Awning blinds VELUX

Awnings for VELUX roof windows

Information about the type and size of the window is provided on the rating plate, which is located in the upper right or left corner of the sash. This plate enables easy identification of the product - not only the type and size of the window, but also the production code, which allows to determine, for example, the date of production of the window.

*  The nameplates differ in location and appearance depending on the window model.

The external awning protects against heat 8 times more effective Than an internal blackout roller blind.

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Awning blinds VELUX

VELUX Awnings

The VELUX awning blind is an external blind perfectly suited to stop strong sunlight and heat even before it hits the pane on your roof window. While not in use, the awning blind rolls up out of sight under its casing. When extended to the base of the sash, the semi-transparent fabric cuts out the direct rays of the sun, still allowing full visibility to the outside, and reduces the heat of the sun by 90%. The blind can be positioned anywhere in the window and can also be used with the window open. Manual with hooks can only be rolled fully up or fully down. Choose from three colours with three levels of transparency.


  • Heat protection reduce heat by up to 90%.
  • Hardwearing weather resistant fabric for longer lasting performance.
  • Transparent net view out even when in use.
  • Colours choose between 3 colors.
  • Easy installation install from the inside in minutes.
  • Combine with... roller, venetian, or blackout blinds for additional light control.