What's up in decorating trends

As usual, at the beginning of the year, we follow the new trends in interior decoration on our blog. What has changed and what is still fashionable. Which colors will fade and which will appear. What the designers propose. There are some changes every year and it is very interesting to track them. The more so as the methods of screening the windows are closely related to the decorative trends. The window space should be covered in such a way as to harmonize with the entire interior design. The product selection is so extensive that you can easily choose the right one.

So what awaits us in decorating projects in 2022? When we were not thinking about the upcoming new year in the world of interior arrangements, it was already going on for good. The world's largest trade fair for interior design and furnishings takes place in early September 2021 in Milan. This is where you will see the proposals that will appear in the interior designs.

Change but not a revolution

For years, the fashion for interior decoration is changing rather gently than it is undergoing a revolution. The boundaries between styles and arrangements are also blurring. A combination of minimalism and maximalism - a delicate color palette combined with expressive accessories or simple furniture against a wall in a strong color. This gives space for individualism and interior design that reflects the character of the people living in them.

The year 2022 looks to the past in interior design trends. It draws on styles such as Pop Art and Art Deco. He also puts emphasis on the use of antiques and vintage furniture as antique, considering the thing older than 100 years, and vintage more than 20 years. However, it is about giving new life to old things and integrating them into modern interiors, not just recreating the home decor of my great-grandmother. Chairs from the 1980s can be placed around a modern table. Restoring things is also in line with the philosophy of sustainable development in arrangements - do not throw away just reflections on how you can use something. Interestingly, by giving objects a new life, you can also give them a completely different function, such as an old trunk as a coffee table.


Among the interior curiosities we have: low furniture, "blows", bamboo and aluminum. What is it about? The Japanese culture of sitting “on the floor” permeates the interior, therefore the sofas, sofas and armchairs can be much lower. A surprise may also be inflatable furniture - light and colorful, such that you can, for example, take a trip. The designers were interested in, for example, blown lamps. In 2022, bamboo returns to the interior, which is light and durable, but above all because it is a natural material. Along with bamboo, there is also aluminum used in projects to create seating, bars and lighting.

Colors and materials

Violet is the word - the key to this year's color palette. Various shades of purple will appear in the arrangements, because it has been recognized as the color of the year 2022. Still, green will remain with us - sage, mint, pistachio and shades of the forest.

When it comes to materials, the year 2022 stays close to nature, focusing on wood, marble or glass and the aforementioned bamboo. There are still some accessories in the form of cozy fabrics and potted plants.

The interior design also includes the word “sensory”, which means that the arrangements should not only look beautiful, but also touch other senses. It is mainly about the smell and touch, that is the scent notes spreading through the house and pleasant-to-touch furniture upholstery and accessories.