undulating drape that adds both visual depth and tactile richness to any room. These meticulously crafted window treatments provide seamless light filtration, enhancing the ambiance while offering exceptional privacy. Their inherent durability stems from sturdy European components, while the ease of installation allows for straightforward customization, seamlessly integrating with contemporary or traditional design motifs. Meticulously engineered, grommet drapes exemplify an optimum blend of elegance, durability, and functional efficiency, transforming mere windows into captivating focal points. Check more:

Grommet drapes

Eyelet Curtains

Features of ornamental curtains and net curtains

The most important functions of curtains and curtains are to protect the interior from the sun and complement the appearance of the interior in which they are located.

The function related to the protection of the interior against the sun actually reduces the temperature in the house (during hot weather), reduces the harmful effects of UV rays, e.g. color fading walls or upholstery of furniture (this is of great importance if the windows of the room face the south) and provides intimacy to the inhabitants. The interiors with decorative curtains can be shaded to varying degrees, it depends on the texture of the selected material. This also affects their functions and means that they can also be used as curtains. So you can combine materials with two different textures - curtain + curtain. In rooms where there should be a lot of natural light, only a more delicate material can be used, so that after covering it, the sun does not get cut off, but only shade the interior . You can also choose only a fabric with a thick texture, which will remain completely exposed during the day - this solution is compatible with the latest fashion for an open window …. Thus, for example, curtains for the living room can be sewn from lighter and brighter fabrics, and blackout curtains, darker and thicker, can be used, for example, in a bedroom.

As for the decorative functions of the curtains, they look very decorative, both when exposed and covered. They have a unique ability to give the interior a warm climate. However, it should be remembered that, unlike roller shutters or blinds, they do not fit into the space of the window, but take up a lot of space around it. For this reason, they are better suited to larger rooms that do not optically reduce. At the same time, more space becomes cozier. This can be especially important in modern, minimalist designs. Decorative curtains soften their severity, composing at the same time with the whole.

However, if decorative curtains are to appear in smaller interiors, it is worth choosing a smooth material, without decorative patterns or decorations. In addition, the colors should be lighter here in order to avoid the optical effect of reducing the size of the room as much as possible.Curtains on the rings

Materials and colors

The offer of decorative curtain fabrics is very extensive. The choice applies to colors, material thickness, textures and ornamental patterns. All fabrics are natural. They are also of high quality. Moreover, the offer of custom-made curtains allows you to adjust it to windows of various, including non-standard, dimensions.

Differences in thickness affect the function of the curtains; they can replace curtains and let more light into rooms. The differences in thickness also mean that the curtains can also be used in rooms with a smaller space. Due to the fact that the curtain creates something like a frame around the window and cannot be integrated into its space, in smaller interiors, more delicate and smooth fabrics, devoid of patterns, should be used .

More delicate and lighter fabrics will also work well in rooms such as living rooms (often connected to the kitchen), i.e. where we need a lot of light during the day. This type of fabric will dim the light and shade the interior, but not completely cut off the sun's rays. On the other hand, thicker fabrics will work well where the light should be blocked, e.g. in a bedroom. Not only does it need more cooling (sun protection during the day), but also to cut off the flow of artificial light at night.

In large spaces you can safely use materials in darker colors, characterized by a thick texture and/or decorative patterns. In a large room, the curtain will not reduce its size, which will make the space more warm and cozier. All the more so now that such curtains are often completely open during the day; the space of the window is open and the interior is full of light.Made-to-measure wavy curtains

Curtain systems for tubular curtain poles

Tubular curtain rods are the most classic way to hang decorative curtains. They are placed above the window. They are characterized by high quality and minimalist design. They support the curtain material, and at the same time blend in with it thanks to their classic colors. It is natural that on a daily basis the curtains can be opened and closed frequently; Therefore, when buying them, the length should be appropriately measured. Ideally, they should end about 1.5 cm above the floor. Grommets facilitate opening and sliding. The curtains on the grommets are curtains with metal rings sewn into the holes, thanks to which the whole thing easily slides over the curtain rod.

Technical parameters of curtains for tubular curtain rods:

  • Wrinkling x 200% - it means that after wrinkling the finished curtain will be twice as narrow.
  • Bottom of the product - original weighting tape or single bottom tape, 10 cm high.
  • Invisible, covered stitch - curtain, curtain sewn on the blind stitch machine.
  • Double folded sides; each 3 cm wide.
  • Strengthening tape under 8 cm high circles in white, ecru or black (matching the color of the fabric).
  • The distance from the top of the curtain to the curtain rod is 2 cm.
  • Thread color: white or brown - matching the color of the fabric.
  • The diameter of the rings (circles) - 4 cm.
  • Number of rings (circles) - 6 pieces per 1 running meter.
  • The color of the rings (circles) - silver or gold, to be selected by the customer.
  • Maintenance - sewn-in tab with instructions on how to clean the fabric.
  • Packing - curtains/curtains packed in foil and in cardboard box.

What to know about our curtains?

The fabrics of the curtains and curtains are natural, identical to those in Roman blinds. High quality fabrics and ruffles make them look and arrange very attractive. At the same time, the use of natural materials fits perfectly into the latest trends in interior design, which are based on simplicity, minimalism and nature. Thanks to this, the curtains and/or curtains complete the interiors arranged in accordance with modern interior architecture designs. At the same time, it must not be forgotten that curtains and curtains are the most classic way of covering windows. Over the years, fabrics have changed, in certain colors, and the quality of the materials used has increased. Curtains themselves (without curtains) are also more and more often used, which, when slid down, leave an open space of (often large) panes. The house becomes full of space and light, and its interior design combines classic and modern. In this way, the curtains become one of the most versatile ways to decorate and shade the window space.

For smaller rooms, the best will be those in light colors, smooth or with a very delicate illuminating pattern, and sewn from thinner materials. Thanks to this, the interior will become optically larger. Curtains, unlike blinds, are not integrated into the window, but take up the space around it; dark and heavy can dominate smaller interiors. It is similar with the intense color accents of walls or furniture - curtains and/or curtains in such an interior are only the background and their colors should be neutral.

Additional information

How to measure
Curtains are measured in meters; after pinning on Microflex rings or hooks, the whole thing will be twice as small. The rings (guides) have a diameter of 4 cm, the set contains 6 rings per 1 meter. When taking measurements, it should be assumed that the curtain should end 1.5 cm above the floor. This way, the bottom will not get dirty when you slide it in/out.

How to choose a color
Curtains can have a blackout function, then you can choose darker colors and a thicker texture of the fabric. They can also act as curtains and then they are sewn from delicate and transparent materials. The choice often depends on the function of the room, for example, in the bedroom you will need more blackout, and in the kitchen or in the living room - smaller. The colors of the curtains also depend on how the interior is arranged; this style can influence the color, texture of the fabric or the choice of fabric with a pattern. The size of the interior can also decide about the color; in the smaller ones, blinds in dark colors should not appear, because they can make them optically smaller.

How to mount
The curtains can be hung on tubular curtain rails or special Microflex hooks. In both cases, the fabric will be aesthetically pleasing. In our store there are also electric curtain rails, which make it much easier to move the curtains. This will be of particular importance in the case of large sizes of curtains ordered and when the fabric from which they are to be sewn will be thick, and therefore also heavier.

How to clean
Curtains can be machine washed and then ironed - according to the instructions placed on the fabric. For oversized curtains/curtains that are not machine washable, please use the laundry service.

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