Aluminum venetian blinds 50 mm


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Aluminum venetian blinds 50 mm

Aluminum blinds equipped with flap lamellas 50 mm wide
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Perfect match

Perfect match

Aluminum blinds 50 mm to size are ideal for decorating and darkening the office, living room, bathroom or children's room.

Their light and ergonomic appearance and pleasant pastel colors will increase the comfort and intimacy of any room and protect against excessive sunlight. Despite many years of existence on the market, blinds are still a functional shielding system, allowing you to freely regulate the light that enters the room. The development of blinds has made it more attractive by introducing its various forms

We manufacture all of our blinds to size, which is why they are always perfectly matched.

Wysoka jakość

High quality materials

The blinds we offer are made of selected materials, guaranteeing their highest quality. The blind profiles are made of high quality aluminum tape. The blinds are equipped with the best quality mechanism that allows raising, lowering and tilting the slats.

Grupy płatków lameli

Lamella flakes

  • (Standard)The 50 mm standard is the most versatile among the entire family of blinds because they have a wide range of slats and are available in a wide range of colors.
  • (Perforated)50 mm perforated is the answer to the demand for an interesting arrangement in rooms that have a modern style of equipment. The perforation of the lamellas of blinds makes them effectively refract sunrays, without darkening the room. This way of protection against the negative effects of external light is especially recommended for offices, administrative rooms etc.
  • (Wood look)50 mm wood-like is an offer of classic aluminum blinds whose lamellas are characterized by colors similar to wood and are available in widths of 25 and 50 mm. They can be enriched with elements made of wood, i.e. the upper gutter grille and the knob for rotating lamellas, which further improves their aesthetics.

Blinds characteristics

  • The shutter is made on a steel gutter with 50 mm wide slats and a stringed ladder
  • after folding the blinds, the aluminum slat package occupies about 4% of the height + 9 cm upper and lower gutter
  • As standard, the 50 mm wood-look shutter (Wood look) has a grille and a wooden bottom beam, similar in color to the color of the slats.
  • the price of blinds includes upper gutter fittings (twisty)
  • The minimum blind width is 50 cm
  • the maximum recommended area of blinds is 8 m2; above these dimensions, we make blinds at the client's request, without taking responsibility for its functioning
  • with a width of up to 70 cm, the control and the string are on opposite sides, above 70 cm are on the same side. The length of the controls is approx. 3/4 length the whole shutter.
  • As a standard, the blind does not have side guiding or lower chute catches
  • blind accessories (upper gutter and cords) are similar to the color of lamellas
  • slight differences in shades of lamellas are allowed
  • the Coulisse electric motor has functions - lifting, opening and closing the slats.
  • Available in maximum dimensions:
    Maximum width: 3900 mm (390 cm)
    Maximum height: 3600 mm (360 cm)

Aluminum blinds - Standard

Standard aluminum blinds are one of the most popular types of blinds. The 50mm wide moldings are very good for windows with larger, non-standard dimensions. The color palette is dominated by shades of brown and gold (with gloss); apart from them there is silver, light beige and black - glossy and matte.

Aluminum blinds - perforated

Aluminum perforated blinds are characterized by small holes that cover the entire surface of the strip. Perforation means that the closed shutter does not cause complete blackout; the effect of light scattering is visible. The colors used in the 50mm perforated blinds collection are: white, black, silver, cream and beige. A slight gloss is visible on the surface of the moldings.

Aluminum blinds - Matte and Wood-like 

Wood-aluminum aluminum blinds are a combination of a classic slat with the appearance of a wooden board - on the surface you can see the outline of the pattern found on natural wood. The color palette includes shades of lighter and darker wood; matt colors. The matt blinds collection has two of the most classic colors: black and white. However, there is no matt gloss characteristic of aluminum blinds.


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