Venetian Blinds

In our store we offer Aluminum blinds with 25 and 50mm slats and a rich color palette as well as atmospheric 25mm and 50mm wooden blinds which are characterized by an elegant and aesthetic finish.

Venetian Wooden blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds compose perfectly with both modern and classical interiors. A wide range of colours as well as elegant and aesthetic accessories (such as upper masking frame, stick or endings of chains) make these particular blinds highly appreciated even by the most demanding owners of hotels, offices and apartments.

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Aluminum Venetian blinds

Aluminium blinds

Despite many years of existence on the market, the blinds are still a functional screening system, allowing you to freely regulate the light that enters the room. The development of blinds made it more attractive by introducing its various forms. In our store, we offer free-hanging aluminum blinds in three types of lamella width: 25mm,  50mm

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Facade External blinds

The venetian blind system meets all these requirements, contributing to the reduction of the use of air-conditioning equipment and thus to saving electricity. The construction of this type of sun protection means that between the curtain and the glazing there is no so-called "Airbag", as the air is blown away by the wind and the windshield remains cool. In addition, the function of adjusting the angle of the slats allows you to adjust the degree of darkness to the individual preferences of the user. Controlling the access of sunlight can also be done with the use of weather automation, which successively measures the sun's position and smoothly controls the blind.

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Vertical blinds

Verticals are window decorations that are great as covers for large areas, especially in offices, conference rooms and auditoriums. One of their biggest advantages is the ability to precisely adjust the direction and amount of light entering the room. This is made possible by large, rotating slats. Thanks to the verticals, the rooms are not only shielded from light, but also from heating up. The operation of the verticals is facilitated by the mounted motors, thanks to which the shutter can rotate and the slats can be moved together and apart in the desired way. In our store, verticals are available in a wide range of colors, different degrees of darkness and different widths of slats.
In addition to traditional materials, we also offer products with special approvals: hygienic and non-flammable.

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Are blinds an important element of the house that changes the face of each interior?

Blinds are not only a practical element of any interior, but they can also become an important element of the house, affecting the style of the interior and the atmosphere of the rooms. Roller blinds and blinds, available in various models and sizes, allow you to control the amount of light entering the room, and thus regulate the level of light in the room. Among the various types of window covers, internal blinds and external roller blinds are the two main categories that we will meet in our offer.

Wooden blinds are products that are perfect for stylish, classic interiors, introducing the warmth of natural wood to them. Noteworthy are also aluminum blinds, which are a great choice for modern interiors, especially bathrooms and kitchens, due to the ease of cleaning.

Aluminum blinds vs. wooden blinds - what to choose?

Aluminum and wooden blinds are the two most popular blind models available on the market. Aluminum are extremely durable and resistant to moisture, which is why they are perfect for bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity. The width of the aluminum slats of the blinds can be adjusted to your needs, which allows you to precisely adjust the amount of light entering.

Wooden blinds, made of high-quality wood, are characterized by a warm, natural look that fits perfectly into the arrangement of any interior. They are a perfect solution for the bedroom, children's room or living room, where aesthetics and atmosphere are of key importance. Their appearance and wood texture add cosiness to the interior.

Practical and elegant solution - blinds or blinds?

Blinds are as popular a choice as blinds when it comes to window coverings. They are available in many models, both internal and external roller blinds. Blinds are perfect for rooms where we need full protection against sunlight, especially during hot days.

Blinds and blinds can be mounted in various ways - in the window sash, on the window, in the window recess or on the wall. The choice of installation method depends on the size and type of windows, as well as on aesthetic preferences.

What is the choice of blinds for different rooms?

Choosing the right wooden blinds for rooms can be a challenge. Various factors must be taken into account, such as window dimensions, interior style, and the function of the room. For the bedroom, it is worth choosing blinds that will provide the appropriate level of blackout, helping us to rest at any time of the day. In the bedroom, both blinds and wooden blinds will be perfect.

Aluminum blinds are perfect for the bathroom. Aluminum is a moisture-resistant material that is also easy to clean.

An important issue for every interior - Is the installation of blinds complicated?

The installation of blinds is a key element of the interior design process. It should be remembered that the size of the blinds should be adapted to the dimensions of the window, which will ensure their proper operation. Our offer includes blinds in non-standard dimensions, thanks to which they can be adapted to large windows and roof windows. And thanks to the guides, they will work even with the window ajar.

