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Balcony awning IBIZA without cassette


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Balcony awning IBIZA without cassette

Balcony awning IBIZA without cassette

IBIZA is a window and balcony awning made of durable extruded aluminum.
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perfect fit Balcony awning ITALIA without cassette

Awning Ibiza

Window and balcony awnings, as external sun curtains installed outside the building, are used only for shading and protection of window recesses, balconies, windows, terraces and verandas. Unwinding and rolling of the awning fabric is carried out with the use of an electric or manual control mechanism.

high quality Balcony awning ITALIA without cassette


  • The structure of the system is made of extruded aluminum, which ensures the durability and strength of the awning.
  • They protect against intense solar radiation.
  • Universal winding tube holders for mounting both to the wall and the ceiling
  • Simple design
  • The motors have an IP 44 degree of protection, which means that they are protected against splashing water onto the casing from any direction.
  • Awning fabrics are produced on the basis of high-quality materials, covered with an impregnation agent that constitutes a protective barrier and increases resistance to dirt.
  • Increased functionality thanks to the use of automation with wind and shock sensors and radio control.
  • Excellent optical and thermal comfort. Protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • Ibiza, thanks to its aesthetic values, apart from the shading function, can be a perfect decorative element of a building, emphasizing its individual and unique character.
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