Roller shutters

Roller shutters for windows and garage doors, made to measure with or without a mosquito net, manual or electric in secure external adaptive systems

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The ability to shop shutters online gives us a great opportunity to conveniently enhance your home both aesthetically and functionally. Made from high-grade materials like high-grade aluminum, galvanized steel, or impact resistant polycarbonate, our shutters combine durability with design. They provide a strong barrier against unauthorized entry while enhancing the architectural elegance of commercial facades. Check out all our external shutters:

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Security shutters

In the ever-evolving landscape of window coverings, security shutters stand as a paragon of both architectural aesthetics and uncompromising safeguarding. Fabricated from robust high-tensile aluminum, these shutters offer a stalwart front against potential intrusions, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions.

External shutters for windows

Unveiling a transformative layer in the realm of window aesthetics and functionality, external shutters are an unequivocal game-changer. Engineered with precision, these shutters are fabricated from high-grade aluminium they promise durability alongside an elevated visual appeal. Known for their unparalleled thermal insulation capabilities, these shutters effortlessly regulate indoor temperatures, curbing energy costs substantially.

Roller shutter garage doors

If you're looking for roller shutter garage doors, look no further than Knall! Our shutters can be used as roller shutter garage doors, offering security and convenience. Made from high-quality materials, these shutters are durable and weather-resistant. Easy to install and operate, Knall Roller Shutters can be up to 3 meters wide, making them an ideal choice for modern homeowners upgrading their garage doors.

Roller shutters

Characteristics of made to measure external roller shutters

All our roller shutters for windows uk that you can order online in the Knall roller shop and manufacturer are of a high standard and are in a very specific category of window covers. Out cost effective ce marked external shutters not only higher our client's property value by looking good, they are suitable for commercial or domestic security roller shutters. Extruded aluminium metal shutters offer high security protection against burglary, especially if used as a roller shutter door, fire shutters, industrial doors or as just standard domestic roller shutters. Comparing aluminium slats of our security shutter with a galvanised steel slats, our slats are lighter thanks to which the operation of them will be easier. We'll be able to use them as a domestic roller and possibly as internal shutter doors or external high speed doors.

Ideal for use as industrial doors

Roller shutter models found in the Knall online store all offer high thermal insulation. Our customers are secure from excessive heat during summer and heat loss during cold season and winter. establishment insulated with our security shutters will offer a range of benefits at the forefront with lowered domestic maintenance cost and the ability to accommodate more heat inside while it's cold outside. If you decide to buy electric shutters that are available in Knall store, you can be sure of our professional accreditations, our shutters are all in accordance with the EU legislation, they will be suitable for commercial and industrial use. Our fire shutters offer fire protection (fire shutters are the ones without solar power, batteries used in them could be problematic during a fire).

and as roller shutter garage doors

The insulated security shutters are very popular, they offer protection from heat or heat loss for commercial company headquarters or public utility buildings. Our security shutters are multifunctional and modern. Roller shutter has a wide rande of colors to be matched with the facade including faux wood shutters. Operation of the electric shutters is secure for security commercial uk industrial doors, or for domestic use including roller shutter doors for car sheltering.

custom-made roller shutters

Comfort of living

Windows are responsible for around 80% of interior heating during summer and during winter about 30% of the house heat escapes through the windows. Insulated roller shutter we manufacture provides increased resistance for heat and it's loss.This has the effect of minimizing the energy loss of the building and is contributing to measurable savings.

The roller shutter is made of the best materials, which translates into its very high quality. The roller shutter profiles are made of high-quality aluminum sheet which is coated in a two-layer varnish coat in the PUR - RA system, which is characterized by increased resistance to abrasion.

