Venetian Blinds

In our store we offer Aluminum blinds with 25 and 50mm slats and a rich color palette as well as atmospheric 25mm and 50mm wooden blinds which are characterized by an elegant and aesthetic finish.

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Aluminum Venetian blinds

Aluminium blinds

Despite many years of existence on the market, the blinds are still a functional screening system, allowing you to freely regulate the light that enters the room. The development of blinds made it more attractive by introducing its various forms. In our store, we offer free-hanging aluminum blinds in three types of lamella width: 25mm,  50mm

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Vertical blinds

Verticals are window decorations that are great as covers for large areas, especially in offices, conference rooms and auditoriums. One of their biggest advantages is the ability to precisely adjust the direction and amount of light entering the room. This is made possible by large, rotating slats. Thanks to the verticals, the rooms are not only shielded from light, but also from heating up. The operation of the verticals is facilitated by the mounted motors, thanks to which the shutter can rotate and the slats can be moved together and apart in the desired way. In our store, verticals are available in a wide range of colors, different degrees of darkness and different widths of slats.
In addition to traditional materials, we also offer products with special approvals: hygienic and non-flammable.

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Venetian Wooden blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds compose perfectly with both modern and classical interiors. A wide range of colours as well as elegant and aesthetic accessories (such as upper masking frame, stick or endings of chains) make these particular blinds highly appreciated even by the most demanding owners of hotels, offices and apartments.

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Facade External blinds

The venetian blind system meets all these requirements, contributing to the reduction of the use of air-conditioning equipment and thus to saving electricity. The construction of this type of sun protection means that between the curtain and the glazing there is no so-called "Airbag", as the air is blown away by the wind and the windshield remains cool. In addition, the function of adjusting the angle of the slats allows you to adjust the degree of darkness to the individual preferences of the user. Controlling the access of sunlight can also be done with the use of weather automation, which successively measures the sun's position and smoothly controls the blind.

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