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Curtain on rings

Curtain on rings Roman blinds and curtains dimming to size in colour Wisdom 13, in the Knall online store. Fabrics from the Wisdom collection are materials with a unique texture and a thicker weave that give Roman blinds and curtains a unique character. The weave is a bit looser, thanks to which natural light enters the room even after lowering the Roman blind, with intense sunlight it does not completely darken the interior. In addition, the weave beautifully decorates the fabric of the blind, and the uneven color of the fabric adds charm to it. The color palette in the Wisdom collection consists of earth tones, thanks to which these fabrics will fit into many different interior arrangements. These materials are not completely opaque, but they provide privacy in the room. Fabrics from the Wisdom collection are the perfect choice for people who appreciate natural light and original design.

Curtain on rings

Ring grommet curtains are classic curtains with a simple operation.
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perfect fit Curtain on rings

Curtains on the rings

First of all, curtains and/or curtains cannot fit into the window space - they are hung on a curtain rod (on rings or tapes, depending on preferences) or on a special rail. The most important thing, however, is that this feature makes them a very decorative cover, but also taking up a lot of space around the windows. Therefore, they are best suited to larger rooms where they will not make a dominant impression; especially when the window is covered. However, if the curtains are to be placed in small rooms, remember to choose light colors of fabrics. This avoids any feeling of heaviness and the feeling that the interior is smaller than it really is. Decorative curtains and/or curtains can change the character of the room and become its exceptionally tasteful decoration - both when exposed and covered. The exposed curtains become a decorative window frame, and the interior is full of light (thanks to the transparent fabrics of the curtains). You can also choose only curtains, which is in line with the current fashion for an open window space. Once closed, they will protect the rooms from the sun and uncomfortably high temperatures in the house/apartment, and additionally introduce an exceptionally warm climate, especially in the evening.

fabrics Curtain on rings

High quality fabrics

The fabrics of the curtains and curtains are natural, identical to those in Roman blinds. High quality fabrics and ruffles make them look and arrange very attractive. At the same time, the use of natural materials fits perfectly into the latest trends in interior design, which are based on simplicity, minimalism and nature. Thanks to this, the curtains and/or curtains complete the interiors arranged in accordance with modern interior architecture designs. At the same time, it must not be forgotten that curtains and curtains are the most classic way of covering windows. Over the years, fabrics have changed, in certain colors, and the quality of the materials used has increased. Curtains themselves (without curtains) are also more and more often used, which, when slid down, leave an open space of (often large) panes. The house becomes full of space and light, and its interior design combines classic and modern. In this way, the curtains become one of the most versatile ways to decorate and shade the window space.

comments Curtain on rings


For smaller rooms, the best will be those in light colors, smooth or with a very delicate illuminating pattern, and sewn from thinner materials. Thanks to this, the interior will become optically larger. Curtains, unlike blinds, are not integrated into the window, but take up the space around it; dark and heavy can dominate smaller interiors. It is similar with the intense color accents of walls or furniture - curtains and/or curtains in such an interior are only the background and their colors should be neutral.

    parameters Curtain on rings

    Technical parameters of curtains for tubular curtain rods:

    • Wrinkling x 200% - it means that after wrinkling the finished curtain will be twice as narrow.
    • Bottom of the product - original weighting tape or single bottom tape, 10 cm high.
    • Invisible, covered stitch - curtain, curtain sewn on the blind stitch machine.
    • Double folded sides; each 3 cm wide.
    • Strengthening tape under 8 cm high circles in white, ecru or black (matching the color of the fabric).
    • The distance from the top of the curtain to the curtain rod is 2 cm.
    • Thread color: white or brown - matching the color of the fabric.
    • The diameter of the rings (circles) - 4 cm.
    • Number of rings (circles) - 6 pieces per 1 running meter.
    • The color of the rings (circles) - silver or gold, to be selected by the customer.
    • Maintenance - sewn-in tab with instructions on how to clean the fabric.
    • Packing - curtains/curtains packed in foil and in cardboard box.
    Angelique Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Angelique

    The Angelique fabric collection is a great fabric for curtains - the materials here are transparent, with a delicate and thin texture. Thanks to this, they can diffuse the sun's rays without the effect of darkening the interior. Therefore, they are best suited to those rooms where we want to use natural light all day long. Colors: white, ecru.

    Another Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Another

    Curtain fabrics from the Another collection are slightly transparent, so they will not obscure the interior when left. A classic color palette was used here; off-white, brown and gray. A delicate weave is visible on the material, it is also characterized by a decorative vertical line, which in the middle is more transparent than the rest of the curtain material and only horizontal threads are visible on it.

    Chintz Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Chintz

    In the group of Chintz fabrics, covering materials have been used that can cut off the flow of sunlight into the rooms, shading and cooling them. At the same time, the materials are delicate to the touch and their texture is not very thick. The color palette of Roman blinds is very extensive; there are classic colors, such as gray or brown, but also more expressive colors, such as strong green, fuchsia, violet or orange.

