Insect screens for windows

Insect screens for windows are simple to construct and operate systems that provide effective protection against insects.

Insect screens for windows

Mosquito nets - Features

Mosquito screens prevent insects from entering the home. This is an issue we face for most of the year – from early spring to late autumn. Various insecticides are available on the market, but most are chemical, and not everyone wants or can handle them. Used indoors, they can cause allergic reactions. A mosquito screen helps prevent insects from entering, eliminating the need for chemicals. The fine mesh is a barrier even for the smallest insects.

Window and door mosquito nets are a way to enjoy peace at home during seasons when insects are active; especially if the home/apartment is near water bodies or green areas, or if it’s a holiday home. Insects not only disturb peace and rest but can also be dangerous for allergy sufferers (bees, wasps) or carry germs when they land on food (flies). Therefore, it's best to effectively prevent unwanted insects from entering the home. Moreover, during warm months, especially in the evenings when outdoor temperatures drop, windows are often opened; this provides comfort at home, freshens the air, and improves the ambient scent. Artificial light attracts insects, and installing mosquito screens prevents them from entering.

Mosquito screens do not hinder the use of windows and balcony doors, which can be opened and closed without issue. Nowadays, these types of screens are designed and produced to not only provide effective protection against insects but also to look aesthetically pleasing. The high quality of materials and range of colours ensure that mosquito nets blend with the interior decor and external façade.Custom-sized mosquito screens

Types and Installation of Mosquito Screens

To be effective, a mosquito screen must be of good quality and custom-sized. Fitting the correct size is essential due to the varying sizes of windows, different widths of profiles, and thicknesses of window frames; even a 2mm difference can result in a gap. The Knall store has a special section (Measurement), where you can check how to properly measure a window for a mosquito screen.

The screens are produced in two types: framed mosquito screen and roll-up mosquito net. The framed mosquito screen is fitted to the window using a special collar or magnet (no alteration to the window frame required). The door mosquito screen requires the use of hinges, either fixed or self-closing – the screen here forms an additional set of outward-opening doors. The roll-up mosquito screen works like a window blind; the mesh is extended and retracted using a chain mechanism. The mesh is placed in an aluminium cassette with a U-shaped side profile. It is installed either outside or inside the window recess. Mosquito screens for balcony doors can also act as 'storm doors' – the dense mesh from which they are made blocks stronger wind gusts.

In both models, protection against insects is provided by a mesh with 1x1 mm holes. The mesh is made of fibreglass, lightweight and allowing for very thin threads; additionally, it is coated with PVC, making it exceptionally resistant to weather factors such as sunlight or rain (thus, the mosquito screen maintains its aesthetic for a very long time) and mechanical damage. Modern mosquito screens are equipped with an aesthetic and durable aluminium profile. Screens can be used in various types of windows: PVC, wooden, and aluminium.

Mosquito screens for windows and doors in the range are varied enough to be matched to the building's colour scheme. You can choose both the colour of the mesh and the profile. This solution means that while maintaining the benefits of protection against insects, there's no need to compromise on the aesthetic appearance of the windows.mosquito screens for vertical windows

Mosquito Screen Systems

Mosquito screen systems available at the Knall store:

  • Framed mosquito screen for windows. One of the simplest and most convenient solutions. It is fitted to the window frame using metal plates that overlap the seal. Advantages include very easy installation/removal and no alteration to the frame. Maximum width 120cm, maximum height 160cm.
  • Mosquito net for doors. Can be fitted to balcony doors, patio doors, or others. High quality is additionally ensured by internal corners, solid hinges, and an elegant handle. It does not restrict the use of the door in any way. Maximum width 140cm, maximum height 260cm.
  • Roll-up MONUMO single side mosquito screen for doors. A horizontally mounted door mosquito net; guided using upper and lower chains. The screen is equipped with an aesthetic aluminium cassette (inserted into the U-shaped side profile), with the mesh permanently joined to the roller. Selected RAL palette colours and wood-like colours.
  • Roll-up MONUMO double sided mosquito net for doors. A horizontal screen, guided using upper and lower chains. The mesh is placed in a cassette made of aluminium (inserted into the U-shaped side profile) and permanently joined to the roller. Colours – selected RAL palette and wood-like hues.

Additional Information

How to Measure
Measurements for the windows where mosquito nets are to be installed should be done individually. Necessary instructions can be found here measuring. A custom-sized mosquito net guarantees protection against annoying insects; perfectly fitted to the window, it will be an excellent barrier even against the smallest insects.

How to Choose a Colour
The colour of the mosquito net should be matched to the window frame. This way, the overall look will be aesthetically pleasing. The mosquito screen mesh is made of fibreglass, making it not only fine (stops small insects) but also thin, which means it's practically invisible and does not mar the appearance of the window.

How to Install
In our store, there are two types of mosquito screens: framed or roll-up. In both cases, installation can be done independently. Necessary instructions can be found under this link How to install.

How to Clean
For framed mosquito nets, they can be easily removed and cleaned, for example, with a gentle pressure washer or sponge on both sides (do not press too hard). For roll-up mosquito screens, the cassette protects them from dirt when rolled up. During use, they can be wiped with a damp cloth/sponge; do not press too hard.