Insect screens for windows

Insect Screens for Windows – Custom-Made Rolled Fly Screens for Window Frames, and More

Rolled fly screens for windows

Rolled fly screens for windows provide an effective barrier against insects while allowing fresh air to circulate. Custom-made to fit your windows perfectly, these screens are easy to install and operate. Their sleek design ensures they blend seamlessly with your decor, offering both functionality and style.

Rolled fly screens for windows

Insect screens for windows

Insect screens - Features

Insect screens prevent insects from entering the home, an issue we face from early spring to late autumn. Various insecticides are available, but most are chemical and can cause allergic reactions. Insect screens eliminate the need for chemicals by providing a fine mesh barrier, even against the smallest insects.

Window and door insect screens help maintain peace at home during active insect seasons. They are especially useful for homes near water bodies or green areas. Insects not only disturb but can be dangerous for allergy sufferers or carry germs. Opening windows during warm months attracts insects, but mosquito screens prevent their entry.

Insect screens do not hinder window and door use and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The high quality of materials and range of colours ensure they blend with both interior decor and external façades.

Custom-sized insect screens

Types and Installation of Insect Screens

An insect screen must be custom-sized for effectiveness. The Knall store provides a Measurement section for proper sizing. Screens come in two types: framed fly screen and roll-up fly screen. The framed mosquito screen uses a special collar or magnet, while the roll-up screen operates like a window blind with a chain mechanism. Both types use a fine mosquito net mesh in an aluminium cassette and are suitable for various window types.

Protection is provided by a mesh with 1x1 mm holes, made of fibreglass coated with PVC, making it resistant to weather and mechanical damage. Modern screens use durable aluminium profiles and come in colours to match the building's scheme.

Insect screens for vertical windows

Insect Screen Systems

Available systems at the Knall store:

  • Framed insect screen for windows, easily installed with metal plates. Maximum width 120cm, maximum height 160cm.
  • Insect net for doors, fitted to various door types. Maximum width 140cm, maximum height 260cm.

Additional Information

How to Measure
Instructions for measuring windows for insect nets are available here. A custom-sized insect net ensures effective protection.

How to Choose a Colour
Match the net colour to the window frame for a pleasing appearance. The fine fibreglass mesh is practically invisible.

How to Install
Framed or roll-up insect screens can be installed independently. Instructions are available here.

How to Clean
Framed nets can be removed and cleaned with a gentle pressure washer or sponge. Roll-up screens can be wiped with a damp cloth while the cassette protects them from dirt.