Roman blinds

Roman blinds made to measure kits, roman shade blinds for standard or bay windows with or without horizontal stiffening:

Roman shade blinds

Roman shade blinds offer an exceptional fusion of aesthetics and functionality, embodying a timeless elegance that transcends fleeting design trends. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these window coverings employ a series of evenly spaced horizontal folds that gracefully retract or expand, allowing for seamless light control and privacy management. Check out more:

Roman shade blinds, Roman blind kits, Roman blinds made to measure

Roman blind kits

Discover the transformative power of roman blind kits, a quintessential component in the realm of customized window coverings. A synthesis of form and function, these kits deliver the versatility of design with the precision of engineering, offering a streamlined approach to a traditionally labor-intensive project.

Roman blinds made to measure

Roman blinds made to measure offer a tailored, elegant solution for any window. Custom-fitted to ensure a perfect fit, they come in various fabrics, patterns, and colors to match any décor. Made to measure roman blinds are a stylish addition to any space.

Roman blinds

Characteristics of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a unique type of window cover. First of all, they are a compromise solution between classic blinds and curtains and curtains. Moreover, they match interiors designed in various styles. They combine functionality, i.e. the ability to effectively shade rooms, with exceptional aesthetics, mainly based on the way the material is arranged after rolling the blinds up - the fabric creates a decorative pelmet.Roman blinds to size

Roman blinds made to measure are produced with natural materials, which is why they are considered an ideal solution for people for whom traditional curtains and curtains are too heavy and thus dominate the window space and visually reducing the room, while the classic blinds seem too strict for them. Roman fabric blinds warm interiors without the need to hang curtains. Their natural appearance will blend in with a variety of interior styles: from minimalist, for example, arranged in a Scandinavian style, to more traditional ones.


Roman blinds are made of materials with varying degrees of light transmittance: from delicate fabrics transmitting sunlight to thicker, completely blackout fabrics. Thus, they can be used as a substitute for curtains (thinner fabrics) and/or curtains (thicker fabrics). When choosing Roman blinds for the kitchen, living room or bathroom, we can choose materials with a greater degree of light transmission. In this way, in the rooms we obtain the effect of a gentle shading with the possibility of using sunlight and limiting the view from the outside. On the other hand, when choosing Roman blinds for bedrooms or children's rooms, we can choose thicker fabrics that will not let the sunlight or artificial street lights pass through when lowered, which, especially at night, can be very troublesome and disturb your sleep. In both cases, we obtain a nice visual effect with matching to the nature of the interior design.

A wide range of colors also ensures matching to the decor. The Knall online store offers materials in an extensive color palette. Lighter colors, especially white, are chosen more often for more delicate fabrics. On the other hand, beige, gray, shades of red or even black are used more often for more fleshy and thicker materials. Thus, we match both the color and the degree to which the light transmits the light to the interior design of the room.Roman blinds for vertical windows


The thickness of the material is also related to the way the fabric Roman blind is designed. There are two types to choose from: with and without muntin bars. A muntin bar is a rod inserted into tunnels, specially sewn in the fabric of the roller blind, which stiffens the fabric. Blinds with muntins work well with thicker materials, which need additional support in order to fit nicely when rolled up/unrolled. On the other hand, thinner and more delicate fabrics will not necessarily have to be equipped with muntins. The muntin bars are spaced at distances no greater than 30 cm for heavier (non-translucent) fabrics and 20/25 cm for light and thin fabrics. However, if in one room, e.g. a living room connected to the kitchen, there are several roller shutters equipped with muntins, they should be at the same distances - after rolling the folds of the material They will be identical, and the whole thing will fit perfectly.

The choice of fabric blinds: with or without muntin bars also depends on the size of the window in which the blind is to be hung. The muntin bars are used primarily in shutters of larger dimensions, then there will be no problem with arranging the material in equal horizontal folds. This rule also applies to thinner, transparent and translucent materials. In windows with a smaller surface, you can do without the muntin bars, even with slightly thicker fabrics - the material is tighter here, creating a delicate form.

