Pleated blinds VELUX

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Pleated blinds VELUX

VELUX Pleated Blinds

Soft light and decorative effect. Choose between 33 different colours and patterns 2 different operation methods.

The VELUX pleated blind provides an excellent way to control the daylight in your room. The blind is available with top and side channels in aluminium and allows you to create colourful and original light effects that can complement your personal choice of furniture and decor. Furthermore, the flying pleated blind makes it easy for you to adjust the incoming daylight, as it can be positioned anywhere in the window seeing that it's not fixed either at the top or at the bottom (manual only). This provides basic privacy and greater control of sunlight and makes the blind ideal for installing in living rooms or dining areas.


  • Colourful light effects softens incoming light.
  • Decorative beautiful decoration for living rooms.
  • Flexible positioning not fixed to bottom or top - allowing 100% flexibility.
  • Easy installation easy installation with VELUX Pick&Click!™ system.
  • Colours choose between 33 colours.
  • Combine with...VELUX awning blind for additional heat protection.

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Pleated blinds for VELUX roof windows

Information about the type and size of the window is provided on the rating plate, which is located in the upper right or left corner of the sash. This plate enables easy identification of the product - not only the type and size of the window, but also the production code, which allows to determine, for example, the date of production of the window.