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VELUX RFL roller blinds with sidebars


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VELUX RFL roller blinds with sidebars

VELUX RFL roller blinds with sidebars

Decorative VELUX roller blinds provide light comfort and decorate the interior.
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VELUX decorative blinds

VELUX decorative blinds will give you a sense of privacy while allowing natural light inside. A decorative roller blind is an effective and practical solution that provides protection and looks great. The decorative roller blind on the hooks offers 3-step operation, while the roller blind on the guides allows you to stop anywhere in the window. Ideally suited to the living room, office or other interiors, where you need a moment of privacy and dim lighting. The light-permeable material will emphasize the character of your interior and enrich it with beautiful lighting effects ..


Characteristics of RFL roller blinds:

  • They darken and scatter sunlight
  • Simple, stepless manual, electrical or solar powered operation
  • Made of dirt-resistant material
  • Brushed aluminum guides guarantee convenient up and down operation
  • Separates the private part of your attic
  • Improves insulation by up to 27%.
  • 37 colors, a wide range of colors and designs
  • Harmonious light, diffuses the incoming light and provides exceptional light effects.
  • Łatwa instalacja z systemem Pick&Click!®.
  • Perfect combination with the VELUX awning to protect against heat.

Original VELUX products

VELUX roller blinds are rigorously tested to ensure their best quality, you will benefit from their excellent operation and resistance to atmospheric effects after many years. Only original blinds are subjected to demanding tests, they are opened and closed thousands of times all to guarantee their highest quality.

Forget about difficulties with operating the blinds. All VELUX accessories are equipped with a unique, ergonomic control panel, thanks to which you can conveniently open the blinds from any angle. our offer includes only original VELUX products.

All Roller blinds VELUX in the knall store

Roller blinds VELUX in the Knall store

Decorative roof blinds VELUX guarantee effective protection from sunlight in style. Thanks to production with attention to detail and high-quality materials, Roller blinds VELUX will serve for many years, ensuring comfort in the attic.

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