Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds made to measure with a slat width of 127mm and 89mm, classic or blackout vertical slats:

Vertical blinds for windows

With vertical blinds for windows you will discover the perfect blend of style and functionality. Ideal for large windows and sliding doors, these blinds offer excellent light control and privacy. Crafted from high-quality European components, they are easy to install and available in various colors and textures to complement any décor. Enhance your living space with our durable, elegant vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds

Wertikale - characteristics

Wertikal (vertical) is a vertical blind, installed inside the room. It stands out from other internal covers by the way of assembly as well as the arrangement and texture of the lamellas.

Internal verticals are mounted on a special rail equipped with a steering mechanism. The shutter itself consists of strips of material arranged vertically. The belts are not stiff, and by controlling the mechanism, they are set in any inclination angle, so that the appropriate (desired) amount of light falls into the rooms.

Verticals, like other types of covers, are primarily used to shield the interior from excessive sunlight, and thus to maintain an appropriate (comfortable) temperature reigns indoors during hot weather. They also provide protection from outside gaze. They are mainly associated with offices, conference rooms, lecture halls and public utility buildings such as schools, universities, libraries, offices and hospitals. However, the high quality of both the fittings and materials as well as the wide range of colors of vertical blinds make them more and more often used in private homes.

The unusual design of verticals makes them blend in very well with the interior design. They do not take up space around windows and can also obscure large window surfaces or glass walls. Vertical stripes of louvres (slats) can visually raise a low ceiling, making the room appear visually more spacious. Verticals are used especially in buildings with modernist architecture; with characteristic geometric shapes, large windows and many glazed spaces. With many glazing, it is very important to provide adequate protection of rooms against the sun and intimacy of people inside. Vertical blinds work very well in large houses/buildings with an extensive interior layout.Customized vertical blinds

Features of verticals

Thanks to their advantages, verticals effectively shield the rooms from the sun and positively affect their aesthetics.

The louver rail is mounted to a wall or ceiling, and vertical fabric strips are attached to it. The width of the belts is 89mm or 127mm. The choice depends primarily on the size of the room; in the more spacious ones, wider lamellas are better, and in the smaller ones, the narrower ones. By regulating the position of the belts, we also regulate the light flow. By repealing them, we increase the amount of light, depending on the time of day and the intensity of the sun. The windows can also be fully exposed by moving the lamellas to one side of the window. Due to the extensive color palette, you can choose light colors of materials for offices, which will make it possible to use Daylight. It will be muffled, but you can still work comfortably indoors; all the more taking into account the pleasant temperature obtained thanks to the shielded panes. A bead mechanism is used to control vertical, it is also possible to use electric control.

The material of the lamellas is soft, but that does not mean that it is not aesthetically pleasing. The whole system is designed so that the lamellas fit perfectly together and fit together aesthetically. The straps at the bottom are equipped with special weights, they also have a chain connection. Thanks to this, they do not protrude from the window surface and they arrange themselves flush with it. As the material is soft, it allows air to circulate even when covered. When tilted, when the belts are at right angles to the glass, they also fit neatly and evenly. Even when the windows are slightly open and the gusts of wind move the material, due to the fact that at the bottom it is connected by a chain and it is tightened, it stays in its place. By people staying in the room (broken belts).

The biggest advantage of verticals is that they are used not only to cover windows, but also to create partition walls or play the role of light and symbolic doors. The rail can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling and thus create a sheltered place in the room - this option is ideal for cosmetic, medical or aesthetic medicine offices and generally wherever there is a need for separation a separate part without the need to build additional walls made of, for example, kartongypsum.

Producers of warticals take care of the high quality of the materials from which they are produced and the expansion of the color palette, also with the option of texturing. Thanks to this, the blinds can be easily matched to the decor and a material with varying degrees of light/shade transmittance can be used, appropriate to the function of the room. The lamellas are easy to maintain, in order to keep their aesthetics, it is enough to regularly remove dust from them. In addition, you can choose a shutter, the material of which is equipped with a hygiene certificate (PZH) and a non-flammability certificate (ITB).Vertical to the dimension welded


The aesthetics and functionality of verticals make them very universal when it comes to adjusting them to the appearance of rooms.

Customized verticals are available in the Knall store that you can order vertical blinds ideally suited to the size of the window. In the Measurement tab available on the website, you can learn how to correctly measure the window. Customized window verticals have the advantage that they can be adapted to windows of various, even non-standard, dimensions. In this way, the covers are identical in all rooms, which contributes to a harmonious arrangement of the interior.

The assembly is simple and quick: with ceiling clips or wall brackets. The blinds can be controlled manually (chain mechanism) or with an electric drive.
Classic- width of slats 89mm and 127mm. In the system, we can choose manual (chain and string) or electric control. It is equipped with a simple aluminum gutter in white or silver.