Thanks to our quick turnaround our customers are able to get their quality fire security shutters quickly manufactured.

roller shutters - anti-burglary blinds

Features of our external roller shutters

In addition to the function related to solar protection, roller shutters have several other important advantages related to the functioning of the property. They include:

  • Burglar protection. The anti-burglary roller shutters owe their function to high-quality materials and a special sheet of metal from which they are produced, as well as an appropriate construction. Such protection will effectively help protect against an attempted break-in.
  • Sound protection. The shutter armor insulates the building acoustically. The interiors are quiet, which is especially important when the establishment is in the city center or close to busy places.
  • Protection against insects. The offer of external roller shutters also includes those that are additionally equipped with a mosquito net. The mosquito net lowers independently of the shutter curtain.

Diy shutters and a roller shutter door

The installation of our roller shutters is very easy, most people that buy shutters online are doing it themselves i.e as roller shutter doors internal or plantation shutters. High speed doors offer a range of benefits, they secure UK houses they don't require repairs and you can be sure the garage door will open quickly if you wish to drive a car. Such roller garage doors will take much less space than traditional garage doors. The diy plantation shutters are no different to ones you would hire a construction team to install, they're just cheaper, because you don't give more monet to a construction company.

Specialized Knall hangers

For external roller shutters, we use special hangers with felt, which make the roller shutter run quieter, are more durable due to the longer arm and are made of stainless steel.
It prevents reflections on the armor and scratching of the armor after prolonged use of the blind. For automatic roller shutters with the SOMFY drive, we use a lock hanger that prevents the roller shutter from being lifted from the outside. Provides a rigid connection between the roller tube and the armour.

Buying security shutters from a online manufacturer

If you decide to buy window shutters online, you need to choose a online store that is a reliable source of information. The Knall online store and manufacturer has over 7 years of experience. we manufacture and are conducting export orders across the whole Europe, instructions found on the top right corner of the ordering UI will help you to correctly size and shop shutters without any problems


Installation of roller shutters can be included in the building design, but they can also be installed in existing buildings.

Flush-mounted blinds are set up in facilities under construction; they are intended for creating a window opening in external and internal walls of buildings. It is possible to install it in an already existing building, but it requires certain modifications within the lintel. Flush-mounted blinds have a groove on the front of the box, which allows any plastering to be carried out to make them hardly visible.

External surface-mounted roller shutters in other words, adaptive roller shutters are intended primarily for installation in already existing buildings. Their assembly does not require special preparations and they are not integrated with the window - no interference with the building condition. They can be mounted in a window recess or directly on the wall. The size of the shutter box depends on the height of the shutter armor profile and the height of the window opening.

external roller blinds colors


  • Standard - the group includes uniform colors of external roller shutters: white, cream white, gray, silver beige, dark beige, brown, dark brown, anthracite gray and black.
  • Exlcusive- the group includes wood-like colors of external roller shutters: golden oak (two shades), mahogany and walnut (two shades).

Additional information:

How to measure

You can find a way to properly measure roller shutters here measuring. This type of roller shutters can be installed in already completed buildings (surface-mounted) and in buildings that are under construction (flush-mounted). Dimensions are given when ordering.

How to choose a color

In the case of external roller shutters, the color of the facade is the reference point. Everything should look harmonious. The color palette of roller shutters is composed here in such a way that they can be matched to the existing facade or to the architectural design of the building.

How to mount

Instructions for installing external roller shutters can be found here assembly instructions. In the tab, read the screen type roller blinds assembly instructions, it is identical. In the absence of experience or a large number of ordered blinds, we recommend employing a professional assembly team.

How to clean

It is best to clean external roller shutters with a pressure washer - it is best for single-level buildings. In the case of the covers above, it is best to hire a professional team that has the appropriate equipment and detergents.

Are there external balcony blinds?

Our blinds can be successfully used to protect the balcony door to the house or apartment. They are an ideal solution to protect against heating the interior, which is worth choosing if the sun's rays are particularly troublesome in a given room of your home.

What are external blinds?

External roller shutters are an inseparable element of many buildings, both residential and public. They are distinguished not only by functionality, but also by aesthetics, giving the facade of the building a unique character. Roller blinds available in our online store will effectively protect the interior from the sun's rays.

What are the characteristics of external blinds?

