Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds perfect fit, excellent pleated window shades, non-invasive or invasive

Perfect fit pleated blinds

Discover the pinnacle of form and function with Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds—a masterful combination of aesthetics and engineering that transforms ordinary windows into sophisticated design elements. Specifically tailored to fit seamlessly within the window frame, these blinds offer a sleek, streamlined look that eliminates the need for drilling or screwing. Check out more pleaeted blinds

Perfect fit pleated blinds, Pleated window shades

Pleated window shades

Pleated window shades combine style and functionality, adding a sophisticated touch to the interior while offering excellent light control and privacy. Made from high-quality materials, they filter and diffuse natural light beautifully to create an inviting ambiance. Ideal for any space, pleated window shades enhance both aesthetics and practicality, making them an exceptional choice for discerning tastes.

Pleated blinds

Characteristics of pleated blinds

Pleated blinds or pleats are one of the most modern and, at the same time, the most original methods of covering windows. What distinguishes them from other internal covers is the possibility of setting the material of the blinds anywhere in the glass - up, down or in the middle. Moreover, the pleats are very versatile; they can also be installed in windows with unusual shapes, eg arches, in roof windows, in large window spaces, including winter gardens.custom-made-pleated-blinds

Large windows are one of the mandatory elements in modern architecture, both in public utility buildings and in private homes. The well-lit interior is spacious and the comfort of staying in it is very high. However, it is equally important to cover the windows during hot weather (they are responsible for room heating in as much as 80%), so that the interior is not unbearable heat and obscures them at the moment when people inside want to be intimate. Pleats will effectively protect rooms against the sun and against the view from the outside, and will also be a tasteful element of interior design.

Window space is one of the key elements of interior design. Pleated blinds will fit perfectly into the window, thanks to which they will complement the appearance of the interior and not dominate it. An extensive offer in the field of colors of materials and accessories as well as fabric textures will allow you to choose pleats for the interior design. There is no need to use a cassette, so they take up less space and adhere very well to the windows.

Pleated blinds belong to the group of PREMIUM covers. PREMIUM pleats are the result of the originality of the design and the highest quality certified materials used in their production. The accessories/profile are made of high-quality aluminum; it is available in 16 colors. The pleat material in the pane is antistatic, stain-resistant and durable. Thanks to this, the pleat looks aesthetically at all times. The offer also includes special non-flammable materials. Pleats materials are found in 14 groups of fabrics.

Features of pleated blinds

Pleats have many advantages related to their appearance, assembly method and versatility of applications.

This type of roller shutters has been designed so that the material of the cover could be found anywhere in the window pane. The fabric is placed between two rails (profile) that can slide along the window frame, up and down. In this way, the cover can be on the top of the window, in the center (folded down from above and below) or down; of course, it can also be extended over the entire surface of the window. What also attracts attention in these blinds is the appearance resulting from their name - the material is arranged in a characteristic pleat, visible even when fully extended. An innovative solution and an advantage of pleats is that the hardware (profile) can be mounted not only vertically, but also horizontally. The horizontally mounted roller shutter functions in the same way as in the standard installation, except that the material moves along the bottom and top window frames.

The versatility of pleated blinds is another advantage worth paying attention to. The Knall online store sells covers, manufactured to the dimensions individually specified when placing the order. It is the same in the case of pleats; custom-made pleats can be adapted to windows of various, also non-standard dimensions, eg large glazing, winter gardens. But that's not all. The pleats can be adapted not only to non-standard dimensions, but also to non-standard shapes, such as oval, arched or trapezoidal windows. They can also be installed in roof windows. Attic rooms are particularly exposed to excessive heating, as not only window panes heat up, but also the entire roof surface. Roof pleats effectively prevent excessive sunlight, and thus heating up rooms located in the attic.

The assembly of this type of cover is simple and can be non-invasive. The non-invasive pleated blinds are put on using special handles. Another option is to screw them to the glazing beads or to the window frame. There is no cassette here.

