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COSIMO SL ROOF pleated blinds


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ROS COSIMO SL ruffian window placket, Blind louvered pleats for roof windows that match every window! obscuring the perfect for heat

COSIMO SL ROOF pleated blinds

Pleated blinds for roof windows that match every window!
two years warranty safe shopping factory online 100% made in EU

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Perfect fit of pleated blind COSIMO SL

Perfect match

Roof pleated blinds perfectly match the windows thanks to the possibility of ordering them to the specified size. Utility rooms in the attic warm up the fastest, therefore they should be effectively protected against the sun. Roof pleated blinds adjusted to the size of the window provide effective protection against the sun and heating.

We manufacture all our pleated blinds to size, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

Characteristics Pleated shutter ROOF COSIMO SL

Characteristics of the pleated blinds

The COSIMO 2DCKUP pleated roof blind is an advancement of the 2SCOKU system. In both models, the fabric always adheres to the glass. However, the 2DCKUP model features two side guides, ensuring perfect adherence of the fabric to the glass, even in windows with a steep incline.

  • Pleated blinds allow for covering any part of the window
  • Possibility of working in all planes from vertical to horizontal
  • Extensive range of fabrics
  • 3 mechanism colours to choose from
  • High durability and strength of the material
  • Cosimo Line side guides
  • The system features the Easy Click magnetic lock
All pleated blinds in the knall store

Pleated blinds in the Knall store

Pleated blinds from Knall are considered a particularly durable and stylish product. Thanks to the ability to raise and lower the upper and lower edges of the material, pleated blinds provide unrivaled privacy. When your windows are right next to the sidewalk, we recommend this type of window covering.

How to order?

It is incredibly easy to buy in the Knall shop. Just fill in the required parameters of the product and add it to the cart. In order not to make a mistake, it is best to follow our instructions, which are under the question marks in the upper right corner of each checkbox. Before adding a product to your cart, you can always see its current price under the central photo.

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