Internal window coverings - decoration and protection

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While making a decision about w type of a window covering we think not just about effective protection of the interior from sun rays; the offer is rich thanks to the types of coverings and their quality; you can choose freely. Fabric or wooden blinds? Roman or day/night? Or maybe classical blinds? Now, the decision about selection of the window coverings is strongly related to the interior design. What we put in our windows poses a significant element of the decoration. It cannot dominate and overwhelm the rooms; a window covering should fulfil the look of the interior, when the window is both covered and uncovered.

Ok, but what should I choose? An answer may be simple - whatever you like the most. But an additional answer key should be the decoration you would like to have. This is where you start, and the interior design is what you match the window appearance to - when it comes to the type of covering and its colour.

The boundary between classical and modern look is increasingly more blurred in terms of filling the interiors with window coverings. A broad offer and high quality allow us to get free from the strict patterns. You can combine different styles; the aesthetics of the final result is what matters here. The most important thing is that you feel good in your home.

Window decoration - I like the look of my home, part 1

Renovation? Construction of a new house? Change of an apartment? After often difficult struggles with the construction team there is the time for the best part. Decoration. Window covering pose an important element of the interior design. They combine functionality - protection from the sun and provision of intimacy to the residents - with aesthetics - they can accent the rooms designs perfectly.

It was not until recently that the windows were covered with sheer curtains and curtains. The frequent reason was that there were no other possibilities. Nowadays, the modern roller blinds and shutters, offered in numerous colours and patterns, allow to design an interior slickly, both in a more modern or classical style.

The most universal choice is the fabric roller blinds or shutters. Here, you can choose from different colours and light permeability values. Lighter colours, with greater light permeability will make the interior look more spacious, and even when covered, will let you enjoy the natural light. They will be perfect in a living room, in a kitchen or bathroom. In turn, the blinds in darker colours and those that do not let sun rays in, can be used in bedrooms or kids' rooms, meaning wherever we need to shadow the interior more effectively. Furthermore, you can also choose printed roller blinds here, and decorate your house with any given decorative motive. And when you think about classical aluminium blinds, you need to keep it in mind that they entered a completely new era. Once associated with no aesthetics, today they are designed in plenty of various versions. Apart from classical ones, you can choose from wooden-like and perforated (slaths with small holes). Their high quality and a wide pallet of colours pose a response to high requirements of Customers.

Other types of coverings match the interiors of different characters of decoration. Here we have something for those who like classic, e.g. wooden or pleated blinds. In turn, the day/night or Roman blinds are relatively new proposals when it comes to window coverings. The latter will be perfect in fulfilling e.g. the now popular Scandinavian style that prefers minimalism and nature. The designers also prepared a response for the needs related to a trend to design the so-called "glass houses", meaning large window spaces; here you can choose the large-size MAXI roller blinds.


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