Door mosquito nets

Door mosquito nets are more complex mosquito net systems. We have rolled and pleated mosquito nets, as well as American-style door mosquito nets on a frame that open like a door.

Door mosquito nets

Door Mosquito Nets - Features

Door mosquito nets are incredibly practical covers that, along with window nets, comprehensively protect homes or apartments from persistent insects. With the onset of spring and rising temperatures, insects become particularly active, especially near water bodies, forests, and other green areas (and in urban spaces too). Beautiful weather encourages opening windows and balcony doors, but fearing an "invasion" of uninvited guests, many limit airing their rooms (especially in the evenings) to the absolute minimum. Practical door mosquito nets create an insurmountable barrier for them. This means you don't have to choose between closed balcony or terrace doors and turning off the lights.

Thanks to this uncomplicated cover, you can open all doors wide, enjoying a fresh breeze of cool air. The special mesh structure ensures that not a single fly, mosquito, or smaller insect will penetrate it. This significantly increases the comfort of relaxation at home, and not only. Remember, insects carry many dangerous bacteria that easily penetrate food, where uninvited guests land. Another thing, insect venom can cause allergies in many people. In more severe cases, close contact with a bee or other insect can lead to anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition. Unfortunately, many people find out about their allergy only after being stung. Instead of risking, it's better to opt for simple but proven protection.

Unlike chemical insecticides and insect repellents, mosquito nets are neither troublesome for residents nor dangerous, and they are almost 100% effective. It's also worth mentioning that thanks to the dense mesh weave, they function as "storm doors" on windy and rainy days.

door mosquito net to measure

Mosquito Nets - Features

How does a door mosquito net prevent insects from entering rooms? It's simple - the mesh holes are so small that not even a small insect can penetrate them. Their dimensions are 1x1 mm, so we are talking about almost microscopic openings.

How was such a dense weave achieved? It's thanks to the use of extremely thin glass fiber cords. There's no need to worry about the strength of this element - in door mosquito nets sold in the Knall store, the mesh is protected with a PVC layer. The use of a protective layer translates into incredible durability. Blazing sun, heavy rain, gusts of wind - none of these factors scare door mosquito nets.

The door fly screen profiles are made of aluminum. This translates into an extremely low weight (which significantly facilitates installation), resistance to damage, and corrosion. As a result, the covers sold in the Knall store are incredibly resistant to the passage of time. Even after many years, they still look attractive and fully perform their function.

It's worth mentioning that a door fly screen net will form an effective barrier, preventing insects from entering rooms, only if it is properly adjusted to the dimensions of the door opening in which it will be installed. Bearing this in mind, we focus not on universal but on dedicated solutions. The fly screens we sell are made to measure, according to the guidelines provided by the Customer when placing an order.

Mosquito Nets - types

Mosquito nets can protect balcony and patio doors, but they can also be installed in front of entrance doors. In the Knall store, we offer several types of door covers, so every Customer can choose the solution that best suits their needs. Available systems include:

  • Wing door mosquito nets,
  • Pleated door mosquito nets.

The first of these solutions works like an additional door, opening in the opposite direction to the proper doors (in the case of balcony and terrace doors - outside). This practical mosquito net, based on aluminum profiles, is equipped with solid hinges and a practical handle. As a result, it works great in everyday use.

Everyone who cares about saving space should consider installing a pleated door mosquito net. This model works perfectly with even very large door openings (up to 4 meters). It's thanks to the well-thought-out folding system - during opening, the mesh folds into an accordion and completely hides in the side profile. The low threshold does not hinder passage in any way.

All offered door mosquito net systems do not hinder the use of doors. The covers protect against insects whenever necessary, while when the user wants to go through the door opening, the mosquito net can be opened, rolled up, or folded with one movement.

balcony door fly-screen

Mosquito Nets - Available Systems

The offered mosquito nets are suitable for internal and external installation. The method of installation differs depending on the chosen variant. Detailed guidelines can be found in the installation instructions tab.

Practical insect protection covers are suitable for installation in the balcony door frame, terrace, entrance, and on other doors. Together with made-to-measure window mosquito nets, they form a barrier that even the smallest uninvited guest will not overcome.

