Roller blinds FAKRO ARP ARS

* To properly select the size of accessories, it is necessary to know the size of the window, which is given on the rating plate on the window sash.

Roller blinds FAKRO ARP ARS

Decorative FAKRO roller blinds

The standard ARS roller blind protects against light and is an additional interior decoration. The ARS roller blind reduces the amount of light, increases the aesthetics of the interior, and the wide range of colors of the materials (single-color and patterned) allows you to match the material to the decor of any room. The ARS roller blind is a fabric rolled on a roller with the spring. It is equipped with an aesthetic aluminum strip covering the roller of the roller shutter. Three pairs of catches placed on the window sash allow you to set the roller blind in different positions.


  • gradual reduction of the light supply,
  • a wide range of colors to meet individual expectations,
  • partial protection against solar heat.To protect against heat, an external awning should be used,
  • possibility of stopping the blind in three different positions,
  • ensuring the privacy of users by fully pulling the blinds.


  • ARS roller shutter is operated manually.

The ZST universal rod is used to operate the high-mounted roller shutter.

FAKRO roller blinds ARP ARS

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If you open your roof window you will find a type sign on the top of the window on the right or left hand side.