The variety of colors of the fittings and fabrics as well as the different textures of the materials give many possibilities of arranging pleated blinds in the interior. The textures of the materials also allow to adjust the pleat to the function of the rooms and their size. More delicate and transparent materials will work very well in rooms that should be lit even with the pleat covered, so in living rooms or kitchens connected to the living room, as well as in rooms for work. This type of fabric can also be used in smaller interiors; the brightening will make them appear optically smaller. On the other hand, blackout pleats blocking the flow of light are the perfect solution for bedrooms or rooms located in the attic. By cutting off the sun, you can measurably lower the temperature in the rooms during hot weather; the blackout will also work well at night if the house is located in the city center, where there is a lot of artificial light at night

Pleated blinds are considered ideal for children's rooms. They are not equipped with hanging strings, chains or other elements that children can swallow, so they will be safe for the youngest.

The pleats are controlled manually by moving the slats up/down. There is also an option to use electric control.



The pleated blinds in the Knall store are ordered for individually specified dimensions, there is a special Measurement tab on the website, which is to facilitate the measurement of the window by yourself. While placing an order, you can see the calculator on the left showing the value of the order.

You can choose covers for vertical or roof windows. In both cases, different colors of fabrics and accessories as well as different textures of materials are selected. Such an offer allows the use of pleated blinds in all rooms of the house, which makes the whole arrangement of the interior consistent.

COSIMO window pleats- they cover any part of the window, they can be moved horizontally or vertically (depending on the place of installation), they will be used in windows with unusual shapes, the possibility of using an electric drive . The COSIMO profile is "clicked" on the hooks, which prevents the pleat from falling. Certified materials, including non-flammable options.

COSIMO SL roof pleats- ergonomic design allows you to adjust them to
all types of roof windows produced in Poland. Special Cosimo Line guides guarantee the appropriate distribution and tension of the shutter material. The material can be moved to any place of the glass, the pleat is equipped with the magnetic Easy Click lock, the choice of material textures and the colors of fabrics and accessories, for use with unusual window shapes, vertical or horizontal positioning possible.

Window pleats

What Sets Knall's Window Pleats Apart?

Knall's made-to-measure pleated blinds, crafted from European components, represent the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability. Tailored to individual needs, they offer a wide selection of colours and patterns, suiting every interior. Their ease of installation is another advantage, allowing for DIY fitting. Additionally, they provide privacy protection, thermal insulation, and are energy-efficient. With availability across Europe, everyone can enjoy their elegance and practicality. All our window pleats are custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

High-Quality Materials

The fabrics of Cosimo Pleated Blinds are characterised by high quality and a broad colour range, as well as hardware options. The positioning of the pleat fabric on the window is adjustable using handles; it can be stopped at any point on the window pane. A plus of the pleats is the ability to position the fabric even in the middle of the window, which allows for adjusting the shading according to factors like the sun's height. The extensive colour palette ensures a match with interior styles. Our pleats are produced from the highest quality aluminium profiles, cut with precision to 1mm.

Additional information

How to measure
The size of pleated blinds is given individually when placing an order. To avoid giving the wrong size, please see the measuring instructions heremeasuring.

How to choose a color
The colors of the roller shutters are selected primarily for the interior design; here you can choose both the material color and the color of the fittings. You can also adjust the pleat to the functions of the interior - living rooms are lighter in colors, so that the rooms are lit when the fabric is covered with cover. In turn, for example, in the bedroom you can use a darker color to further darken the room.

How to assemble
The assembly of pleated blinds can be done independently. To see how to do it, go hereassembly instructions.

How to clean
Self-cleaning of pleated blinds consists in regular wiping of the upper and lower slats. The pleat material is antistatic, which reduces dust accumulation. You can clean it with a dust brush or (occasionally) wipe it lightly with a damp cloth.

How are pleated blinds installed and adjusted?

