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Pencil Pleat Curtain


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Pencil Pleat Curtain

Pencil Pleat Curtain

Pencil Pleat Curtain are modern curtains in a classic style adapted to electric control.
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perfect fit Mikroflex curtain

Microflex curtains

First of all, curtains and/or curtains cannot fit into the window space - they are hung on a curtain rod (on rings or tapes, depending on preferences) or on a special rail. The most important thing, however, is that this feature makes them a very decorative cover, but also taking up a lot of space around the windows. Therefore, they are best suited to larger rooms where they will not make a dominant impression; especially when the window is covered. However, if the curtains are to be placed in small rooms, remember to choose light colors of fabrics. This avoids any feeling of heaviness and the feeling that the interior is smaller than it really is. Decorative curtains and/or curtains can change the character of the room and become its exceptionally tasteful decoration - both when exposed and covered. The exposed curtains become a decorative window frame, and the interior is full of light (thanks to the transparent fabrics of the curtains). You can also choose only curtains, which is in line with the current fashion for an open window space. Once closed, they will protect the rooms from the sun and uncomfortably high temperatures in the house/apartment, and additionally introduce an exceptionally warm climate, especially in the evening.

technical Mikroflex curtain

Technical parameters of Microflex curtains:

  • Wrinkling x 200% - it means that after wrinkling the finished curtain will be twice as narrow.
  • Bottom of the product - original weighting tape or single bottom tape, 10 cm high.
  • Invisible, covered stitch - curtain sewn on the blind stitch machine.
  • Double folded sides, 3 cm wide each.
  • 8 cm high flex tape in white, ecru or black (matching the color of the fabric).
  • Microflex hook height - 7.5 cm; white color.
  • The Microflex hook is factory set to a height of 2.5 cm (can be freely adjusted).
  • Thread color: white or brown (matching the color of the fabric).
  • Maintenance - sewn-in tab with instructions on how to clean the fabric.
  • Packing - curtains/curtains packed in foil and in cardboard box.
All Mikroflex curtains in the knall store

Mikroflex curtains in the Knall store

Discover stylish premium curtains from Knall, a symbol of the highest class and elegance. Made of selected, exclusive fabrics, our curtains offer the option of subtle light filtration or full blackout. Don't wait, see our entire offer for Mikroflex curtains today!

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It is incredibly easy to buy in the Knall shop. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.