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Terrace awnings

Protection against intense solar radiation is a task for our awnings. Our terrace awnings are not only excellent protection but also and unique appearance. Almost one hundred different designs and colors of fabrics combined with five colors of aluminum constructions will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The highest quality is the motto of our company! Only the highest quality aluminum alloys and impregnated fabrics of the best Western European producers are used to make awnings.

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Vertical Awnings VMZ Screen

The awning blind VMZ is made of durable, weather- resistant fibre glass fabric. The fabric is roller mounted, spring loaded and fitted inside an aluminium casing which is installed at the top of the window. This enables easy control of the blind and makes it possible to use a wider fabric, thus providing additional protection against ingress of light

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VERANDA awnings

Roof skylights, translucent roofs or winter gardens are not only an effective architectural treatment, but also brighter and more comfortable rooms. However, glazed surfaces are the main place where sunlight penetrates. In order to ensure that the interiors perform their functions well, do not turn into greenhouses and provide comfort to users, it is worth taking care of appropriate sun protection at the design stage.

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