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FAKRO VMZ button electric vertical screen awning

Screen VMZ Z-Wave awnings are designed for vertical joinery. They are mounted outside in windows and doors (terrace and balcony) made of PVC, aluminum or wood.
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Perfect match

Perfect match

A wide range of colors of materials and profiles allows the awning to be perfectly matched to any type of building facade.

The awning blind is an optimal solution as a protection against excessive solar heat. It absorbs solar radiation already in front of the glass and emits heat to the outside, thanks to which on sunny days it protects the interior very well against burdensome heat. The awning blind protects the room up to 8 times better compared to internal blinds, which in practice causes a decrease in the temperature of the interior by 10 ° C.

All awnings are made to measure, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

Wysoka jakość

High quality materials

The VMZ awning blind is made of a durable, weather-resistant fabric made of glass fibers coated with PVC. This fabric is rolled on a shaft with a motor and placed in a cassette made of aluminum profiles mounted to the window or external lining recess. A zipper tape is embedded in the edges of the fabric, which maintains the appropriate tension between the guides and prevents the fabric from falling out of the guides. Such a combination of fabric and profile increases its resistance to wind and prevents insects from entering the interior. This solution can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h and crosswinds of up to 220 km/h.



The awning blind reduces energy consumption in air-conditioning devices. We don't have to pay high electricity bills. The Solar awning blind does not consume electricity from the mains, it is powered by a battery charged with sunlight. The largest producer of carbon dioxide are buildings (40% share in the global amount). The use of external awnings contributes to the reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Dopływ światła

The inflow of natural light

Unlike external roller shutters, windows covered with awnings allow the inflow of natural light. Awnings let through enough light not to use additional lighting.

Outside view

Outside view

Awnings effectively shade the interior, while ensuring visibility to the outside. The room is bright enough. There is no need to turn on the lighting as it can be when internal or external blinds are pulled. What is more, the awning has an opening which does not obstruct the view outside, and on the other hand it provides us with privacy, protecting from the eyes of our neighbors.


Improving ergonomics

With the awning pulled down, the light intensity distribution in the room is even and definitely more friendly to human eyes. There are no harmful reflections when working at the computer or watching TV, which is why awnings are very useful in rooms where we work.

Ochrona przed UV

Protection against harmful UV radiation

The awning blind reduces the penetration of harmful UV radiation into the interior of the room. Pulled down the awning helps to protect objects and materials inside from harmful UV radiation, which causes their discoloration.

Protection against insects

Protection against insects

The electric version of awnings (VMZ Solar, VMZ Z-Wave, VMZ Electro) also act as a mosquito net. After the awning is opened, the profi le and the net provide protection against insects and various types of insects. We can easily open the window for ventilation without fear of troublesome winged guests from the outside.



  • Awning profiles and awning blinds are available in four colors (white, gray, brown and black).
  • At the customer's request, we can paint the awning profiles in any color from the RAL palette.
  • There are 16 types of material to choose from: (6 with a 10% relative clearance, 2 with a 1% clearance, and 8 with a 6% clearance).
8 times more effective

8 times more effective

Markizy montowane są na zewnątrz okien dlatego skutecznie chronią wnętrza domów przed nagrzaniem. Z przeprowadzonych przez firmę FAKRO badań wynika, że są one do 8 times more effectivesze niż powszechnie stosowane rolety wewnętrzne, które zwykle zasłaniają ostre światło słoneczne. Markizy absorbują promienie słoneczne już przed szybą i emitują ciepło na zewnątrz chroniąc w ten sposób przed nagrzewaniem wnętrza. Norma DIN 5034-1 mówi: „Pomieszczenia należy chronić przed nagrzewaniem w okresie lata w miarę możliwości za pomocą zewnętrznych osłon, umiejscowionych przed szybą, odbijających ciepło”.

FAKRO VMZ Screen Awnings - Clearance Levels

The film presents the levels of clearance available in screen VMZ awnings.

Screen FAKRO VMZ awnings - construction colors

The video presents the basic colors of the construction of FAKRO vertical awnings, it is possible to order any color from the RAL palette for an additional fee.

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