The basic element of each roller blind are profiles that may differ in terms of material, shape or color. The selection of appropriate profiles is of key importance for the functionality and aesthetics of the roller shutters.

When choosing the color of roller blinds, it is worth paying attention not only to aesthetic issues, but also to how the color will affect the thermal properties of the roller blind. Particularly effective in this aspect will be white external blinds. They will not only create an air cushion with insulating properties, but also reflect sunlight - the main cause of overheating of rooms in the summer.

Can external roller shutters regulate the temperature in the rooms?

External blinds can effectively influence the temperature in the rooms. Depending on the material and color of the curtains and profiles, the roller shutters can effectively block the sun's rays, preventing the rooms from overheating on hot days. Thanks to this, they can help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building, which has a positive impact on the comfort of users.

External roller shutters - do they provide acoustic comfort?

With the help of external blinds, you can regulate not only the temperature. With this type of roller blind, we can also effectively improve the acoustic comfort of rooms. Thanks to the appropriate design and selected materials, roller shutters can effectively suppress noise from the outside, which is especially valuable in noisy, urban conditions.

Do external roller shutters provide security?

Safety is one of the key aspects worth paying attention to when choosing external roller blinds. Well made and installed, they can be an additional obstacle for potential burglars. Profiles are also important here - the stronger and more durable they are, the greater security they provide.

Can you buy external blinds for roof windows?

Roof windows are a specific type of windows that require an appropriate approach when choosing external roller shutters. Due to their location and shape, standard blinds may not be suitable. Instead, it is recommended to use special roof roller blinds that are adapted to the specificity of these windows. Roof blinds in the Knall store can be found in a separate tab - "Roller blinds"

Such external roller shutters for roof windows are often equipped with special guides that guarantee stable and safe operation of the roller shutters. What's more, they can be adapted to electric or even solar drive, which significantly increases the comfort of their use.

Can mosquito nets be used as an addition to external blinds?

Increasingly, external roller shutters are equipped with mosquito nets that protect rooms against insects and other small organisms. This is especially useful in the warm months when we want to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about unwanted intruders.

Mosquito nets can be permanently mounted or as an additional element that can be easily dismantled. The external roller blinds with a mosquito net available in our store have a mosquito net that works independently of the outer roller blind armor, so you can easily use the mosquito net without covering the roller blind.

What is the choice of drive for external roller shutters?

Choosing the right drive for external roller shutters is an important issue that affects the comfort and functionality of roller shutters. Traditionally used mechanical drives, such as tape and spring drives, are easy to use and do not require power. However, more and more often electric drives are chosen, which offer greater comfort of use and the possibility of remote control.

Will external blinds increase the value of my property?

Yes, installing roller shutters is often seen as a valuable addition to a property.

Can I install them myself?

If you have the right tools and a bit of will, the installation should not be a problem. In case of doubt, you can always outsource this task to specialists.

What are the maintenance costs of external roller shutters?

Maintenance costs are generally low. However, regular cleaning and possibly lubrication of the mechanisms may be necessary depending on the type and material used.

Are external blinds energy efficient?

Yes, well-designed and installed external roller shutters can significantly contribute to the thermal insulation of a building, which in turn can reduce heating or air conditioning bills.

Are there different types of external blinds?

Yes, there are different types available, from top-mounted roller blinds, through integration roller blinds, to wall-mounted roller blinds. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering in the context of individual needs.

Can I adapt the color and style of the blinds to my façade?

Color and stylistic options are usually very rich, which allows you to easily match the blinds to individual needs and taste.

How to deal with failures and damages?

In the event of a mechanism failure or material damage, it is recommended to contact a professional service. Some problems are easy to solve, but some may require replacement of components or even entire blinds

Are external blinds weatherproof?

Most modern outdoor blinds are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, from strong winds to hail. However, it is important to make sure that the selected product meets all the necessary criteria before buying.

What are the control options for external blinds?

The control options are diverse, from traditional cable or crank mechanisms, through electric control, to advanced systems integrated with a smart home.