FAKRO VMZ manual screen vertical awning and window awning


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FAKRO VMZ manual screen vertical awning and window awning

FAKRO VMZ manual screen vertical awning and window awning in the Knall online store Vertical awning made to measure in colour VMZ 704 brown Group III, in the Knall online store. Brown is one of the most universal colours because it fits many different styles and arrangements. It is a warm and cozy colour that is associated with nature, and its natural texture and warm tones add coziness and elegance to the rooms. Brown can be used as the main colour or as an addition, and its various shades and textures allow it to be easily matched to any arrangement. It can be used to create a warm and cozy interior, and its neutrality allows it to be easily combined with other colours. Bronze is also durable and resistant to damage, making it an ideal choice for furniture, carpets and wallpaper. In short, brown is versatile, warm, elegant and durable, making it an ideal choice for many different settings.

FAKRO VMZ manual screen vertical awning and window awning

FAKRO VMZ awnings are designed for vertical joinery. They are installed outside on windows and terrace or balcony doors made of PVC, aluminum or wood.
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Perfect match

Perfect match

A wide range of colors of materials and profiles enables the awning to be perfectly adapted to any type of building facade.

The awning blind is an optimal solution as protection against excessive solar heat. It absorbs solar radiation already in front of the glass and emits heat outside, which on sunny days protects the interior very well against troublesome heat. The awning protects the room up to 8 times better compared to the interior covers, which in practice causes a decrease of the room temperature by 10 ° C.

All awnings are made to order, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

Wysoka jakość

High quality materials

The VMZ awning is made of durable, weather-resistant fabric made of PVC-coated glass fibers. This fabric is rolled up on a roller and placed in a cassette of aluminum profiles mounted to the window or the external cavity. A zip tape is embedded in the edges of the fabric, which maintains its proper tension between the guides and prevents the fabric from falling out of the guides. Such a fabric-profile combination increases its wind resistance. This solution withstands wind gusts up to 120 km/h, and side winds up to 220 km/h.



The awning reduces energy consumption in air-conditioning devices. We don't have to pay high electricity bills. The Solar awning blind does not consume energy from the electricity network, it is powered by a battery charged with solar rays. Buildings are the largest producer of carbon dioxide (40% share in the global volume). The use of external awnings helps to reduce CO2 to the atmosphere.

Dopływ światła

The supply of natural light

Windows covered with awnings, unlike external blinds, allow the inflow of natural light. Awnings let sufficient light through to not use additional lighting.

Outside view

Outside view

Awnings effectively shade the interior, while ensuring visibility outside. The room is bright enough. There is no need to turn on the lighting as it would be if the internal or external blinds were taken. What's more, the awning has a clearance that does not obstruct the view outside, and on the other hand provides us with privacy by protecting from the eyes of neighbors.


Improving ergonomics

With the awning pulled down, the light distribution in the room is even and even more friendly to human eyes. There are no harmful reflections when working at the computer or watching TV, so awnings are very useful in the rooms where we work.

Ochrona przed UV

Protection against harmful UV radiation

The awning reduces the penetration of harmful UV radiation into the interior of the room. A raised awning helps protect objects and materials in the interior from harmful UV rays that cause them to discolor.



  • Awning profiles and awning blinds are available in four colors (white, gray, brown and black).
  • On request, we can paint awning profiles in any color from the RAL palette.
  • There are 16 types to choose from (6 with 10% relative clearance, 2 with 1% clearance and 8 with 6% clearance).
NOTE: The maximum height of the VMZ manual awning with a width above 1200mm is 2100mm, with a width up to 1200mm is 2500mm
8-razy-sn9iemcyeczniej.jpg (30 KB)

8 times more effective

Awnings are mounted outside the windows, which is why they effectively protect the interior of houses from overheating. Research conducted by FAKRO shows that they are up to 8 times more effective than commonly used indoor blinds, which usually cover the sharp sunlight. Awnings absorb the sun's rays in front of the glass and emit heat outside, thus protecting against heating the interior. DIN 5034-1 says: "Rooms should be protected from heat during the summer, if possible with the help of external covers, located in front of the glass, reflecting heat."

vmz przeswit.jpg (35 KB)

Screen FAKRO VMZ awnings - clearance levels

The film presents the levels of clearance found in screen VMZ awnings.

vmz kolor konstrukcji.jpg (52 KB)

Screen FAKRO VMZ awnings - construction colors

The video presents the basic colors of the construction of FAKRO vertical awnings, for an additional fee it is possible to order any color from the RAL palette.

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