The system offers an extensive color palette of materials with various levels of light transmittance, smooth or with decorative patterns. Vertical with a chain

Additional information

How to measure
The measurement of the window in which the vertical is to appear should be done by yourself and the appropriate dimension should be specified when placing the order. Detailed instructions on how to measure verticals can be found heremeasuring.

How to choose a color
The color of the covers is always selected to the style of the interior and the effect we want to achieve. In one case, the key could be a color accent or drawing attention to a decorative pattern; in the second, it will be important to create a delicate background for the entire style of the room. The available color palette will allow you to choose the right vertical. One can only remember that in smaller interiors bright colors, without decorative patterns, work better.

How to mount
Vertikale is a type of internal covers that you can install yourself. The manual is available hereassembly instructions. For larger verticals, installation can be entrusted to professionals.

How to clean
The verticals are made of a special antistatic material, which minimizes the amount of dirt deposited on them. The vertical stripes of the fabric can be cleaned with a special duster. You can also commission the cleaning to a professional company from time to time.

Are vertical blinds the perfect solution for large glazing?

Large glazing is not only effective, but also practical, allowing you to enjoy the full view of the surroundings. But how to cover them in an aesthetic and functional way? The answer is simple - Verticale vertical blinds. Their beautiful fabrics make even the largest glazing look elegant and stylish. Available in various colors, they allow you to match any interior design.

This solution is extremely practical. Large glazed surfaces are often a big problem when it comes to controlling the flow of light. Verticale vertical blinds allow you to adjust the amount of incoming light, without losing the aesthetic value. It is a perfect solution not only for homes, but also for offices and public spaces.

Do vertical blinds make sense in private apartments?

Verticale vertical blinds are not only an ideal solution for large glazing, but also a great option for use in private apartments. Thanks to the ability to control the amount of light that enters the room, they can create the perfect atmosphere for rest, work or play. In addition, thanks to the availability of various colors, you can easily match them to the selected interior design.

The large dimensions of private apartments often pose an arrangement challenge to us. How to effectively cover large window areas while maintaining aesthetics and functionality? Verticale vertical blinds are the answer to this question. Beautiful fabrics make even the largest windows look elegant and stylish.

Verticale blinds: What is the best design solution for your home?

Verticale vertical blinds are not only practical solutions for managing the amount of light entering the room. These are also designer solutions that perfectly fit into the current interior design trends. Available in various colors and patterns, they become part of the selected interior design system, constituting the perfect interior decoration.

The size of the Verticale blinds allows you to cover large window areas, which is especially important in the case of large apartments or offices with large glazing. The ability to control the light supply allows you to adjust the conditions in the room, which translates into comfort of use.

Vertical blinds - How is their control over the influx of light?

Control over the inflow of light is a key aspect that should be taken into account when choosing blinds for windows. Verticale vertical blinds provide excellent control over the amount of light that enters the room. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the angle of the slats, you can adjust the amount of light to your needs and preferences.

These blinds are also a great solution for people who want to protect their rooms from unwanted looks. Just switch the slats to direct the light to any side, while maintaining privacy.

Vertical blinds, what are their advantages? - innovation and functionality

Innovative solutions and functionality are the features that best characterize Verticale vertical blinds. Their unique properties allow for perfect management of the light supply, while creating an aesthetic and harmonious atmosphere in the interior. All this makes these blinds one of the most frequently chosen products among people looking for modern solutions for their home.

Verticale vertical blinds are ideal for use in larger areas. Thanks to the possibility of covering large glazing, they are ideal for use in office spaces, hotels, restaurants, but also in private apartments. Their versatility and elegance make them the perfect solution for anyone looking for practicality combined with aesthetics.

Different colors of vertical blinds Wertikali - How to choose the right one?

One of the greatest advantages of the vertical blinds by Wertikali is their color variety. They are available in many shades, from traditional white and gray to more extravagant ones, such as red or turquoise. Thanks to this, everyone can find the perfect blinds for themselves that will fit into the selected interior design.

Vertical blinds not only look impressive, but also have a practical function. The ability to control the flow of light, protect rooms from unwanted glances, as well as the ability to cover large areas make them an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates comfort and aesthetics.

Verticale vertical blinds: Are they perfect for large window dimensions?

Large window dimensions are often difficult to cover. Traditional blinds are often not enough, and curtains may not match the chosen interior design. In this case, Verticale vertical blinds are the perfect solution. Thanks to the large surface that they are able to cover, they are an ideal interior decoration in large glazing.

Verticale vertical blinds are also easy to operate. Thanks to the control system, you can easily regulate the amount of light that enters the room. See on our website how easy it is to control them with a string. It is not only practical, but also allows you to create the right atmosphere in the interior, regardless of the time of day.

Modernity and class - Will vertical blinds work in your interior?

Verticale vertical blinds are not only modern, but also classy. Their elegant design makes them the perfect addition to any interior design. Available in many different colors and patterns, they are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.