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Characteristics of balcony awnings

Balcony awnings can be associated primarily with holidays in the south of Europe. Virtually every balcony there is provided with such a cover - a smooth or striped material, lowered at an angle. In southern countries, from late morning to early evening, and mainly during the siesta, staying in the apartment without this type of protection (especially without air conditioning) would be extremely tedious. For several years now, we have been dealing with very hot summer in Poland. Installing a balcony awning is an ideal way to protect the balcony and the interior of the room against the sun and heating.

A balcony awning is similar to a terrace awning, it consists of a structure of side arms mounted on a wall or a railing, and a cover material, which we slide apart/slide apart as needed. The difference is that the balcony has a lower depth than the terrace, therefore the balcony awning has a shorter overhang and is inclined (usually at an angle of 45 °). In the case of balcony covers, it is a much better solution than a typical terrace awning. However, it does not differ from it in terms of the quality of both the accessories and the material.

The role of the balcony awning is to effectively protect the sun and reduce the temperature in the apartment. At the same time, it does not disturb the aesthetics of the building. The balcony in the apartment usually has a utility function, it is a place that increases the apartment with additional space. We like to be there especially when it's warm. However, when it is unbearably hot outside or it is raining lightly, it becomes impossible. In addition, a high outside temperature also means an unpleasant temperature in the home. The awning will effectively protect the balcony from the sun and the apartment from heating up.Custom-made balcony awnings

Features of balcony awnings

The history of the outer marques goes back to ancient Rome; at that time they were used to protect the stands of the Colosseum from the sun. Today they perform the same function; mounted on the outside are primarily intended to provide respite from the heat during hot summer.

The main advantage of balcony awnings is, of course, the sun protection. The spread material is positioned at an angle, thanks to which it covers the entire surface of the balcony, regardless of the position of the sun. In this way, the apartment is enlarged by a space outside, where you can comfortably rest even at noon. Summer is the time when we like to be outside, but in hot weather it becomes tiring and even dangerous when the temperatures are very high. In addition, it is difficult to rest even at home in hot weather. 80% of the heat penetrates into the interior through the window panes. External shields are effective in protecting against heat because they do not allow sunlight to come into contact with the glass. In this way, the balcony awning will effectively cool the apartment, which is especially important if its windows face south.

Another advantage of balcony awnings is the favorable price. Due to climate change, more and more people are choosing this type of solution, gaining effective and durable protection at a reasonable price. Moreover, not everyone wants and can use air conditioners. Set up in one room, they can unequally distribute the temperature in the apartment - in one room it will be cool, and in the other - hot. Then it is not difficult to catch a cold. Air conditioning also means additional energy costs. The balcony awning is a good compromise here; we protect the apartment against heat, but without generating additional fixed costs.

When buying balcony awnings, their resistance to weather conditions and dirt is also important. The solid structure supporting the material is made of extruded aluminum, which is durable and of high quality. The material is covered with an impregnation which prevents deterioration by factors such as sun or rain. The awning retains its aesthetic qualities for a long time.


Balcony awnings in the Knall store are offered in four product groups:

  • Italia without a cassette. The awning blind has a simple structure, not equipped with a cassette, into which the material is hidden after being rolled up. Includes universal brackets for wall and ceiling mounting (balcony above). Possibility of electric control - motors protected by IP 44 casing, which means protection against water splashes on the casing from various directions (driving rain). Equipped with automatics with wind and shock sensors.
  • Italia in cassette. The awning of a simple structure, equipped with universal brackets ensuring easy mounting to a wall or ceiling (balcony above). Electrically controllable, the motor of which is protected by an IP 44 rainproof housing. Equipped with automatics with wind and shock sensors.
  • Railing Italia. Characteristic for this model are the arms fixed to the balcony railing; the structure allows to set the appropriate tilt angle. Electric drive cannot be used here.
  • BORA. The BORA awning is installed vertically in relation to the window plane. Equipped with a spring drive, without the possibility of using an electric drive.

The material of the balcony awnings is covered with a special impregnation that prevents dirt and dust from settling on the fabric while the awning is open. The color palette includes smooth materials and covered with stripes in various colors, characteristic for awnings. Thus, the product can be easily adapted to the character of the building and the color of the facade. At the end of the awning there is a decorative frill.

Additional information

How to measure
Before ordering a balcony awning, you can do the measurement yourself, the relevant instructions are available at the linkmeasuring. An ordered awning is a guarantee of effective protection of the entire balcony space.

How to choose a color
The colors of balcony awnings are smooth colors or material decorated with stripes, which are clearly associated with balconies in cities located in the south of Europe. The whole thing should be adapted to the color of the facade, so that it creates an aesthetic whole with it.

How to assemble
The assembly of the balcony awning can be done independently. The instructions for this can be found hereassembly instructions.However, if someone does not feel confident in such works, it is best to entrust the installation of the awning to specialists.

How to clean
In order for the balcony awning to retain its aesthetic appearance, dirt can be regularly removed with a brush on a long stick. You can also disassemble the fabric from time to time and clean it wet with a damp sponge. The material must be unfolded to dry completely.

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