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Terrace garden pergolas - characteristics

When arranging a garden, it is worth considering solutions that are not only functional, but also have a lot of charm. Terrace pergolas are an increasingly used product here. The structure can stand anywhere in the garden - if it is a free-standing pergola, or create a roof over the terrace - if it is a pergola at the side. It is not only a simple, but also an aesthetic way to change the look of the garden and the possibility of creating additional shaded space around the house or anywhere in the garden.

The garden pergola is the so-called element of small architecture; enhancing the aesthetics of the area around the house and additionally very functional. The structure is made of very good quality materials, in many colors to choose from. Therefore, it can be easily adapted to the style of the facade. In addition, pergolas are often planted with foamy plants that harmonize with the design of the entire garden, they are not only a unique decoration, but over time they create an effective, green "veins" .

The functionality of terrace pergolas is combined with the possibility of creating an additional shaded space at the house or in the garden. This makes it possible to spend time outside in hot weather; in a pleasantly cooler temperature and safely - staying in the sun for too long and high temperature can negatively affect your well-being. A pergola roofing will turn a piece of your garden into a cool place where you can relax without having to hide at home. The same is true for short summer rains; no need to run home, just hide under the pergola and still enjoy the fresh air.

Advantages and design of a pergola

The structure of the pergolas available in the Knall online store is made of extruded aluminum profiles and steel elements. Extruded aluminum is highly resistant to atmospheric factors (rainfall, sunlight) and, consequently, retains its aesthetic qualities for a long time. The roof is retractable or made of movable blades (electric control); by setting them in the right position, you can sun the place under the pergola by changing the angle of inclination. In addition, the pergola is equipped with an integrated drainage system.

The advantages of a pergola are primarily related to the fact that it allows you to create an additional and roofed space in the garden or above the terrace. Thanks to this, the garden gains additional space in which to stay both during heat and rain. If the backyard terrace does not have a roof, the ideal solution will be to use a wall pergola. Thanks to it, a roofed place will be created right next to the house, where you can easily spend time also when the weather outside is not very favorable - rain, heat. The backyard pergola is also a very good solution for dining establishments; with its use in a simple and quick way you can create a cozy cafe garden.

The second product option is a freestanding pergola that can be placed anywhere in the garden. The advantages are the same - obtaining a space where you can stay outside during unfavorable weather. There is also the possibility of modular expansion, so the area under the roof can be enlarged.

The structure of terrace pergolas can also create an amazing garden decoration if flowers, climbing plants appear around it or if it is additionally provided with lighting elements. In the offer of garden stores you can find many plants that do not take long to grow, so you will not have to wait long for the effect of a green pergola decoration. You can also choose plants that do not require special care and you do not need to be an experienced gardener to maintain their aesthetics.

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Product variants

Thanks to the pergola, we can make better use of the area outside the house. It also creates a roof for large surfaces (thanks to the possibility of combining modules). Terrace pergolas available in the Knall store are powder coated in any color from the RAL palette indicated when placing the order. Thanks to the extensive palette, the whole structure will not spoil the appearance of the home garden/cafe by not matching the facade, but it will adapt to it without any problems.

Side panels can be used as an option for pergolas. In addition, they will limit the sun exposure under the roof and ensure privacy. Additionally, they will also protect against light rain. The pergola is also protected against rain by the gutters that discharge water to the external poles.

The Knall store has its own production and logistics facilities, therefore it ensures the shortest possible delivery times. However, it should be noted that the installation of a structure, especially a free-standing structure, may require additional preparation of the substrate. The terrace pergolas are distinguished by aesthetics and reliability; has the highest wind resistance class 3. In the descriptions of individual products, there is information whether the pergola is manufactured to the size specified when placing the order or whether it is a finished product with specific dimensions.


  • Wall terraced pergola ALU LIGHT
  • ALU LIGHT freestanding terrace pergola
  • Terrace pergola SB 400 free-standing
  • Terrace pergola SB 500 free-standing
  • Terrace pergola SOLID wall
  • Free-standing SOLID terrace pergola

Terrace pergolas differ in dimensions and type of roofing. All of them are equipped with LED lighting

Additional information

How to measure
Pergolas available in our store are produced in the sizes indicated or you can order them to size (the maximum is specified in the product description). In the descriptions of individual products, there is information on the possibility of choosing sizes. The required size should be indicated when placing the order. Pergolas can be arranged modularly and thus increase their range.

How to choose a color
Pergolas are produced in two types: wall mounted or free-standing. The color of the pergola on the side of the patio cover should be matched to the color of the house facade. Thanks to this, it will be not only functional, but also create an aesthetic whole with the building. On the other hand, a free-standing pergola can be placed anywhere in the garden, and here, too, the color of the building's facade may be the key to choosing a color (if, for example, the pergola is placed close to it). You can also choose a color that harmonizes with the green of the plants, so that the pergola blends in nicely with the garden.

How to mount
The pergola assembly instructions are available hereAssembly instructions. Installation may require appropriate surface preparation. Therefore, you might consider employing a professional assembly team.

How to clean
It is best to use a pressure washer to clean the pergola structure, which will thoroughly remove the dirt. The roof must be rolled up before cleaning. Dirt from the roof, such as dry leaves or twigs, can be removed with a brush.

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