Fashionable colors of window covers - color trends for 2024

Regardless of whether we decide on blinds, roller blinds or curtains, one of the most frequently asked questions is about their colors. It is not difficult to guess that not every shade is equally attractive. So it's time to answer the question of how to choose the right color of window covers. It is also worth getting acquainted with the latest trends, and thanks to them you will find out which color proposals can be considered the most fashionable in 2024.

The color of window covers - the most important issues

Regardless of whether we are arranging our first apartment or introducing window covers to an already decorated interior, the first step we should take is to determine the color palette of the room. At this point, it is worth emphasizing that there is no single recommendation regarding the composition of the color palette. Currently, a palette composed of one color shades, also sometimes called a palette of monochromatic colors, deserves special attention. The palettes of alike colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel and complementary ones, i.e. those that can be found opposite of each other on the color wheel, are also fashionable. An interesting solution is also the use of neutral colors, i.e. the group to which shades of gray, white and beige belong. Creating a color palette is a way to determine which shades are out of the question and which are worth focusing on. Often this procedure also leads to slightly more radical changes in the room.

Once we know what colors are used in our interior, there is one more important issue waiting for us. We can often hear that the colors of window covers should correspond with other shades in their surroundings. However, not everyone knows what elements we are talking about. This is where the knowledge of constancy and changeability in the context of interior design will help. When we arrange a room, we usually do not assume that it will not change. On the contrary, we are convinced that over time we will want to introduce a new solution to it. However, our needs in this area are met in a limited form. We change the vases, blankets and pillows, once in a while, we also change the pictures on the walls and the tablecloth. However, we avoid too frequent changes of the sofa set or other furniture, being aware that such a solution could be too much of a burden, also for our budget. So if we are thinking about which elements of the interior to match the color of the window covers, let us focus primarily on the walls, floors and furniture.

Window covers - what to look for when looking for the right color?

It is not difficult to guess that following only fashion when looking for the most interesting shades of window covers does not have to be good for us. Trends change quickly, and colors described today as extremely attractive after some time are perceived as not very fashionable. It is certainly not recommended to reach for a shade that we do not like just because it is promoted by almost every manufacturer of blinds and roller blinds at the moment. In fact, there is no need for that. Looking for the perfect shade of window covers, you can pursue more practical goals than the need to follow fashion.

When looking for window views with attractive colors, it is worth asking yourself first of all the question for what purpose we decide to take such a step. After all, each shade and each tone has its own specific characteristics and uses. If we want to ennoble the interior, we can choose wood, bamboo and natural fabrics. Bamboo can also be a great idea if the interior seems too monotonous to us and we want a stronger accent. It is worth emphasizing that the color of the blinds does not have to be identical to the color of the window frame. It is also not at all said that the ideal option will be to keep the blinds in the color of the walls. Of course, such treatments have a large group of supporters, if only because they optically enlarge the interior. However, they are not the rule and should not be viewed as such.

Fashionable colors of window covers - avoid these mistakes!

As already mentioned, the most common mistake is succumbing to fashion, even when we are not convinced that we like a given shade. However, this is one of only a few pitfalls we have to reckon with. Many people are so afraid of the incompatibility of shades that they often choose neutral colors for window coverings, even though there are no colors other than neutral in the entire room. Such an interior is indeed safe, but it is hard to disagree with the fact that it is also quite boring. Speaking of frequent mistakes, it is also worth bearing in mind that the same color may look slightly different depending on the directions in which the windows are located in relation to the cardinal directions. It is also good to remember that the perception of a particular shade may differ depending on what material was used to produce the window cover.

2024 - an overview of trends

Viva Magenta

It shouldn't be a difficult task to pinpoint a color that has near-cult status in 2024. This is Magenta - a lively, energetic and joyful combination of pink with a hint of purple. The admiration for this color has its source in its characteristic ability to add character to rooms. It's a way to revive them and break the monotony. As a shade, Magenta works well not only in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in bathrooms. It is therefore no surprise that manufacturers of roller blinds, blinds and curtains also use it willingly.

viva-magenta.jpg (147 KB)

Of course, when thinking about using this shade in your own home, it is worth remembering that its intensity imposes certain limitations on us. It will not work equally well in every combination, although the number of connections that we can use has the right to impress us with its size. This original color can be a perfect reinforcement of a living room kept in white tones. Curtains, blinds and blinds in this color will also be a great solution, when so far we have focused primarily on shades of gray. Magenta is also an interesting solution when the living room or bedroom is dominated by shades of green, especially mint. This is excellent news for especially many people, because green itself does not go out of fashion either.

Navy blue

The list of colors of window covers fashionable in 2024 would not be complete if we did not mention navy blue. This color is often referred to as disciplining. It is often said that it facilitates concentration, it is useful both when studying and when you just want to gather your thoughts. Navy blue as the color of window covers also has several additional advantages. Its elegant appearance attracts attention, but it is also important that it usually is easy to keep clean, because minor dirt is not visible on it. Its advantage is also that it limits the access of sunlight to the interior, although at the same time it does not cause complete blackout.

granat-kolor-wnetrza.jpg (125 KB)

At this point, it's hard not to get away from the question of what colors it can be combined with. Fortunately, people looking for answers to them have no reason to worry. Pomegranate is described as universal for a reason. It fits in an interesting way not only with neutral white and shades of gray, but also with light pink, which is fashionable in salons. It is the color equivalent of black, so you can combine it not only with pastels, but also with the so-called earth colors that are present in many salons.

Shades of green

Environmental protection and care for the planet are increasingly no longer just empty slogans repeated just because they are fashionable. Their importance is growing and you can also see them in the world of window covers. Wood has been reigning in it for some time, and in 2024 it is certainly hard not to notice the fashion for blinds and roller blinds in shades of green. Their hallmark is primarily the fact that they can be adapted to many interior styles. So if we think that shades of green work best in classic interiors, we are wrong.

wnetrze-w-zieleni.jpg (182 KB)

Interior designers have no doubt that blinds and curtains in shades of green will blend beautifully with white furniture and gray walls. This does not mean, however, that the palette of neutral colors is the only one that allows them to be used. An excellent combination is the one that combines shades of green on the window covers and browns. It is extremely elegant, but its supporters also point out that it introduces a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Shades of green can also be used where shades of beige and accessories in intense colors dominate. They are an interesting solution where red and yellow appear, as well as fashionable violet. You also don't have to worry that they will seem overly extravagant.


Classic white is not accepted by people who choose window covers with exaggerated enthusiasm. Yes, it's hard not to agree with the fact that it brightens up the room and fits almost any styling. However, it is difficult to admire it, being aware of how difficult it is to keep white blinds clean. This does not mean, however, that supporters of bright shades have no chance to find something for themselves in 2024. Such a solution will certainly be an ecru window cover.

wnetrze-ecru.jpg (173 KB)

Ecru window covers are described not only as elegant, but also timeless. This delicate shade of beige has not gone out of fashion for years, and there is little indication that it will lose its popularity in the next few seasons. The admiration for it is not only due to the fact that it meets all the requirements for solutions for years. It is not without significance that it is a neutral shade, just like the already mentioned white. So you can match it to the diverse colors of furniture, walls, floors and other accessories. Just like green, ecru is also able to introduce a cozy atmosphere to the room. It is a great way to insulate the interior, which should appeal especially to those who put on quite austere minimalism on a daily basis.

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