Installation is not complicated, but it is worth entrusting it to professionals to ensure their proper functioning. Both roller shutters and blinds are mounted on guides that ensure their stability and ease of use.

Are our products available in different color variants?

Our offer includes blinds and roller blinds available in various colors. Thanks to this, they can be easily matched to the style of the interior and the colors of the rooms. We offer aluminum blinds in classic shades of silver, but also in other colors, for example red or blue.

Wooden blinds are available in natural shades of wood, from light beige to dark brown. For those looking for slightly more modern solutions, we offer blinds made of plastic, which are available in a wide range of colors.

Control over the amount of incoming light - How to prevent the interior from heating up?

One of the main advantages of blinds is the ability to control the amount of light entering the room. By adjusting the angle of the slats, you can decide how much light you let into your home. This is an excellent solution, especially in rooms that are exposed to sunlight most of the day.

Thanks to blinds, you can also prevent excessive heating of rooms on hot days. Blinds can effectively cover the windows, protecting the interior from the sun's rays, and thus ensuring pleasant coolness in the room.

Wooden internal window blinds - Can practical and elegant go hand in hand?

Interior window blinds are an excellent choice for people who value elegance and practicality. They are available in various models and dimensions, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to any type of windows, including roof windows.

Internal window blinds are easy to use and keep clean, and their installation does not require major changes in the arrangement of the room. They are a great solution for people who want to cover the windows without sacrificing the elegant appearance of the interior.

Energy saving thanks to blinds - Can we count on savings on air conditioning?

Blinds and shutters can help save energy in your home. Thanks to them in the summer, you can protect the interior against excessive heating, thus reducing the need to use air conditioning. In winter, however, blinds can provide additional window insulation, which translates into reduced heat loss.

Choosing the right blinds and roller blinds is an individual matter, depending on many factors. It is worth remembering, however, that these are not only practical solutions, but also decorative elements that can significantly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the interior.

Blinds - are they perfect for every home?

Blinds are products that are perfect for every home. They are practical, easy to use and keep clean, and add elegance to any interior. Available in various models and dimensions, they are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Regardless of whether you prefer wooden or aluminum blinds, whether you are looking for roller blinds for roof windows or standard ones - in our offer you will surely find something for yourself. Remember that blinds are an investment that will bring benefits for many years.

Do wooden blinds fit perfectly into any room?

Wooden blinds are an extremely versatile type of window covers. Their warm, natural aesthetics works perfectly in any interior style - from traditional, classic arrangements to modern and minimalist. Wood is also a material that fits perfectly into the idea of sustainable development, while being durable and easy to keep clean.

Wooden blinds are equipped with slats that can be adjusted, allowing you to control the amount of light entering the room. Thanks to this, we can adjust the level of insolation of our home to our needs - regardless of the time of day or the weather outside the window.

Does the method of installation affect the functionality of the blinds?

When we choose blinds for our home, it is important to pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the way they are installed. The installation of blinds should be well thought out and matched to the type of windows in our house. For example, in the case of roof windows, the installation of blinds is slightly different than in the case of standard windows.

In addition, the installation of blinds should be made in such a way that their operation is as easy as possible. This means that the blinds should be mounted on guides that allow easy adjustment of the angle of the slats. Thanks to this, we will be able to easily control the amount of light entering the room.

Can window guards keep your home safe?

One of the aspects worth paying attention to when choosing window guards is safety. This is especially true for homes with small children. In the case of blinds, it is worth paying attention to the mechanism of their operation - it should be safe and easy to use for both adults and children.

For example, wooden blinds can be equipped with a cordless operating mechanism that is safe for children. In addition, wood is a safe and ecological material, which makes these blinds a great choice for a children's room.

What is the influence of blinds on the room climate?

Blinds have a significant impact on the climate of the room. Well-chosen, they can contribute to creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Wooden blinds, thanks to their natural aesthetics, can add warmth to any interior. In turn, aluminum blinds, thanks to their modern aesthetics, can add character to the room.

In addition, blinds can help regulate the temperature in a room, keeping out the sun's rays in the summer and providing extra insulation in the winter. Thanks to this, they can contribute to improving the comfort of using the room and saving energy.

Why choose blinds?

Blinds are an excellent choice for anyone looking for practical and aesthetic window covers. They are easy to use, easy to keep clean and available in various variants, both in terms of material and color.

When choosing blinds, it is worth remembering about a few key issues - the selection of the right material, assembly method, operating mechanism and safety. Let us also remember that blinds are not only practical solutions, but also an important element of interior decoration.