Roller shutters

Traditional roller shutters made to measure in the two systems for self-assembly: Roller shutters with cassette with the guides and the Roller shutters with mosquito.

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Roller shutters

Characteristics of external roller shutters

Custom-made roller shutters are a very specific category of window covers. In addition to the function of protecting the interior against the sun, there are also others, those that do not have internal shields. This type of roller shutters is becoming a more and more frequent element of home furnishings, company headquarters and public utility buildings. The reason is the practicality resulting from the multifunctionality combined with the modernity of the installation and the possibility of individual selection of roller shutter parameters, as well as high aesthetics based on the possibility of choice of colors matched to the facade of the building.

External sun blinds are characterized by a very high ability to protect the interior of the house against unpleasant temperatures during hot weather. High efficiency results from the assembly method - the roller shutter armor is placed on the outside of the window and is a barrier to sunlight. They do not touch the glass, thanks to which the temperature inside the building is noticeably lower than outside - the windows respond to heating in 80%. In addition, the properties of external roller shutters consisting in protection against the sun during cold spring and autumn and winter prevent heat loss; this is how the airbag works between the glass and the shutter armor and is an additional insulating layer - about 30% of the heat escapes just not through the windows. This has the effect of minimizing the energy loss of the building and measurable savings.

The roller shutters are made of the best materials, which translates into their very high quality. The quality of the materials is of key importance here as the outer shields are exposed to various atmospheric factors; sun, rain or hail, wind, snow. Profiles are made of high-quality aluminum sheet. The sheet metal of the roller shutter itself is equipped with a two-layer varnish coat in the PUR - RA system, which is characterized by increased abrasion resistance. The foam filling the profiles insulates the interior thermally and soundly.

The roller shutters are also produced in various color versions, so that they can be matched to the color of the entire facade. The key is, however, that they are manufactured to an individual size, which is specified when placing the order.

Features of external roller shutters

In addition to the function related to solar protection, roller shutters have several other important advantages related to the functioning of the building. They include:

  • Burglar protection. The anti-burglary roller shutters owe their function to high-quality materials and a special sheet of metal from which they are produced, as well as an appropriate construction. Such protection will effectively help protect the house against an attempted break-in.
  • Sound protection. The shutter armor insulates the building acoustically. The interiors are quiet, which is especially important when the house is in the city center or close to busy places.
  • Protection against insects. The offer of external roller shutters also includes those that are additionally equipped with a mosquito net. The mosquito net lowers independently of the shutter curtain.


Installation of roller shutters can be included in the building design, but they can also be installed in existing buildings.

Flush-mounted blinds zakładane są w obiektach znajdujących się w trakcie budowy; przeznacza się je do zabudowy otworu okiennego w ścianach zewnętrznych i wewnętrznych budynków. Istnieje możliwość montażu w budynku już istniejącym, ale wymaga to określonych modyfikacji w obrębie nadproża. Flush-mounted blinds posiadają wpust z przodu skrzynki, który daje możliwość dokonania dowolnej obróbki tynkarskiej. Prowadnice są również skonstruowane w sposób pozwalający na ich częściową zabudowę. W ofercie są także prowadnice pozwalające ocieplić nadproże. Kaseta oraz prowadnice rolety wykonane są z ekstrudowanego aluminium. Zaletą rolet podtynkowych jest optyczne „wtopienie się" w budynek i tym samym idealne dopasowanie do całości elewacji.

External surface-mounted roller shuttersin other words, adaptive roller shutters intended primarily for installation in already existing buildings. Their assembly does not require special preparations and they are not integrated with the window - no interference with the building condition. They can be mounted in a window recess or directly on the wall. The size of the shutter box depends on the height of the shutter armor profile and the height of the window opening.

Roller shutters can be lowered/raised manually or with the use of an electric drive. Electric external roller shutters are equipped with an electric motor that enables the control of the roller shutter armor with a remote control. Manually operated roller shutters are equipped with a special crank connected to a tape or a rope. The system of external roller shutters can also be equipped with dusk sensors, time control or create a system integrated with home automation.


Standard- the group includes uniform colors of external roller shutters: white, cream white, gray, silver beige, dark beige, brown, dark brown, anthracite gray and black.
Exlcusive- the group includes wood-like colors of external roller shutters: golden oak (two shades), mahogany and walnut (two shades).

Additional information

How to measure
You can find a way to properly measure roller shutters heremeasuring. This type of roller shutters can be installed in already completed buildings (surface-mounted) and in buildings that are under construction (flush-mounted). Dimensions are given when ordering.

How to choose a color
In the case of external roller shutters, the color of the facade is the reference point. Everything should look harmonious. The color palette of roller shutters is composed here in such a way that they can be matched to the existing facade or to the architectural design of the building.

How to mount
Instructions for installing external roller shutters can be found hereassembly instructions. In the tab, read the screen type roller blinds assembly instructions, it is identical. In the absence of experience or a large number of ordered blinds, we recommend employing a professional assembly team.

How to clean
It is best to clean external roller shutters with a pressure washer - it is best for single-level buildings. In the case of the covers above, it is best to hire a professional team that has the appropriate equipment and detergents.

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