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Roman blinds are offered in two models that you can install on your own: MODEL II - with vertical transparent stripes. MODEL III - with horizontal vertical stripes and a transparent Georgian bar. Chose your Roman blinds system:

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Roman blinds

Modern Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a unique type of window covers. First of all, they are a compromise solution between classic blinds, and curtains and curtains. In addition, they match interiors designed in a variety of styles. They combine functionality, i.e. the ability to effectively shade rooms with exceptional aesthetics, based mainly on the way the material is arranged after the blind is rolled up. - the fabric forms a decorative pelmet.

Roman blinds are made of natural materials, which is why they are considered the perfect solution for people for whom traditional curtains and curtains are too heavy, and thus dominating in the window space and reduce visually room, while classic blinds seem too raw. Roman fabric blinds insulate the interior without hanging curtains/curtains. Their natural appearance will blend in with a variety of interior styles: from minimalist ones, e.g. arranged in the Scandinavian style, to more traditional ones.

Blackout roman blinds

Roman blinds are sewn from materials with varying degrees of light transmission: from delicate fabrics transmitting the sun's rays to thicker ones, completely obscuring them. In this way they can be used instead of curtains (thinner materials) and/or curtains (thicker materials). When choosing Roman blinds for the kitchen, living room or bathroom, we can choose materials with a greater degree of light transmission. In this way, we will achieve the effect of delicate shading in the rooms while being able to use sunlight and limiting the view from outside. In turn, when choosing Roman blinds for bedrooms or children's rooms, we can opt for thicker fabrics, which after leaving will not let through the sun or artificial street lights, which especially at night can be very bothersome and disturb your sleep. In both cases, we get a nice visual effect matching the character of the interior design.

A wide range of colors also ensures matching the decor. The Knall online store offers materials in an extensive palette of colors. Lighter colors, primarily white, are chosen more often for more delicate fabrics. In contrast, beige, gray, shades of red or even black are more often used for softer and thicker materials. Thus, we match both the color and the degree to which the fabric transmits light to the design of the room.

Roman, white, gray, black, beige, red blinds

The thickness of the material is also related to the way the Roman blind is designed. There are two types to choose from: with and without mullions. The mullion is a rod inserted into tunnels, specially made blinds in the fabric, causing the fabric to stiffen. Roller blinds with muntins work well with thicker materials, which, in order to be nicely arranged when rolling/unrolling, need additional support. On the other hand, thinner and therefore more delicate fabrics will not necessarily have to be equipped with muntins. The muntin bars are placed at distances of not more than 30 cm for heavier (light-impermeable) fabrics and 20/25 cm for light and thin fabrics. However, if in one room, e.g. a living room connected to the kitchen, there are several blinds equipped with muntins, they should be located at identical distances - after folding the folds, the material They will be identical and the whole will be perfectly composed.

The choice of fabric blinds: with or without mullions also depends on the size of the window in which the cover is to be hung. The muntin bars are mainly used for roller blinds of larger dimensions, there will be no problem with the arrangement of the material in equal horizontal folds. This rule also applies to thinner, transparent and translucent materials. In smaller windows, you can opt out of muntins even with slightly thicker fabrics - the material is more densely formed, creating a delicate form.

Rolety rzymskieRoman blinds for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom

The type of room does not affect whether or not you can put a Roman blind in it. The width of Roman window blinds offered in our on-line store reaches up to 3mb (maximum) - so they will work in larger windows of the living room or balcony. With fashionable large glazing they can be arranged double next to each other. This type of blinds, despite the fact that they are sewn from natural materials, will also work in the kitchen and bathroom. You just have to take care of the ventilation of these rooms so that the fabric does not remain moist.

Roman blinds in the Knall online store

In the Knall online store we have prepared an offer of Roman window blinds in four groups. In each of them you can choose materials in an extensive range of colors and with varying degrees of light transmission. The products are characterized by aesthetics and high quality, they consist of a front profile with Velcro and a support profile. In addition, our online store offers Roman blinds for an individual size. In practice, this means that you can adapt them to different types of rooms in which the windows can vary in size and have non-standard sizes: living room windows, balcony or terrace windows, kitchen windows, bedroom or bathroom. Our Roman blinds are controlled by a chain mechanism, very comfortable and allowing you to stop the blind at any window height. Equally important, the mechanism is small and aesthetic. The profile on which the material is placed is equipped with a special Velcro, so there is no problem with keeping the blind clean. Just unplug it and wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or take it to the laundry.

Roman window blinds are mounted on the wall, in the window recess or on the window frame. Their prices depend on the model, size and type of material selected.

Models of Roman fabric blinds in the Knall online store:

  • Model II (with muntins). The diameter of the muntins is 4 mm. The use of muntin bars makes it possible to use thicker material in this Roman blind model, the reinforcement will keep the material nicely arranged. The minimum length of the folded fabric fold is 24 cm.
  • Model III (with muntins at the back).This model is recommended primarily for larger sizes of Roman blinds, used for large glazed balconies or terraces. Thicker textiles can also be used here. The minimum length of the folded fabric fold is 21 cm.