VELUX MHL manual external awning - MHL Black


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VELUX MHL manual external awning

VELUX MHL manual external awning Made to measure roof roller blinds VELUX MHL Black, in the Knall online store. Black is one of the most universal and timeless colours that is often chosen for its elegance and simplicity. Black is also associated with power and strength, which is why it is often used in fashion and design. It not only adds elegance, but also adds depth and mystery. Black is also a symbol of purity and pure form, which is why it is often chosen by designers and architects as a colour for walls or as an addition to the interior. Finally, black is also associated with seriousness and respect, which is important in many areas such as business and politics. In any case, black is a timeless and universal colour that will always have its place in the world of fashion, design, art and architecture.

VELUX MHL manual external awning

VELUX awnings are the best way to protect the interior from excessive heating. Installing awnings will ensure privacy without completely taking away visibility.
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VELUX awnings

VELUX awning blinds are mounted outside the window - they block the sun's rays from reaching the glass, thus protecting the window and interior from heating. When fully drawn, they block up to 90% of heat without blocking your view to the outside. They are especially recommended for rooms with a southern window exposure. They make your attic feel pleasantly cool, even on hot summer days. When not in use, e.g. in winter, they can be completely retracted, allowing the sun to reach the glass, allowing passive heating. They are available in 3 operating system types: manual, electric or solar powered. The solar awning does not require any wiring, therefore it is ready for use immediately after installation.


Manual operation

The operation of the VELUX awning blinds is very simple. Just open the window, rotate it 180 degrees and attach the awning to the two hooks located on the outside of the window at the bottom of the window sash. The awning is installed from the inside and the window can be opened and closed even if the awning is lowered.



  • Transparent mesh gives good visibility
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • It blocks 90% of sun rays, protecting the window against overheating
  • Does not limit the window function
  • 3 variants - manual, electric and solar powered
  • The highest quality, the material from which it is made ensures many years of reliable use

Original VELUX products

VELUX roller blinds are rigorously tested to ensure their best quality, you will benefit from their excellent operation and resistance to atmospheric effects after many years. Only original blinds are subjected to demanding tests, they are opened and closed thousands of times all to guarantee their highest quality.

Forget about difficulties with operating the blinds. All VELUX accessories are equipped with a unique, ergonomic control panel, thanks to which you can conveniently open the blinds from any angle. our offer includes only original VELUX products.

All Awning blinds VELUX in the knall store

Awning blinds VELUX in the Knall store

VELUX roof window awnings are probably this company's best sun protection option for people who want to significantly reduce the heating of the attic. Velux awnings fulfill this task perfectly, without blocking the view to the outside. Discover our entire range of Awning blinds VELUX today!

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