    Cross Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Cross

    Curtains made of Cross fabrics will be slightly translucent. The fabrics are characterized by a thicker weave and visible thicker threads, which give the whole a decorative character. The colors are kept in various shades of gray. This color has the ability to blend in with various interiors; decorated in light colors, with visible pastel elements, as well as rooms decorated in darker shades.

    Dito Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Dito

    Roman blinds and curtains made of Dito materials belong to the group of transparent covers, typical for curtains. The decorative stitching in the form of regularly spaced vertical stripes is characteristic here. The stripes are in the color of the material, so the whole thing looks very decorative. The belt is visible especially after unfolding the material. Bright, pastel colors.

    Genius Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Genius

    Genius are transparent materials, corresponding to those from which the curtains are sewn. The fabrics are soft and delicate. When covered, the fabric will shade the room, but it will always be full of natural light. When rolled up, the fabric will form decorative folds. The colors are kept in bright, pastel tones.

    Groove Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Groove

    The materials from the Groove collection are slightly transparent. The weave of the fabric is looser here and is made of thicker and thinner threads. The surface of the curtain is therefore irregular and creates a decorative whole in both the folded and unfolded position. The collection uses off-white, gray and brown colors in various shades.

    Heritage Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Heritage

    Materials for curtains and Roman blinds from the Heritage collection are a great complement to the interior. The fabrics here are thicker, impervious to light. The colors are dominated by grays and browns in various shades - from lighter to darker ones. The irregularity of colors is a characteristic feature of the Heritage group; their light and dark tones are visible on the surface of the fabric, thanks to which the whole is very decorative.

    Hug Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Hug

    The Hug collection is characterized by extensive colors. Thanks to this, curtains made of these fabrics can complement the look of rooms designed in various styles. The materials are delicate to the touch, opaque and beautiful. The pattern of the fabrics has been designed so that their color is not uniform; it shows different shades of the same color.

    Humble Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Humble

    The Humble group is characterized by a characteristic loose weave. Therefore, despite the fact that the fabrics in this group are a bit more massive, they will let the sun's rays through to some extent. At the same time, a looser weave creates an interesting, irregular pattern on the surface of the curtain. The entire color palette is designed in muted earth tones.

    Luxe Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Luxe

    Luxe is a collection of fabrics for curtains and modern Roman blinds with only light colors; shades of white, ecru and celadon. The material is thin and transparent, it transmits light after the roller shutter surface is pulled apart. The fabric shows a delicate sheen, visible at close range. In daylight, the gloss adds an unusual character to the roller blind.

    Multi Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Multi

    Multi is a group of delicate and transparent fabrics. Bright, pastel colors dominate here. There is a slight sheen on the fabric, noticeable after unfolding the entire material and on folds, after rolling it. The gloss makes the fabric look extremely decorative. Multi is a group of classic fabrics for curtains.

    Scala Satin Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Scala Satin

    The Scala Satin collection is distinguished by a satin smooth material and visible gloss. The fabrics are more massive here, they do not let the light through when the curtain is unfolded. The gloss visible on the material emphasizes the color of the fabric. The palette is extensive; next to the more classic grays, browns and muted greens, we have red, turquoise, violet and fuchsia.

    Solution Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Solution

    The Solution fabrics group consists of slightly thinner materials, but not transparent. They will not be completely opaque, but they will significantly reduce the amount of light in the rooms on sunny days. Subdued colors are used here: ecru, beige, gray.

    Studio Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Studio

    The materials in the Studio group are not completely covering, they will not let the light through when the curtain is pulled down. The collection includes light, pastel and gray colors. The color is not regular, the weave creates a subtle melange. The whole thing, seen both from a short and long distance, is very decorative.

    Track Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Track

    Curtain fabrics from the Track group are a collection of materials that keep out sunlight. Thanks to the thicker texture, the interiors will be well protected against too intense natural light during the day and artificial night. Despite its massiveness, the material is smooth and soft to the touch; its weave runs diagonally. The color scheme is diverse; the palette uses pastels and earth tones.

    Trots Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Trots

    The Trots fabric group is characterized by a translucent texture. Thus, when you leave them on a sunny day, a pleasant partial shade will prevail in the room. The colors are extensive; you can choose Roman blinds and curtains in light colors - white, ecru and beige, as well as pastels (blue, lilac) and slightly darker shades of gray.

    Wisdom Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Wisdom

    The Wisdom collection includes materials with a characteristic thicker weave and texture, but they are not completely covering materials. The weave here is a bit looser, which means that when unfolded, the curtain will diffuse natural light, but with intense sunlight it will not completely obscure the interior. A beautiful weave decorates the fabric of the blind and makes its color not regular. The color palette is based on the colors of the earth.

    Zara Curtain on rings

    Fabrics Zara

    Zara is a collection of translucent fabrics in classic colors: ecru, beige, gray. Curtains made of this group of fabrics are perfect for rooms that should be well lit all day long. The classic colors used here will blend in with the interiors arranged in various styles, both more modern and more classic.

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