These days window blinds are inseparable element of every house or office space. They are designed to block the excessive sunlight, protect from overheat but unwelcomed neighbor's eyes as well. Blinds are also excellent decorative element. We offer a wide selection of traditional, day & night or roman blinds.

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Pleated Blinds

The pleated blinds are window coverings, which effectively protects your apartment or office against excessive sunlight. Contrary to a classical blind or shadow, the pleated blind allows to cover any given fragment of your window, by moving the fabric both from the bottom and from the top. Thanks to functionality of pleats and a wide array of fabrics, protection against sunlight is more effective, and the rooms acquire a new and an original appearance.

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External roller shutters

Are a practical system that protects us in three ways: througha perfect insulation, the protection of our privacy and the peace of mind while providing an effective "anti-burglar barrier". Thanks to the roller shutter system, we can be sure that our home is safe, especially during the time of our absence – while on holiday or on winter vacation.

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Roman blinds

Knall roman blinds perfectly match any interior style. They look great in combination with traditional curtains and as an independent decoration. Depending on the material used for their production, they fulfill the role of curtains or curtains. They give the interior elegance and extraordinary appearance, and regardless of whether they are in a developed or slipped position, they present themselves originally.

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ZEBRA roller blinds Day&Night

Very decorative and also functional Day & Night fabrics consist of transparent and darkening strips. Overlapping two layers of fabric and moving them in relation to each other gives a wide range of possibilities to regulate the degree of insolation or darkening a room. Besides depending on a colour it may protect household members' privacy after dark.

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