The size of the pleated blind is extremely important so that it fits perfectly into the window frame. They are mounted directly on the glass or on the window frame, which does not limit the freedom of opening the window. Pleated blinds are an ideal solution for windows with unusual shapes, such as semicircular, trapezoidal or triangular windows, because unlike other internal window covers, they can be adjusted to them. The correct size of the pleated blind guarantees its proper operation and aesthetic appearance.

Installation of pleated blinds is a process that requires proper preparation. The choice of the appropriate installation method depends on the type of window to which the pleated blind is to be attached. Various mounting systems are available, such as non-invasive or invasive mounting to the glazing bead, to the window frame or to the ceiling. Choosing the right mounting system is especially important for non-invasive pleated blinds that do not require drilling.

Non-invasive pleated blinds - Is the comfort and ease of installation so obvious?

Non-invasive pleated blinds are products that do not require drilling in window frames during installation. It is a perfect solution for those who value speed and ease of installation. They are mounted using special glazing beads that do not damage the windows. Non-invasive pleated blinds are ideal for covering windows of unusual shapes, because their installation does not require any special skills or tools.

One of the greatest advantages of non-invasive pleated blinds is that they do not limit the freedom of opening the window. Thanks to this, they are ideal for rooms where we often open the windows, such as the kitchen or bathroom. What's more, non-invasive pleats are very aesthetic and fit into any interior style.

Do pleated blinds provide perfect window coverage?

Pleated blinds are an extremely functional solution that allows you to cover the entire surface of the window or only its part. Thanks to this, you can adjust the amount of light entering the room, and protect the interior from harmful sunlight. Blackout pleats are especially important in bedrooms and rooms where we want full blackout.

The right size of a pleated blind is crucial for its functionality. A well-chosen pleated blind not only fits perfectly to the window, but also effectively protects against the sun, covering any part of the window. Pleated blinds are also ideal for covering balcony doors and windows in winter gardens.

What is the use of pleated blinds in different rooms?

Pleated blinds are very versatile products that will work in any room - from the bedroom, through the kitchen, to the bathroom. In the bedroom, the window pleated blinds will provide the right amount of light, as well as protection against the sun's rays. In the kitchen, pleated blinds will be a practical solution that will not only cover the windows properly, but also protect the interior against the harmful effects of the sun.

In bathrooms, where we often have to deal with unusual shapes of windows, pleated blinds are the perfect solution. Thanks to the availability of various sizes and shapes, they will easily fit into any window, ensuring adequate privacy and protection against the sun. What's more, pleated blinds are easy to clean, which is especially important in rooms such as the bathroom.

Pleated blinds vs. traditional blinds and blinds - What makes them different?

Compared to traditional blinds and blinds, pleated blinds are distinguished by their unique design and functionality. The pleat adds a unique character to the blinds, which fits into minimalist interiors. At the same time, pleated blinds are extremely practical - they can be lifted from the bottom, which allows you to precisely adjust the amount of light entering the room.

Unlike blinds, pleated blinds are available in various shapes, which allows them to be installed even in windows with unusual shapes. What's more, pleated blinds are offered in many different colors and patterns, which allows you to adapt them to your personal preferences and interior style.

What are pleated blinds in our offer?

Our offer includes various types of pleated blinds, which are available in many sizes, colors and patterns. We offer both pleated blinds for mounting on the window frame and non-invasive pleats. All our pleated blinds are made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees their long life and excellent performance.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer in our online store. If you have any questions about our products, we will be happy to answer them.

Pleated blinds and their aesthetics and practicality - Can they be reconciled?

Pleated blinds are the perfect solution for those who value both aesthetics and practicality. Thanks to the unique pleat, these blinds bring a unique atmosphere to the interior, and at the same time are extremely functional. Available in many colors and patterns, they easily adapt to any interior style.

The purchase of a pleated blind is an investment that will certainly bring many benefits. Not only will it improve the appearance of the interior, it will also improve the comfort of using the room. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the amount of incoming light, pleated blinds allow you to create ideal conditions for work, relaxation or sleep.