Winter garden awnings

The winter garden awnings VERANDA system is equipped with a fabric tensioning system that keeps the fabric tension even on large surfaces. The construction elements of the roller shutter (cassette, guides, bottom beam) are made of extruded aluminum and powder coated, which protects the surface against the effects of UV radiation and other atmospheric factors. Thanks to this, the product can be used both inside and outside the building. VERANDA is available exclusively with electric control.

Winter garden awnings

Characteristics of Winter garden awnings

Veranda winter garden awnings are a type of roof awning. They protect from the sun skylights, translucent roofs, winter gardens and all kinds of glass annexes, which are covered with a flat or sloping surface.

Winter garden rooms are a very good way to obtain additional space for relaxation, smoothly connecting the house with the garden. This space is not only an additional place to relax, but also an effective architectural procedure that allows you to create an original and green place all year round. Very often, during the cold months, we miss the lush green of spring. The glazed winter garden can be an oasis of vegetation and relaxation. In addition, you can also grow more exotic plants in it.

However, due to the glazing, such a room must be carefully protected against the sun. While it is pleasantly warm in winter, in late spring and summer the inside temperature becomes unbearable. Such a place cannot resemble a greenhouse. By assumption, it is meant to serve as relaxation and it cannot be hot in it. The ideal solution is the use of Veranda textile roller blinds, which effectively shade the entire roof surface, and at the same time look very stylish and aesthetic. Veranda textile blinds are used to shade large and flat surfaces (horizontal and diagonal).Veranda on the roof

Features of Veranda awnings

The Veranda awning blind protects the surface of the roof and maintains a pleasant temperature inside the room. Air conditioning units are often installed in conservatories, and an awning of this type reduces the consumption of air conditioning, and thus reduces energy costs.

Energy savingis therefore one of the main advantages of the Veranda awnings. The interiors of the winter garden type are very impressive - both seen from the outside and from the inside. However, they do require air conditioning, especially when climate change makes summers very hot, and the high temperatures persist until late in the day.
in the fall. The horizontal roof cover effectively protects against overheating and thus reduces the need to start the air conditioning.

Another important advantage of the Veranda awnings is optical comfort. In practice, this means the comfort of staying in the room not only due to the pleasant temperature, but also the lack of the effect of intense glare to the eyes. Shading allows you to spend time in the winter garden reading, working or resting without constantly squinting.

A very important advantage is also the high quality and functionality of the Veranda awnings. Structural elements such as: the cassette, guides and the bottom beam are made of extruded aluminum and powder coated, thanks to which their surface is protected against the harmful effects of UV radiation and the effects of factors such as rain or wind. This results in a long maintenance of the aesthetics of the cover. The fabric itself is also characterized by high quality ensuring its durability, and a special tension system allows the fabric to work on flat and oblique surfaces.

The Veranda awning is a combination of effective shading of glazed rooms with a simple and aesthetic roof system


Veranda awnings offered in the Knall store can be installed inside and outside winter gardens; the controls are purely electric. The product is equipped with special aluminum mounting brackets allowing for quick and easy assembly.

Awnings can cover large areas of glass roofs, modular installation is also possible. The built-in fabric tensioning system maintains its tension even with a large surface, thanks to which the developed awning does not lose its aesthetics. The cassette is horizontal, but the system works at any angle of inclination. The entire structure is made of high-quality aluminum, resistant to weather conditions, and the color palette of the fabrics is extensive. It allows you to choose the cover to the color of the facade (if the awning is installed outside) or to the style of the decor (if the awning is installed inside), and thus keep a tasteful appearance building or interior.

The product has been equipped with the option of using weather automation that allows you to control the amount of incident light.

Additional information

How to measure
Veranda awnings are used to protect glass roofs, skylights, etc. They are produced in specific sizes. However, you can combine them modularly and thus cover the corresponding surface.

How to choose a color
Veranda awnings are used, for example, in so-called winter gardens, whose glazed roofs must be effectively protected against the sun. Due to the function they are to perform, their color is selected so that they harmonize both with the color of the building's facade and the style of the interior of the room, which are to protect against the sun.

How to assemble
Since Veranda awnings cover glazed surfaces, it is better to commission a professional company to install them. For self-assembly instructions, click here Assembly instructions

How to clean
Veranda awnings are a specific type of covers designed to cover glass roofs installed on their internal or external side. Due to the fact that keeping them clean, it is better to commission a company that deals with it professionally.