Window awnings FAKRO

Awnings VMZ/VMB are designed for vertical woodwork.

The awning blind provides optimum protection from overheating while, at the same time providing a view to the outside. Fakro awning blind reflects sun rays before they reach the glass and thus protects against heat build-up on sunny days, providing relief for the eyes and protection from the harmful effects of strong reflected light, which is especially important when working with computers. Chose your Awning system:

House awnings

Aesthetically compelling and functionally superior, house awnings are an invaluable asset in contemporary window treatment solutions. Crafted from high-grade materials, these innovative coverings offer an optimal blend of shade, privacy, and energy efficiency. Advanced UV-resistant coatings ensure colorfastness and longevity, safeguarding not just the fabric but also the interior furnishings from sun-induced deterioration. Motorized options, seamlessly integrated with smart home systems, elevate user convenience, enabling real-time adjustments via mobile apps or voice commands. Backed by robust engineering and meticulous craftsmanship, house awnings are not merely an architectural embellishment, but a strategic investment that enriches lifestyle while enhancing property value. Check more:

House awnings

Window awnings FAKRO

Customized VMZ awnings

VMZ awnings are intended for vertical joinery. They are installed outside in windows and doors (terrace and balcony) made of PVC, aluminum or wood. Awnings protect the interior of the room against excessive heating and allow for even distribution of light intensity, improving the comfort of people staying in the room.Customized window awnings


  • Energy saving VMZ awning blind Reduces energy consumption in air-conditioning devices, thus reducing CO2 emission to the environment. Solar awning blind does not consume electricity from the mains, it is powered by a battery charged with sunlight
  • The inflow of natural light. Windows covered with awnings as opposed to external roller shutters allow natural light to flow in. Awnings let through enough light so as not to use additional lighting.
  • Visibility to the outside and ensure privacy. Pulled awnings provide visibility to the outside.. We can freely observe the surroundings, and at the same time provide a sense of privacy, protecting the interior from outside observers.
  • Improving ergonomics. Awning pulled down improves ergonomic conditions in workplaces. It allows for an even distribution of light intensity, providing our eyes with visual comfort, protecting them against the harmful effects of reflections, especially when working with a computer. In rooms with a pulled awning blind, the eyes do not get tired as in a room without an awning, where the distribution of light intensity is very uneven.
  • Protection against harmful UV radiation. The awning blind reduces the penetration of harmful UV radiation into the room. When the awning is pulled down, it helps to protect objects and materials in the interior from harmful UV radiation, which causes their discoloration.
  • Protection against insects. A closed electric awning on the vertical window, in addition to protecting against heating the room, fulfills the function of a mosquito net. When the window is open, the rolled-out awning protects the interior against insects.

The VMZ awning blind is made of a durable, weather-resistant fabric made of glass fibers coated with PVC. The fabric is rolled on a shaft with a motor and placed in a cassette made of aluminum profiles mounted to the window or external lining recess. A ZIP system is embedded in the edges of the fabric, which maintains the appropriate tension between the guides and prevents the fabric from falling out of the guides

The VMZ awning blind is made of a durable, weather-resistant fabric made of glass fibers coated with PVC, to provide maximum sun protection while being durable and weather resistant all year round. The fabric is rolled on a shaft with a motor and placed in a cassette made of aluminum profiles mounted to the window or external lining recess. A ZIP system is embedded in the edges of the fabric, which maintains the appropriate tension between the guides and prevents the fabric from falling out of the guides.

Such a combination of fabric and profile increases its resistance to wind and prevents insects from entering the interior. This solution can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h and crosswinds of up to 220 km/h. modern solar vertical awning

Retractable awning or patio awnings for your outdoor space?

Many customers seek advice on what product to choose for windows to their garden. It is not easy to pick a product to fit all needs at once. Perfect awning would keep us protected from excessive heat in a hot sunny day, and best if it was operated automatically.

There are many options on the market to discover. We have garden canopies (which most often are not rain resistant) with a wide range of fabrics that we mount to the walls. On the other hand we have quality window vertical awnings. The latter is the best option to install to a wall windows or a door, especially if we are thinking about installing air conditioning as a easy way to improve or completely replace it.

A vertival awning will give us much needed control and allow us to maintain comfortable temperatures in summer. This will allow us for a remarkable savings considering the recent power price increases including vat as a window awning doesn't use power.

FAKRO brand quality awnings

Fakro is a company that is on the European market for over 30 years. They specialize in making high quality windows and window covers for a home or business. Fakro awnings we have in stock in the Knall online store are ideal when we care for choosing a damage resistant awnings in cassettes.

Vertical awning for an ecological single-family house

An ecological answer to hot days and a replacement for air conditioning can be vertical awnings that also function as mosquito nets. As you know, without shielding, solar radiation penetrates inside. The interior of the room heats up because the sun's rays, after contact with the surface of the objects inside, convert the light radiation into heat radiation, which literally emits heat, leading to undesirable heating. The interior heats up a lot and the heat emitted inside the rooms causes us discomfort. The awning blind protects the rooms from this unfavorable effect, their low-emission coating stops the vast majority of solar radiation outside the windows, protecting the glass, and in consequence the interior, from the sunlight. installed VMZ blinds

FAKRO solar awning blind

What would an ecological house be without photovoltaic cells? VMZ Solar awning blinds are powered by a solar-charged battery. VMZ Solar solar panels are resistant to weather conditions such as rain, wind or snow, which ensures reliable operation for years. In the case of a shaded building, we recommend fakro awning blinds in the electric version powered from the mains.

Internal window covers vs modern fakro awning blinds

A window covered by a internal roller blind will limit the amount of light entering the interior, but in the case of its thermal insulation properties, we do not recommend this solution. The curtain, instead of protecting the interior, turns the light radiation into heat radiation and in consequence, heats the room. However, the cover mounted externally in façade windows does not have this problem, because the hot air is behind the impermeable glass.

Awning profiles and awning blinds are available in three colors (white, gray and brown). On request, in any colour from the RAL palette. There are 16 types of materials to choose from: (6 with a 10% clearance, 2 with a 1% clearance and 8 with a 6% clearance).FAKRO electric awnings

Additional information on vertical retractable awnings

How to measure
Specifying the size of the window awning is necessary when placing the order. So that it could be done properly, we have prepared a special tab; all the necessary tips are in the site here measuring.

How to choose a colour
Window awnings are installed on vertical windows, on their outer side. Therefore, their colour should be matched to the colour of the facade and/or window frames. This will ensure a harmonious and aesthetic appearance of the entire building. External covers should blend in nicely with the overall style without the effect of, for example, color accents.

How to assemble
The instructions for the assembly of window awnings can be found here Assembly instructions. However, in the case of the exterior shields, the installation of the watro should be entrusted to a professional team. Especially when ordering larger or larger awnings.

How to clean
It is also worth entrusting the cleaning of window awnings to a team of professionals, especially as they often cover the windows on the first floor. When cleaning independently, a high-pressure cleaner is usually used, which can thoroughly remove the dirt.