Fashionable Christmas decorations in 2020

2020 is slowly coming to an end. Certainly a different year. However, one thing has not changed - we look forward to the upcoming Christmas as always. We succumb to an unusual atmosphere and mood. It's nothing that there is no snow; It does not matter that we are limited in our travels and that we will probably plan some things differently - December 24 will remain extraordinary. And as every year, its uniqueness will be emphasized by the decorations of the house and the holiday table.

And what will be "trends" this year? Do we want to follow these trends at all? Or maybe we prefer tradition and classic? Well, this year one will be uninterrupted We can look for inspiration in both tradition and modernity.

This year's slogans are nature and ecology. We decorate the house, but remember that the Saints will pass and they should not leave behind anything other than good memories. That is why we choose natural, timeless ornaments and those that will stay in the house slightly longer if slightly changed.

Plastic ornaments have ceased to interest us for a long time. The holidays of 2020 belong to wood, glass, paper, ceramics and natural fabrics. A green and alive Christmas tree becomes an obvious choice every year. It is best if it is bought in a pot and rooted then after Christmas you can plant it again. At home, you can place it, for example, in a wicker basket or stoneware pot.

Decorations on festive tables or placed on window sills are mainly green coniferous branches, boxwood, mistletoe and moss, and cones. We use them to make standing reeds or hanging wreaths.

Light - a very important element of Christmas decorations. First of all, it comes from the glow of candles placed in glass lanterns/jars or on decorative candlesticks (then the candles should be long). In addition, of course, the lights hanging on the Christmas tree or balustrades - this year they should be white, we slowly say goodbye to colorful lights.

Vintage, this word also appears in the dictionary of fashionable Christmas decorations in 2020. The flea market, the attic and the basement are places where we should look for decorations for the Christmas tree. reeds. The coolest decorations are also those that were made and painted by hand. This year, there is also the principle of "the less the better" - the tree and reeds should be delicate, simple and natural.

The colors
This season belongs to the golden color, but it's not about satiety. We focus on simplicity without ornaments or additional decorations. The golden color (preferably darker or even patinated) can be used not only on the Christmas tree (baubles) or in decorations (candles), but also on the festive table in the form of plates, plates, cutlery daughters and candlesticks.

The table or Christmas tree decorations also feature strong, saturated colors - graphite, navy blue and even black. In addition, red and green are no longer required in the colors of the ornaments and reeds themselves; it is replaced by natural beiges, browns and grays.

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we wish all our customers peace, joy and family atmosphere during Christmas meetings.
In the coming 2021, let all your plans come true and make your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Knall team