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High quality custom made bamboo blinds equipped with lamellas in the widths: 25mm i 50mm

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Bamboo blinds

Characteristics of bamboo blinds

Knall amboo blind is among the most stylish and functional window covers. Thanks to the use of exotic material, this solution significantly stands out from the standard blinds. Wood obtained from bamboo is characterized by extraordinary lightness and extraordinary beauty. These features make bamboo blinds perfectly fulfill the function of an internal window cover, shading the room or regulating the natural brightness, and at the same time they are an extremely stylish element of interior design.

Wood is associated primarily with a classic, and in the opinion of some people - even old-fashioned style. However, this does not apply to bamboo wood. this extraordinary raw material has nothing to do with unfashionable wood panelling of a bygone era. Bamboo looks light and modern, thanks to which it can emphasize or even define the character of the interior. Currently, large windows are fashionable, both in multi-family and single-family housing. This makes choosing the right covers an extremely important issue. This practical element will certainly not go unnoticed, so it must be chosen carefully.

A Bamboo blind is categorized as indoor blinds. Due to the specificity of the material they are made of, they should not be placed outside. Atmospheric factors, such as sunlight, rain, snow and frost, clearly do not help them, so if you want to enjoy their beautiful appearance and functional values for a very long time, you should use them in accordance with their intended purpose.

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Features of bamboo roller blinds

All the key features of this type of covers can be reduced to two categories: aesthetic and practical. Interiors equipped with bamboo blind covers look extremely stylish, tasteful and modern, and, by the way, they are perfectly protected against sunlight and heating. This is due to the extraordinary properties of the raw material used to make these beautiful covers.

Wood obtained from bamboo is characterized by its extreme lightness. Thanks to this feature, bamboo blinds do not feel overwhelming, even if you choose a model from a collection of wide slats. This is very important, especially in the context of the fact that current architectural trends favor a large area of window spaces.

In the stylistic context, bamboo turns out to be an extremely versatile material. Thanks to it, the blinds are easy to integrate into almost any stylistic convention of the interior. It is not without significance that bamboo models come in a wide range of color options for any of our customer. It does not matter whether we are talking about an interior dominated by classic white, stylish beige, popular graphite, designer green or increasingly fashionable black. Covers made of bamboo wood can be easily matched to almost any colour scheme. They will create a harmonious whole with wooden accessories, but they also look beautiful in the company of glass and stone.

Listing the key features of bamboo blinds, one cannot fail to mention their functional values. These types of covers effectively protect the interior against excessive heating. Bamboo fins are thicker than aluminum fins and have lower thermal conductivity. In the closed position, they effectively shade the room. It is worth remembering, however, that horizontal covers (including bamboo blinds) offer the possibility of smooth adjustment of the opening angle. In this way, the user can decide how much sun glow enters the interior and the angle of its incidence.

Bamboo covers offered in the Knall store are available in two variants, differing in the width of the slats: 25 mm and 50 mm. The former is so light that it can be mounted not only to the wall and ceiling, but also to the window frame. Blinds with 50 mm wide slats are noticeably heavier. With this in mind, they should only be attached to the wall or ceiling.

The slats of the Knall bamboo blind are produced by joining narrow slats of natural wood obtained from quality bamboo. This makes them incredibly thin and light. This translates not only into ease of installation, but also into a non-intrusive appearance - in the rolled up position, the blinds take up little space, so they do not draw attention to themselves.

Low weight doesn't have to be a synonymous with delicacy and susceptibility to damage. Bamboo is an extremely hard type of wood, even harder than oak! So you can expect that a properly maintained cover will retain its beauty and functionality for many years.

It is good to mention that bamboo wood is characterized by its low static electricity, and thanks to this, it attracts less dust. This translates to keeping bamboo blinds clean being not a problem at all. This unique feature also makes bamboo blinds recommended for people with allergies.

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We want our offer to meet the needs of the widest possible group of customers. For this purpose, we have introduced a wide range of bamboo blind colors to our product portfolio. Traditionalists will certainly like models in natural, straw tones. We also have covers in stylish white, shades of grey, dark wood and charcoal black. Such a wide range of colours makes our blinds easy to match not only to the general color convention of the interior, but also to the colour of the window frames.

Bamboo wood is a natural material, which means that in order to maintain its high aesthetic values, it must be treated with special care. Fortunately, bamboo blinds are among the least troublesome in terms of keeping them clean, provided that the user cleans them regularly. To keep your natural blind dust free, be sure to remove it with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth (remembering to dry the slats after cleaning). You can also use a broom with soft bristles dedicated for this purpose. It is worth using special preparations intended for this type of wood, which will not only give the blinds a beautiful gloss, but also protect them against adverse factors.

In which rooms to install wooden blinds

A wide range of colours and a unique design of bamboo wood - these two features make bamboo blinds easy to fit into almost any room. The new results will add more natural feel to your home:

in the eco style - a stylistic convention dominated by a harmonious and calm composition, favoring bright colors and stylish minimalism;
in the Scandinavian style - bamboo roller blinds seem to be created for interiors dominated by simplicity combined with the use of natural materials;
boho style - this style is primarily bright colours, soft fabrics and bright furniture, so bamboo blinds fit here like a glove;
oriental style - bamboo is an inseparable element of the Asian landscape, so blinds made of this material are perfect for rooms arranged according to the oriental concept.

It is worth mentioning that such covers can easily fit into interiors arranged in a typically modern style. Any new customer of Knall online shop can read or add reviews, you always can read other people's opinions on where did they install their blind and the end results.

Bamboo blind will look beautiful in the living room, but there are no contraindications before installing it in the bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. You just need to choose the right colour.

When choosing a bamboo blind variant for yourself, it is worth adjusting it to the size of the windows. In the case of small window areas, blinds with slats with a width of 25 mm will work best. The larger variant, 50-millimeter, looks beautiful against the background of large windows.

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Bamboo and wooden blinds

Do bamboo blinds differ from traditional wooden models only in the raw material used? Well, no. Significant differences can also be seen in the individual characteristics of both variants. Models made of bamboo are clearly lighter than variants made of domestic wood. Their slats are thinner, thanks to which they take up significantly less space when folded. This feature also means that the light transmission will be slightly higher, and the thermal insulation lower. This makes the bamboo variant the best for living rooms, but using them in night rooms is not a bad idea at all. Their advantage is the unique design, resulting from their unique production process.

Additional information

How to measure
Especially for our customers, we have prepared detailed instructions for measuring blinds. You can find it in the tab Measuring. Thanks to the tips posted there, everyone can make an accurate measurement on their own. Thanks to this, bamboo blind can be adapted to all windows, even those with non-standard dimensions. Please provide dimensions when ordering.

How to choose a colour
Our offer includes bamboo blinds in a wide range of colors. All customers can choose from light and dark variants, and there are also stylish shades of white, gray and black. The selected color should match the stylistic convention of the interior in which the cover is to be installed. Colors can be chosen in a harmonizing way, but nothing stands in the way of creating a stylish contrast by juxtaposing seemingly contradictory colors.

How to mount
A bit of manual skills is enough to handle the installation of bamboo blinds on your own. Detailed instructions are included in the tab assembly instructions.

How to clean
In order for all household members to enjoy our bamboo blinds aesthetic appearance, they must be properly cared for. From time to time, you need to remove dust from the slats, preferably with a soft, dry cloth. In order to protect the material from harmful factors, use a bamboo wood care product. There are no contraindications against wiping the cover with a damp cloth, but in this case, remember to dry each strip thoroughly.

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