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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds pose an alternative for blinds in offices, hotels and apartments. They are an ideal solution for large windows, including view windows. They perfectly protect the room from excessive solar radiation, they enhance the feeling of comfort and cosiness. A rich selection of colors and wide variety of materials will let you match them to all types of interiors. It is a practical, aesthetic and convenient sun protection that perfectly plays a function of curtains in offices, banks, hotels or homes. Verticals have decorative assets, and thanks to variety of materials they create an individual and unique interior. Their advantage is the possibility to precisely regulate the direction and amount of sunlight reaching the room, thanks to rotary vertical slats. They also are perfect in protecting against excessive heating of interiors. They are perfect for covering larger surfaces, e.g. glazed walls, or for partitioning space or separating work stations.


Features of vertical blinds:

  • convenient, easy operation and high aesthetics
  • the guide rail is made from aluminum and fixed to a ceiling thanks to brackets, or to a wall by supports
  • slats are made from 89-mm or 127-mm wide materials
  • a possibility to produce skew vertical blinds that enable untypical installation
  • a wide array of colors and patterns of fabrics allowing various levels of shadowing, including fabrics with a hygienic and inflammability attestation