Additional protection does not negatively affect the appearance of doors and remains functional for a very long time, but only if the user remembers to clean the mosquito net regularly. It is not a difficult or complicated task. Just prepare a soft sponge or cloth, moisten it and thoroughly wipe all profiles and the net. Just remember that this activity does not require the use of great force.

Mosquito Nets – Colors

Once installed in the light of the door, the covers offered in the Knall store can look like an integral part of them. All you have to do is choose the color of the profiles that will perfectly match the rest. The offered door mosquito nets are available in several color variants, such as:

  • Anthracite,
  • White,
  • Brown.

There are also variants imitating wood, which perfectly match the wooden frame of balcony, terrace, and entrance doors. These models are available in two versions: walnut and oak.

It's impossible not to mention that apart from the color of the profiles, all Customers can also choose the color of the mesh. There are two options to choose from: gray and black. The first one is almost invisible, so the mesh protecting rooms from the "invasion" of insects does not disturb the landscapes outside the window. The black color is slightly more noticeable, minimizing the risk of accidentally walking into a closed mosquito net.

The wide range of colors means that everyone can easily choose a variant that perfectly fits the color scheme of window or door joinery. You can also create a stylish contrast that perfectly matches the modern design of buildings maintained in a modernist stylistic convention.

Every offered model provides equally effective protection against insects. Door mosquito nets, supplemented by window covers, guarantee a peaceful rest in your own four corners, without fending off persistent insects.

Mosquito Net for Doors

A mosquito net, as the name suggests, is a barrier against mosquitoes and other insects. In Central Europe, where summer can be both beautiful and troublesome due to insects, mosquito nets are an essential protection. Available in various forms - from rolled to fixed frames - they allow you to maintain freedom and comfort in home spaces without giving up fresh air.

In the context of door mosquito nets, it is important to pay attention to their workmanship. High-quality products, such as those offered by Knall, are made from European components, guaranteeing their durability and efficiency. The right choice of materials, as well as the precision of workmanship, are key to ensuring that the mosquito net performs its function for many years.

Door Mosquito Nets from Knall

Knall door mosquito nets are a symbol of care for the home. Protecting against insects, they ensure the safety and comfort of the inhabitants. On warm summer evenings, when open doors connect us with nature, the mosquito net becomes an almost invisible barrier that allows you to enjoy the best of summer without the inconvenience associated with the presence of insects.

But it's not just protection against insects. Mosquito nets can also serve a decorative function, adding aesthetic charm to doors and building facades. Various patterns and colors are available, allowing you to match the mosquito net to the individual style of each home.

pleated door mosquito net

It is also worth mentioning the ecological aspect. By choosing products made from European components, we support the local economy and minimize the carbon footprint associated with transport. This is important in times when more and more people pay attention to the ecological aspect of their purchases.

Installation of a Mosquito Net on the Door and Summary

The installation of a mosquito net is another important aspect. "Do it yourself" (DIY) products are gaining popularity because they allow for quick and easy installation without the need to involve professionals. Knall offers made-to-measure mosquito nets, which is important given the diversity of door sizes and shapes in European homes. Thanks to this, each customer can tailor the mosquito net perfectly to their needs.

As you can see, door mosquito nets are not only a practical solution for the summer but also a way to emphasize the character of our home, care for the comfort and safety of the inhabitants, and an expression of ecological awareness. In the Knall offer, everyone will find a mosquito net that will meet their individual needs and at the same time will be an aesthetic and durable addition to the home.

Additional information

How to Measure
Measurements of the windows in which mosquito nets are to be installed should be done independently. Necessary instructions can be found in the tab measurement. A made-to-measure mosquito net is a guarantee of protection of the home against troublesome insects; perfectly fitted to the window, it will be an excellent protection even against the smallest insects.

How to Choose a Color
The color of the mosquito net should match the window frame. Thanks to this, the whole thing will look aesthetic. The mosquito net is made of fiberglass, so it is not only fine (retains small insects), but also thin, which makes it practically invisible and does not disfigure the appearance of the window..

How to install
Two types of mosquito nets are available in our store: framed or pleated. In both cases, you can do the assembly yourself. The instructions needed for this can be found at the how to measure tab.

How to clean
Our fly screens can be easily dismantled and cleaned, e.g. with a pressure washer or a sponge on both sides (do not press too hard). During use, they can be wiped with a damp cloth/sponge; do not press.