Roman blinds for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom

The type of room has no influence on whether it is possible or not to place a Roman blind in it. The width of Roman window blinds offered in our online store is up to 3 meters (maximum) - therefore they will work well in larger windows of the living room or balcony. With fashionable large glazing, they can be arranged double, one next to the other. This type of blinds, despite the fact that they are made of natural materials, will also work well in the kitchen and bathroom. You just need to ventilate these rooms so that the fabric does not remain damp.

Roman blinds in the Knall online store

In the Knall online store we have prepared an offer of Roman window blinds in four groups. In each of them you can choose materials in an extensive range of colors and with a different degree of light transmission. The products are characterized by aesthetics and high quality, they consist of a front profile with Velcro and a support profile. In addition, our on-line store offers Roman blinds for an individually specified size. In practice, this means that you can adjust them to various types of rooms, where windows may differ in size and have non-standard sizes: windows in the living room, balcony or terrace windows, windows in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Our Roman blinds are controlled by a chain mechanism, which is very convenient and allows you to stop the blind at any height of the window. Equally important, the mechanism is small and aesthetic. The profile on which the material is placed is equipped with a special Velcro, so there is no problem with keeping the blind clean. You just need to unfasten it and wash it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or take it to the laundry.

Roman blackout blinds are mounted on the wall, in the window recess or on the window frame. Their prices depend on the model, size and type of material selected.Roman blinds with muntin bars


  • Model II (with muntins). The diameter of the muntin bars is 4 mm. The use of muntin bars makes it possible to use a thicker material in this model of Roman blinds, the reinforcement will keep the material nicely arranged. The minimum length of the folded material is 24 cm.
  • Model III (with muntin bars at the rear).This model is recommended primarily for larger sizes of Roman blinds, used for large glazed balconies or terraces. It is also possible to use fabrics with a thicker texture. The minimum length of the folded material is 21 cm.

Additional information

How to measure
The dimension of Roman blinds appropriate to the size of the window is given when placing the order. In order to make it properly, please read the instructions in our tabMeasurement.

How to choose a color
Roman blinds are sewn from natural materials, therefore they are most often matched to the styles of the interior, which are based on natural accessories such as Scandinavian or boho. Then mainly subdued colors (eg beige, gray) are selected. However, the colors of Roman blinds are also vivid ones, eg red, and the fabrics can decorate various patterns. Therefore, regardless of the style of the interior, Roman blinds can be matched with an appropriate color scheme.

How to mount
You can install Roman blinds yourself. We have included special assembly instructions on our website; you can find them hereAssembly instructions.

How to clean
Roman blinds can be washed in lukewarm water mixed with a mild detergent; dry in an unfolded position and iron according to instructions. For larger sizes, it is better to have the cover cleaned in the laundry room. The same applies to the delicate fabrics of Roman blinds with the function of curtains.

What is the use of Roman blinds in different interiors?

Roman blinds are a modern solution that is increasingly used in various interiors. Roman blinds are perfect for the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Thanks to the large number of available designs and colors, Roman blinds can be adapted to any interior style.

In the living room, they can become the main decorative point. You can opt for Roman blinds in geometric patterns with elegant folds that will add a modern character to the interior. In the bedroom, they can help create a cozy atmosphere while providing the right amount of privacy. In the kitchen, Roman blinds are practical - they can be made of a fabric that is easy to clean.

Roman blinds for the window frame - What are its types and materials?

Roman blinds are available in different variants. You can find Roman blinds made of a variety of materials, from cotton to polyester to fine voile. The choice of material for a Roman blind depends on many factors, such as the expected aesthetic effect, functionality, and ease of cleaning. These are the advantages of our curtain rod.

What's more, there are different types of Roman blinds available. You can opt for Roman blinds with a cord mechanism, which are very easy to use. It is also possible to choose Roman blinds with a spring mechanism, which are a bit more complicated to use, but offer more adjustment possibilities.

Where to buy Roman blinds sewn to size?

Roman blinds are available in many places. They can be purchased both in stationary stores and online. In our offer you will find a wide selection of Roman blinds, in various colors and materials. We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer, we guarantee attractive prices and professional advice. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the perfect Roman blind that will suit your interior. Feel free to contact us, we are at your disposal.