Fly screens for doors

Fly screens for doors - Swing and pleated door fly screens made to measure

Fly screens for doors

Fly screens for doors provide a practical solution to keep insects out while allowing fresh air to flow into your home. Custom-made to fit your door perfectly, these screens are easy to install and use. Their sleek design ensures they blend seamlessly with any decor, offering both functionality and style.

Fly screens for doors

Fly screens for doors

Door Fly Screens - Features

Door fly screens are practical covers that, along with window screens, protect homes or apartments from insects. With rising temperatures, insects become particularly active, especially near water bodies and green areas. Beautiful weather encourages opening windows and balcony doors, but fearing insects, many limit airing their rooms. Practical door fly screens create a barrier, so you don't have to limit yourself this way.

With this type of mosquito net, you can open all doors wide, enjoying fresh air. The special mesh structure ensures that no insect will penetrate it, increasing comfort at home. Insects carry dangerous bacteria and can cause allergies. Fly screens are almost 100% effective so you don't have to worry about that.

door fly screen to measure

Fly Screens - Features

Door fly screens prevent insects from entering rooms with small mesh holes of 1x1 mm. Made with thin glass fiber cords and protected with a PVC layer, they are sun, rain, and wind resistant. The aluminum profiles are lightweight, resistant to damage, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting functionality. Properly adjusted to the door opening, these made-to-measure fly screens offer effective protection.

Fly Screens - Types

Fly screens can protect balcony, patio, and entrance doors. In the Knall store, we offer several types:

  • Wing door fly screens,
  • Pleated door fly screens.

Wing door fly screens open in the opposite direction to the proper doors, equipped with solid hinges and a practical handle. Pleated door fly screens save space and work even with large door openings (up to 4 meters). The mesh folds into an accordion and hides in the side profile. All systems do not hinder door use; the fly screen can be opened, rolled up, or folded with one movement.

balcony door fly screen

Fly Screens - Available Systems

The offered fly screens are suitable for internal and external installation. Practical insect protection covers are suitable for installation in balcony door frames, terraces, entrances, and other doors. Together with made-to-measure window fly screens, they form a barrier against insects. Regular cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth is recommended to maintain functionality.

Fly Screens – Colours

The fly screens can look like an integral part of the doors. Choose the colour of the profiles to match the rest. Available colours include:

  • Anthracite,
  • White,
  • Brown.

Wood-imitation variants in walnut and oak are also available. Choose the color of the mesh: gray (almost invisible) or black (minimizes the risk of accidentally walking into a closed fly screen). The wide range of colors allows for easy matching to the door joinery, providing effective protection against insects.

Fly Screen for Doors

Fly screens are barriers against mosquitoes and other insects, essential in Europe. High-quality products, such as those offered by Knall, use European components for durability and efficiency.

Door Fly Screens from Knall

Knall door fly screens protect against insects, ensuring safety and comfort. They also add aesthetic charm to doors and facades, with various patterns and colours available.

pleated door fly screen

Choosing products made from European components supports the local economy and minimizes the carbon footprint.

Installation of a Fly Screen on the Door and Summary

DIY installation of made-to-measure fly screens is easy. Knall offers tailored fly screens to fit various door sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit. Door fly screens are practical, emphasizing home character and comfort, and reflecting ecological awareness. Knall offers aesthetic and durable fly screens to meet individual needs.

Additional information

How to Measure
Instructions for measuring windows for fly screens are available in the measurement tab. A made-to-measure fly screen guarantees effective protection against insects.

How to Choose a Colour
The colour of the fly screen should match the window frame for an aesthetic look. Made of fiberglass, the mesh is fine and thin, making it practically invisible.

How to Install
Two types of fly screens are available: framed or pleated. Assembly instructions can be found in the how to measure tab.

How to Clean
Fly screens can be easily dismantled and cleaned with a pressure washer or sponge. During use, wipe with a damp cloth/sponge without pressing too hard.